Is League of Legends Down Right Now

We all know that League of Legends is one of the most pop online games in the world, but we never really knew how large League of Legends actually is. It’s time to find out the full League of Legends actor count.
League of Legends player count in 2022 is no joke. Its player count has grown year by yr and is at present ane of the most played multiplayer games in the earth andthe well-nigh played Esport in the world.

Fifty-fifty though a lot of people think that League of Legends is losing popularity, the numbers are telling us a completely different story. League of Legends player count has continued to abound year-over-year, and it even so didn’t stop! There were 115 million active monthly users back in 2020, but numbers went really upward this year.

Then, how many people play League of Legends in 2022? There are currently 180 million League of Legends players right now, and that’southward more often than not thanks to Riot Games’ Idiot box series, Arcane! When Cabalistic was released on Netflix, League of Legends literally “exploded” on the trending nautical chart, and with all of these stats and hype, we just can’t meet League going downwardly any soon! If you’d like to larn more near how League gained its popularity, then go on reading this article!

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In the beginning, LoL was a very different game. Today we have our fair match-making system, understandable gameplay, and equally many skins every bit nosotros want. And the only problematic matter that nosotros can agree on is the customer, which sometimes takes on its ain.

Simply, some League of Legends players may recollect a time when at that place was actual chaos in the game. Laggy servers and buggy gameplay – no 1 was immune to the numerous issues that arose every twenty-four hours. And so, how did a game similar League of Legends ascension to such high numbers of active players on a daily basis?

Outset of all, nosotros take to give credit to Riot Games for addressing a big per centum of the issues. Champions were fixed, items were removed and new ones added, new map features were introduced. And in the end, we ended upwardly with the League mode we have now. Regular patch updates, problems fixes, and in-depth beta testing are only parts of information technology.

League of Legends started in North America. In the showtime, the NA server was the only existing 1. And the European and the other servers came nigh a twelvemonth later. But despite everything, the interest in the game kept growing since twenty-four hours one. Why is that?

Well, we can say that it’s because League of Legends is such a great game. And we wouldn’t be wrong because, at the time, information technology was a brand new sensation in the world of competitive video games. A 5v5 PvP loonshit that required knowledge, skill, and strategy.

Those were the fundamental things that launched LoL in the world of Esports. And Esports made LoL more than popular than it could’ve ever been imagined!

Information technology’s no secret that Esports massively influenced the growth of League of Legends’ player count. It helped spread LoL around the globe and made it more pop than ever. And so how does the professional Esports League of Legends scene piece of work?

Well, the LoL professional person scene is divided into multiple leagues, each representing the region and servers they’re in. For example, the North American server and region have the
league throughout the yr. Just the best teams from the United States, Canada, and the rest of NA are playing in the LCS. And the aforementioned goes for the European LEC, the Southward Korean LCK, the Chinese LPL, and the rest.

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Now, all these individual leagues work towards the same goal – to launch their best team on an international scale.
Mid-Season Invitational, or
MSI, is the first international tournament that is happening each yr for League of Legends. Information technology’s hosted in different states and cities every time, and teams from all leagues participate in it. MSI is a very serious contest, organized past Riot Games themselves, and has been around since 2015.

However, the most important result for the League of Legends Esports earth is the
World Championship.
is the final disharmonism betwixt the best teams at the end of the year. The LoL World Title is the grandest Esports contest, and information technology has broken viewership numbers many times now. For example, the finals of Worlds 2018 had a record-breaking

99.6 one thousand thousand unique viewers

around the world. And just for a comparison, the American Superbowl in 2019 had but

98.2 meg

But, if there is i reason why the LoL Esports scene is getting so many viewers and the game so many more players, it’s the teams and players!

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The Best League of Legends Esports Teams and Players

When nosotros’re talking most pro League of Legends players, we really mean Legends. The situation is like in whatever other sport – the best players inspire the rest of us to try the game, improve, and become the all-time.

Ane person that deserves the almost recognition for inspiring LoL players is

. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is a truthful icon within the League of Legends community. His debut lucifer back in season three in the LCK league showed us his extraordinary talent for the game. Over the next couple of years, Faker would go on and win nigh of the home and international tournaments. He adult into the absolute
best League of Legends player
of all time.

Just, Faker isn’t the merely influential figure in the community. Pros like
xPeke, and many more have inspired a lot of people to join or stay with the game besides. And today’s stars similar
Deft, and
SofM, are but continuing that tradition.

On the other mitt, teams similar
Team SoloMid,
G2 Esports,
Deject ix,
Fnatic, and others have left a true legacy behind them. Fans effectually the globe cheer for their teams and regard them as a vital reason why they’re nonetheless watching and playing the game. So, you tin clearly see how the League of Legends Esports scene has influenced the growth of the game’s player base throughout the year.

