What to Upgrade in Sanctuary Epic Seven

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This article volition guide yous about the Sanctuary and how to ameliorate it for the game Epic 7. Read on for more tips and data on how to make your Sanctuary the all-time in the game.

Sanctuary is an additional feature of the game that yous can use for different activities including, but not limited to:
farming, nurturing, dispatch mission, crafting, and abracadabra
. The items that you receive hither will help give you the reward on dominating your rivals and finishing the game.

There are 5 dissimilar Sanctuaries in the game, along with different bonuses. See the table below for the following Sanctuary Buildings in the game.

Sanctuary Edifice Description
Heart of Orbis.png
Heart of Orbis
Gives Gilded and Skystones.
Forest of Souls.png
Forest of Souls
Nurtures Penguins, Phantasmas, and MolaGoras
Steel Workshop.png
Steel Workshop
Craft Equipment using materials gained from The Hunt.
High Command.png
Loftier Command
Gives EXP for hero and Currencies when completing dispatch missions.
Alchemist’s Steeple
Tin can craft Charms, Crafting Materials, Catalyst, and Exclusive Equipment.

To unlock different Sanctuary buildings, you lot will take to complete sure areas on the Adventure Phase. See the tabular array beneath for unlocking dissimilar buildings:

Sanctuary Building Unlock at:
Sanctuary/Center of Orbis Take chances Stage: Chapter 1-v Tirel Castle.
Woods of Souls Adventure Stage: Chapter 2-4 Winter Ruin Forest.
Steel Workshop Adventure Stage: Affiliate 3-three Pomegranate Shrine.
High Control Take a chance Phase: Chapter 3-7 Goat Horn Waterway.
Alchemist’s Steeple When your Account reaches fifteen
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Breath of Orbis.png

To improve the Sanctuary, yous’ll need items such as
Breath of Orbis. Go to the Sanctuary building that yous wish to amend, then tap the
Amend Building. You will see iii choices on which you desire to improve for that building. Choose your building improvements wisely; the Breath of Orbis particular is limited to 12 pieces only.

The Breath of Orbis is scattered througout Adventure Mode and Side Story (Unrecorded History), yous may know if a Breath of Orbis can be obtained by checking the map and checking if it has a Breath of Orbis logo.
For more than information on How to get Breath of Orbis and its locations. Meet the link below:

How to Get Breath of Orbis

If you did not similar the improvements and inverse your heed, yous can e’er reset them. Go on in mind that resetting this improvement will cost a lot of gilt.

All the Sanctuary buildings are important. With a limited supply of the Breath of Orbis, however, information technology volition be wise to prioritize some buildings that are more useful than all others. Refer to the priority list for the improved buildings beneath:

  • Wood of Souls –

    Max out the the number of creatures that you can nurture; this is important in guild for you lot to take reward of summoning Phantasma or Penguins at the same time.
  • Steel Workshop –
    A Maxed-out Steel Workshop has a college chance of crafting a higher rarity item, then nosotros recommend maxing this out when you are at the mid to finish game function.
  • Alchemist’due south Steeple –Improving the Laboratory can enable you to craft more items including more
    Crafting Materials, Catalysts, and Sectional Equipment.
    These items are harder to come by, that’s why information technology is better to arts and crafts these items in this building.
  • Heart of Orbis –The Aureate and Skystone that the Heart of Orbis gives out is merely express in number. You can subcontract gold hands just the Skystone this building gives is very important because you can not farm for Skystone.
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