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Empires & Puzzles Best Heroes Tier List (April 2022)


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  1. So is there a better list? Where is it?

  2. And then is there a amend listing?

  3. Holy Crap.
    As a long time player of this game, I recommend all of you ignore this list entirely. Information technology is completely out of whack. DO Non TAKE THIS PERSON’S ADVICE.

  4. How is Ruby not on this list??

  5. Any updates coming?

  6. When will you have a grading list on 3 star hero’southward best to worst?

  7. Is there a 3 star hero list on grading. Equally in which are the all-time to worst?

  8. When will you lot up date next?

  9. Where is Franz suppose to exist?

  10. Super listing!
    Merely i don’t concur with yous almost Vela. She may be A or B+, not A+.

  11. Where is Russell?

  12. Where is Russell?

  13. Ok then how to know witch ones are tanks, healers, and I don’t what a splash is without already having them?

  14. Loved finding this list! Had a feeling I was wasting some resources plus confirming some of my Beliefs. Finding some of the powerful four*due south was cool besides!

  15. Smashing list! I don’t see Captain Nemo though.

  16. Tin can we get an update on Inari & Thoth post buff.. thanks!

  17. The fact you have Marjana being meliorate than Gefjon is laughable.

    • Marjana is the costume version. To encounter regular Marjana, coil downwards quite a flake.

  18. prissy and clear list!
    could yous explane me, why u rated caedmon dissimilar to sonya? expect of the colour they are the same?! (total rank is identical, just the other parts are not)

    • They are not the same, Sonya is far weaker than Caedmon.

  19. Why are some contempo heroes missing, like chakkoszrot and Russell??

  20. Crawly really helps out

  21. List looks cracking! When you update the list, is it possible to see what heroes are added or updated?

  22. Hither is a unique commentary equally information technology doesn’t fit in your rankings at all, but I figured you would find it interesting. I’m a new actor, less than half a year, and so I don’t take a lot of anything. I did, yet, get lucky and draw two x Devanas. For me, she’s a beast. Her minions are not the tiny ones I come across summoned by other toons, and they take impairment FIRST before she does. Plus she destroys any other minions, debuffs, and hits 3 opponents in one hit (growing a cat every fourth dimension). Why this matters is since I’thousand new, I haven’t cleared the campaign yet. With fifty-fifty one of my Devanas, I can ghost the board and the cats volition eat everything. I’m punching WAY above my level on both the campaigns and on raids because of this. I beloved your rankings because they’ll allow me program my upgrades and not waste mats on “weaker” toons, but this “sixth column” info is something useful to anyone who doesn’t nevertheless accept giant boards of four and 5 stars nonetheless.

    • Herzlichen Dank für die super Liste sie ist sehr aufschlussreich ..Und vorallem die Zeit und dice Mühe jeden Helden aufzulisten ..finde ich großartig . Herzlichen Dank dafür und weiterso..!

  23. How-do-you-do, overnice listing! Thank you!
    I need some help, Bobo is non on your list. And I am going to max my blue hero. Only I cannot choose between Bobo and cobalt.
    Tin some i assistance me?

    Thank you!

  24. Hi!
    Nice work! It helps me a lot. Thank you!

    2 questions:
    You wrote y’all separated the Heroes into categories. Where is that? I cannot find this characteristic.

    What categories did you apply?


  25. Why isn’t the Dark Lord on the list ?

    • I don’t know if yous are still looking for this information but Dark Lord is in the B+ Column. I happened across the name while looking for my own Heroes.

  26. FANTASTIC listing!! I along with my alliance have been having discussions about who nosotros should prioritize and rank up and this is a terrific conversation slice and is very well put together. Thanks so much for doing this.

    My simply question is when will you exist adding the Villains Family to your rankings or did you intentionally leave them out? I simply ask because I have DarkLord and Crystalis newly added to my roster and was wondering what your thoughts were on them.


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