Did Streamers Influence LoL’s Playerbase?

Definitely yes! Thanks to streaming, League has get the most-watched Esports title. During an important issue, like the World Championship, 3rd-party platforms like Twitch and YouTube gather to 500 000 live viewers on Riot Game’due south official channels. And during the regular days, League’s viewership on Twitch stays on the number ane spot – 150 000 – 200 000 average viewers live every 2d! No other video game has come up even close.

Now, the big reason why League has so much attention on Twitch is the actual streamers themselves. Characters like

Gross Gore,
Doublelift, and
Midbeast, gather tremendous amounts of audience people every 24-hour interval. They have a massive fanbase and followers that contribute to the League of Legends player count. They perform and teach other players how to be better at the game, resulting in a steady growth-over-time effect for League’s popularity too.

Nearly all professional League of Legends players have tried streaming likewise.

, and


are among the nigh famous ones. They don’t have the widest of schedules when information technology comes to streaming, but they still brand efforts to steam during their free fourth dimension.

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Streaming is a fantastic tool for marketing and publishing content, which is why it also works wonderfully for LoL. It’s easily accessible, and anyone can sentinel/stream their favorite games for free. League of Legends has been part of the streaming business since day ane. People enjoy watching others managing to defeat their own opponents. We can learn much from other’southward people mistakes, and League players are willing to put in the time to accelerate their skills in the game.

So, as much as the international tournaments accept influenced League’s role player numbers, the streamers have near that much too!

League of Legends Player Count Graph

This is the year Anarchism Games first appear an official statement with the number of players they had. It showed united states of america in a cute little
League of Legends histrion count graph

What we empathise from that graph is that League of Legends in 2011 had:

  • 32.five Million registrations
  • 11.five One thousand thousand monthly players
  • four.2 Million daily players
  • 1.3 Million players playing at the aforementioned fourth dimension.

But League of Legends wasn’t the merely thing that had grown during the period, Riot Games the Developer of League of Legends had as well grown five times their size to 300 total employees.

They had also included cool neat stats such every bit how many minions were killed, how many champions were killed, how much gold was earned etc. every bit you tin encounter in the infographic below.

League of Legends Player Count Graph

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Moving into the next twelvemonth Anarchism Games released another statement most League of Legends player count. They had again given a nifty infographic to help understand the state of the game in 2012.

What nosotros can take away from the League of Legends graph is that League of Legends had

  • seventy Million registrations
  • 32 Million monthly players
  • 12 Million daily players
  • 3 Million concurrent players.

They had also given other information such as League of Legends has been played for more than one Billion play hours every calendar month, the master historic period group from 16-35 and more data every bit you tin can see below.

Here are some stats of the League player count

Here's the total number of League of Legends monthly players

Fast-forwarding ii years into the future, Riot Games released another official statement giving details about the state of League of Legends. This fourth dimension they had not come with any infographics only rather directly up information.

From the statement released by
Riot Games, we understand that League of Legends now had

  • 65 1000000 monthly players
  • 27 Million daily players
  • 8 Million acme concurrent players

Although Riot didn’t release as much information equally earlier it was notwithstanding credible League of Legends was all the same growing. It had taken a lot longer than previously, but Anarchism had managed to double their monthly and daily players bringing the full monthly players to 67 million.

Riot did non release any statement when they reached this mark, simply according to analytical data and sure League of Legends graphs, we empathise that the League of Legends role player count had reached about 100 Million monthly players in 2017.

If League of Legends was a country, it would be ranked at the 15th Position as the population per country out of the 200+ countries in the world. That is right, there are only 15 countries in 2020 that have a population of over 100 million.

As to how all games have, League of Legends also had its drop in its player count. But not to worry equally League of Legends has gained back its position in 2020 because of the number of Events they held and the corporeality of marketing that had been done. Past now, we had amazing cinematics and also music by many popular creators such as Linkin Park.

