Accented garbage boosters and support.

Dont gild from hither. I enjoyed their service for a twelvemonth and it was e’er quick and fast. But now with the new league mmr system if your mmr is slightly loftier boosters will have your lodge search your history and ditch without saying a word. If y’all talk to back up they will say it is because information technology is inexpensive but considering the mmr is high they dont want it. In one case y’all practice get someone it volition be mediocre at best. Some of the boosters are really good and nice just nowadays their service is god awful and boosters are sub par compared to other websites. When I contacted support for the long wait time I was told to go play by myself while I wait. Really?? Then why buy a heave. All they say is lamentable for the look I volition message boosters. One time I was told “you arent doing and so good either” like im the reason we are losing for duo q boost. Hello? I ordered a boost why would they think I would acquit the game?

Terrible service

Terrible service, they use Gold/Plat players to boost.. Virtually games they go even or in some cases i’ve been in they go 1-viii

DUO games lodge review

Ive spent effectually 1500€ on Duo games for solo and flex queue boosts. Starting in plat for solo and silver for flex. Evidently lower the elo the easier. I noticed that from p4 or lower if y’all purchase a games boost (they play set up amount of games win or lose) you volition win virtually games no problem. Still from diamond and college their win rates are not so skilful and i would have to buy wins boost (they give you lot an extra win on your order every time you lose a game but where a d3 15 games boost might toll 100€ the wins boost in the same amount costs about €400) at one point a 10 win order got upwards to 23 wins owed to me due to and so many losses (was about D3/D2) Afterward many purchases i finally got to chief promos and i got through information technology 3-0 was np after that though i could non notice invites from boosters to play in master games with me every bit the guy that completed my promos with me said “i cant boost in this elo” (master 0LP) and then it is pointless to try buy a duo boost in that elo or higher you wont go plenty invites before you decay anyway. This was all duo games btw never did i do a solo guild where they play on my account. Also i did take to spend an average 3+ hours looking for booster for D2+ games and regularly contacted admins to help me find boosters willing to duo that elo but it never helped. In the end i told the admins that i couldnt get plenty invites for games before i decay out of master then the admins agreed to refund for the games left in the order. Besides i hit masters (starting plat4 after about 250 duo games 58% win rate) They say only GM or higher can work for them i dont actually believe that though i have seen some really awful people take my social club, for example a nidalee 1 trick that dies to her jg camps a kha zix that goes 0/10/i in flex vs people who are plat in soloQ it tin can be very difficult to know how proficient they will be before you play. Likewise i never once won a game with an ADC from that site idk if its the adc meta in s10 or what but they all play then terrible if an adc takes your order dodge (speaking of contrivance it got so bad after mid diamond i literally made a dodge listing to avoid certain boosters invites) nonetheless from the enquiry i did in terms of duo games they do seem to have the best offers and prices, some sites dont exercise win vs games orders and the prices seem the cheapest i believe so realistically its the best site to buy a duo order. After they refunded my chief duo social club i just bought a lodge on ggboost where they play on my account for me and and they nearly dropped me to D2 so no site is perfect i guess especially in that elo. i personally dont think eloboost.net is worth the money for the duo but there doesnt seem to exist cheaper and i doubt they have the lowest quality boosters so while its non perfect i would recommend them to a new boost heir-apparent. later on 400+ total game with flex and soloq orders from them i tin clinch yous that they wont scam you they seem very friendly nearly bug yous have i just refunded a flex dia “games boost” where we were 1-5 in a 15 games order they said they would refund information technology within 48 hours and so waiting to see how much of that 120€ they refund and if it actually goes through but since they refunded a masters social club half mode through im sure they will. yous but need to be worried nearly quality of booster if you play in D4 or higher tbh

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TLDR: dont buy a duo boost if you want a quick boost and particularly if you are climbing in D2+ (im a supp main then i couldnt accept people play other roles on my account and wait supicious as they wont boost you that high playing supp on your account) and buy “wins” non “games” if you lot are d4 or higher its highly possible y’all get a bad booster and go negative wr

I purchase placement package (platinum…

I buy placement bundle (platinum packet, for 47€), after ten matchs (8Win ; 2Loss) i got Statuary ii rank. The guy who i was talking with in the conversation, just tell me they gonna report me for boosting and get my account banned if i attempt to do something, or get out a review.

This is the worst experience i’ve never had.

too expensive

they go the job done,as they should.besides expensive for services you tin find in -30$ less.
Professional person costumer support.

but likewise much money for the services.

A really skillful site by far the best I…

A actually good site by far the best I take seen, Boosters are really friendly and take really really Loftier winrate they additional me from gold five to platinum v with 95 % winrate. would recommend dis Site +++

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