How to Get My Mobile App Url


The hard work, time and passion you put to generate whatsoever loftier-quality content, let y’all to the desire of earning from your blog or website. At that place are many ways to earn from your online content. One popular among all is the
amazon affiliate plan/links
. Amazon is a worldwide pop online store and you can earn by displaying their product ads on your websites/blogs even with few posts.  The
Amazon affiliate plan
 is a profitable affiliate marketing program from Amazon online store. Whatsoever website owner or blogger tin can associate with Amazon for free and can put amazon product ad links on their pages. When viewers volition click the amazon links or guild the product through your site, so the owner of the site will earn referral fees from Amazon.

What do you need to earn from the Amazon affiliate programme is:

  • High-quality regular content
  • A skilful traffic
  • An associate business relationship with amazon affiliate program

We know you’re already up with the outset two points. You’ve put a good content on your website. Now you are struggling with the third one that how to create an associate program with Amazon to earn online.

You must accept observed




ads are displayed on my page. Here I’ll guide
scratch to acquaintance your web log or website with Amazon which is easier than Adsense. Then are you ready to become my colleague on Amazon?
bank check
out this.

Here is a step by step guide to make your amazon affiliate or acquaintance account:

1. Log in to the Amazon affiliate program folio and click to bring together now

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You’ve to cross the building link in four steps. Provide your account information in the first footstep and click next.

how to make amazon affiliate account

In the next step, Amazon volition inquire about your website and


You must own any website that’s why you’re looking for an

Amazon chapter program
 correct!. Yous’ll add your website URL there in the required field.  But!

Many affiliates stuck on how to generate or look for a

mobile app URL for an amazon chapter programme.

How to find a Mobile app URL for Amazon affiliate

  • Open some other google tab and

  • Log in to
  • Go to create my app for free
  • Give any proper name to your app. Information technology may exist similar to your website name.
  • Explicate nigh your app or website
  • Activate your app in android or smartphone
  • And copy the link from the search tab
  • Ad before copied the link and paste information technology in the field which was the real sticking between you lot and your Amazon affiliate earning.

Hither are images from with my mobile app URL for Amazon with


. I gave the name Fusion to my mobile app URL for Amazon.

how to find mobile app URL for amazon affiliate account?

Look,I add together earlier my app link and put in the field.

mobile app url guide for amazon become associate

Yeah! You lot crossed level ii and you’re merely two steps away from Amazon associate/chapter links on your

how to affiliate with amazon and earn online

This is level three which is request about your profile but!

What is this preferred associate ID dude!

Don’t worry. Your Amazon preferred associate ID is just whatsoever name which, y’all desire to give to your Amazon business relationship.
Again it’ll be convenient if it is close to your site’s name. I gave it a proper name Fusion
which is close to my website URL: Look hither:

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how to write preferred associate ID for amazon affiliate account

After providing your site ID and filling the remaining fields. Amazon will provide yous the unique ID for your affiliate plan. Click next and

Bravo! You’re on your Amazon associate page. At present click the Product links in
Carte BAR.

how to get amazon ad link and paste it in your website

Choose a production of your selection and become its link.

Put the link in your HTML TAB of each post separately.

HOW TO PUT Amazon associate product link once for all pages on the website

You don’t accept time to paste the link separately on your each mail service, then yous tin do it only once and Amazon ads will show on your all pages after that

  • Go to Layout in the left bar

  • Click add together a gadget


  • Paste the Amazon production link

  • Salvage the changes

  • Become to your posts and encounter the ads

Happy writing and

Concluding BUT NOT To the lowest degree!
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