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Month Boilerplate Monthly Players Monthly Gain / Loss Monthly Gain / Loss % Meridian Players In a Day
Final thirty Days 180,000,000 44,004,130 5.88% 32,581,881
February 2, 2022 170,000,000 44,004,130 34.93% 21,155,923
September 30, 2021 125,995,870 -554,408 0% xi,339,628
Baronial 30, 2021 126,550,278 -1,464,195 -1% 11,389,525
July 30, 2021 128,014,473 1,678,998 i% 11,521,303
June xxx, 2021 126,335,475 iv,768,574 four% xi,370,193
May 30, 2021 121,566,901 3,065,435 iii% ten,941,021
April 30, 2021 118,501,466 -ane,800,813 -1% 10,665,132
March 30, 2021 120,302,279 two,779,912 2% ten,827,205
February 28, 2021 117,522,367 1,874,552 2% 10,577,013
January 30, 2021 115,647,815 -5,558,822 -5% ten,408,303
December xxx, 2020 121,206,637 4,290,500 4% ten,908,597
November 30, 2020 116,916,136 23,430,462 25% 10,522,452
October 30, 2020 93,485,674 -4,920,299 -5% 8,413,711
September 30, 2020 98,405,973 -vii,360,004 -7% half dozen,232,378
August thirty, 2020 105,765,976 -three,271,113 -3% 6,698,512
July 30, 2020 109,037,089 -three,372,281 -3% 7,269,139
June 30, 2020 112,409,370 -three,476,578 -3% 4,871,073
May 30, 2020 115,885,949 -13,437,302 -10% 4,635,438
April xxx, 2020 129,323,250 nine,677,250 8% 5,604,008
March 30, 2020 119,646,000 10,396,000 10% 5,184,660
February 28, 2020 109,250,000 3,266,000 3% 5,462,500
January thirty, 2020 105,984,000 6,348,000 6% 4,592,640
December 30, 2020 99,636,000 eight,925,288 10% 3,985,440
Nov xxx, 2019 xc,710,712 eight,154,210 x% 3,930,798
October 30, 2019 82,556,502 1,570,368 2% 3,577,448
September 30, 2019 fourscore,986,134 4,049,307 5% 4,049,307
August thirty, 2019 76,936,827 -seven,321,146 -9% iii,077,473
July 30, 2019 84,257,973 nine,706,188 13% 3,651,179
June 30, 2019 74,551,785 -10,327,384 -12% 3,230,577
May 30, 2019 84,879,169 -v,100,912 -half-dozen% 4,243,958
Apr 30, 2019 89,980,081 -23,351,973 -21% 4,499,004
March 30, 2019 113,332,054 4,681,107 4% 5,666,603
Feb 28, 2019 108,650,948 -1,127,900 -1% 5,432,547
January 30, 2019 109,778,848 -7,727,152 -vii% 3,659,295

League of Legends player count has reached a full of 180 Million monthly players in 2022 according to recent data and has go the King of Games. With constant releases of new Events, Tournaments, and Champions, League of Legends has get one of the most played games in the world. League of Legends literally has at least one game started every second. Can you imagine?

League of Legends has had a total of $75 MILLION equally price pool money in all of their Tournaments held all over the world. To be exact, they have had $v,580,255.87 every bit Prize Money for Online Tournaments so far and $69,363,810.93 as Offline/LAN Tournaments so far. Having a $75 Million Esports investment and then far actually shows how big League of Legends is and if that is not enough to convince you, let us compare League of Legends with other games.

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A never-ending battle. League of Legends vs Dota 2 in numbers!

League of Legends and Dota 2 are the world’s biggest MOBA games. However, the departure in the player count betwixt these two games is massive. While Dota two has around
11 active monthly users
League of Legends has 115 1000000 active monthly users, which makes League effectually 10 times bigger than Dota 2.

Too, League of Legends has around 50 1000000 daily active players in 2022, while Dota 2 only has 1 meg daily players.

Minecraft is the earth’due south most popular video game on many different gaming platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming. In 2022,
Minecraft’s player base of operations
has risen to a whopping 125 meg active monthly players, which is “only” 55 million less than the League of Legends role player base of operations. These stats really put a practiced perspective on how large League of Legends really is.

CSGO is one of the biggest FPS games in the world and even so has but
26 One thousand thousand monthly players. League of Legends almost has 100 Million more that!

Now you know how popular League of Legends is and I hope this article can help you convince that friend who keeps saying League of Legends is a small indie game made by a small indie company.

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Final Thoughts

Each year, the number of League of Legends players numbers grows more and more. This steady rise has been here since the very commencement of the game. We’re very fortunate to come across our favorite game having such a dandy success, despite the fact that more than x years have passed since we first entered the Summoner’s Rift. The truth is, no video game title has ever stayed on the top of the popularity charts like League of Legends.

Anarchism Games deserve much credit for listening to their general audience when it comes to the actual game itself and the professional scene. People who play League of Legends generally want to exist connected to it, even when they aren’t playing the game. And all the books, cinematics, apps, streams, and talk shows, have done exactly that – bring the world of LoL closer to us all!

That said, we’re excited to run into what the future hold for us, League of Legends players. Every yr, Riot Games manages to introduce new things and keep us engaged. And nosotros’re hoping that that volition remain the aforementioned for a very long time. May the numbers of millions and millions of players ascent even more than!