When Are the Custom Superhero Skins Coming Back

Fortnite has just entered Chapter 3 Season 1 and as it’s December and so nosotros’re also headed into Winterfest 2021 -that ways we’ll be seeing not only a new map and mechanics simply plenty of new Fortnite skins for u.s.a. to wear into battle.

Chapter three will finally give us the take chances to play as The Foundation – a mysterious member of the group called The Seven voiced past Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – and we can likewise swing into activity equally Spider-Homo. We tin also get into the festive spirit with brand new Winterfest skins like the Polar Peely – as well every bit returning classics from previous Winterfests.

As there are a bunch of new cosmetics to explore nosotros’ve rounded up every Fortnite skin we expect to land in the battle royale in December 2021, with not only skins confirmed by Epic Games but leaks and rumors for upcoming collaborations. We’ll tell you lot how to unlock them all so you tin can wait stylish while racking up the eliminations.

Officially unveiled Fortnite skins

Hawkeye and Kate Bishop

(Paradigm credit: Epic Games)

Hawkeye and his partner Kate Bishop – the stars of the contempo
show on Disney Plus – have shot into
Fortnite Battle Royale
with their ain skins being added to the game.

You can grab them from the Particular Shop for i,500 V-Bucks each, or in a parcel for both with some added cosmetics – including an crawly new glider – for 2,400 V-Bucks.

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Chapter 3 Season ane Battle Pass Skins

The Chapter 3 Flavor 1 Battle Laissez passer is here and includes some pretty rad skins.

We’ve got a cyberpunk-inspired samurai with Ronin, a buff llama called Lt. John Llama, and the Island-raised battler Haven to name only a few you’ll come across in the trailer to a higher place.

Players who make it through the Battle Pass tin can besides unlock Spider-Man – the iconic web-slinger from Marvel’south comics. For this season players are too able to find his web-shooters as an in-game item so they can swing around the battleground.

You can unlock the Battle pass by paying 950 V-Bucks or by signing upwardly to Fortnite Crew for $xi.99 / £9.99 / AU$xv.99/ per month.

The Foundation – Leader of the Seven

The Foundation Fortnite Skin

(Paradigm credit: Epic / Hypex)

The Foundation, a character that starting time appeared in the epic Fortnite Flavor 5 result, is finally becoming a Fortnite pare. He’s the (non-then) Secret Peel of Affiliate iii Season 1 – and players who own the Battle Laissez passer will exist able to unlock them when the challenges go alive in just a few weeks.

With the Foundation’south mask-off variant players will be able to run around as Dwayne Johson himself – so if you’re a fan of the Stone nosotros’d recommend snatching up the Battle Pass while you can.

Rumored Fortnite skins

Green Goblin

Green Goblin Fortnite Skin next to Vi, Hawkeye and Kat Bishop

(Image credit: Epic Games / @ralisdumb / @GMatrixGames)

Green Goblin was discovered in Fortnite’s game files by
suggesting he’ll get a Fortnite skin soon.

Given that Spider-Man (his curvation-enemy) has recently joined the battle royale and given that Eagle and Kate Bishop were both added (and expect just like they practice in the paradigm above) we’re adequately confident this leak could be legit – but as always we’ll have to wait for official info to know for sure.

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The Suicide Squad still

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/™ & © DC Comics)

Twitter user, and leaker
has suggested that Peacemaker could follow on from Bloodsport every bit nonetheless another
The Suicide Squad
necktie-in. The same person who leaked Bloodsport suggested John Cena’s character could appear likewise, pregnant we might run into the character show up soon.

Nosotros don’t have anything more physical to go off, like in-game files, and so take this with a pinch of table salt but we could see
arrive soon now that his new show has dropped on
HBO Max.

Samus Aran – Nintendo’s compensation hunter

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In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 many fans were calling for Nintendo to exist represented by an in-game pare after both Xbox and PlayStation got their mascots in the Battle Royale. The obvious pick was bounty hunter Samus from the Metroid series – merely she never showed upwards.

Leaked documents shared on Twitter
from the
Epic Games vs Apple courtroom battle
point that Samus is/was planned to announced in the game (alongside multiple other characters like Naruto and Ariana Grande). The above panel from result three of the Batman Zero Signal serial adds to the speculation that the graphic symbol could nevertheless be coming afterwards fans spotted a silhouette that looks a lot similar Samus.

Take this rumor with an unhealthy corporeality of salt, but it could mean that Samus might soon make it as a Fortnite skin.

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Leaked survey skins

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Hither’due south a leak to accept with an actress pinch of table salt: multiple Fortnite leakers on Twitter have shared images from a recent Ballsy survey showing off several new skin designs. In it the visitor detailed potential Fortnite skins and included images of ones we might somewhen run across added to the game.

Yous tin can come across all of the in the tweet above only some of our favorites are Cartoon Bushranger, a Vampire Migrate, and Guff dressed as a Christmas tree. We have no inkling if any of these skins will ever be added to the game, just be on the sentry in time to come seasons.