Axie Infinity Exp Farming Guide

Axie Infinity: Ultimate Starter Guide will surely answer all your questions about it! For those who are not yet familiar with Axie Infinity, you amend read this web log and EARN Money while you are enjoying the popular game.

How to set up an business relationship?

To play Axie Infinity, you must download the game and set up an account start. Below are the footstep by step process to create 1:

one) Get an Ethereum wallet

First, you’ll need an Ethereum wallet. Nosotros recommend MetaMask. It is bachelor on both desktop and mobile.
MetaMask enables people to store, transport cryptocurrency tokens and interact with blockchain apps. In Axie Infinity, tokens and in-game items are stored in a wallet.

1. Head over to
ii. Click download and select the platform you wish to download on.
3. Follow the installation steps.
* Remember to ever keep your seed phrase (private key) secure at all times and never reveal this to anyone. Whoever owns your seed phrase has full access to your wallet.

ii) Create a Ronin wallet

Next, yous will need a Ronin wallet. This will exist used to store avails such as cryptocurrency tokens and in-game items on the Ronin blockchain.
The Ronin blockchain is an Ethereum sidechain solution designed by the team behind Axie Infinity in order to annul network congestion on Ethereum. This allows Axie players to savour fast and seamless transactions with very low gas fees. At the time of writing, everyone gets a maximum of 100 free transactions per day.

* The Ronin wallet web extension is available in the web store on any Chromium-based browser such as Dauntless & Chrome.
Follow the steps on Actuate Ronin Wallet. This will accept yous to the web store. Click “Add to Dauntless.” (Like to the MetaMask set up up in a higher place)
After adding to Brave, the Ronin Wallet extension volition appear on your top correct. Pin it to the taskbar for convenience. Now, click on “Get Started” to continue.

Ronin Wallet

There are iii steps to setting up your Ronin Wallet. The steps in setting upward your Ronin Wallet are similar to MetaMask above.

Axie Infinity

1. Create a countersign.

Ronin Wallet

ii. Write down and shop your seed phrase in a safe place.

Ronin Wallet

3. Make full in the correct words from your seed phrase in the position asked for.

Ronin Wallet

You at present accept a Ronin Wallet. Check your wallet by clicking on the Ronin Wallet extension.

Axie Infinity

* Think to always keep your seed phrase (private key) secure at all times and never reveal this to anyone. Whoever owns your seed phrase has full access to your wallet

3) Create an Axie Infinity Business relationship

Next, caput over to the Axie Marketplace and log in with Ronin Wallet to create an account.


Click “Confirm” on the popular-upwards.

Axie Infinity

Now that you have an Axie Infinity business relationship. You can name your account or edit it afterward.

Email and password

4. Setup email and password

Afterward creating your account, you will need to link your electronic mail and password to complete the setup process.

Axie Infinity

Once y’all accept entered your details, obtain the verification lawmaking from your electronic mail and confirm.

Set up account

5) Connect to MetaMask

After verifying up your e-mail, yous will need to attach your MetaMask account. From the dashboard, click “Account Settings” and so “Adhere MetaMask.”

Axie Infinity

A series of popular-ups from MetaMask will appear. Click Next, Connect, and Sign when prompted. This is free. Later this, the set-up is complete.

6) Buying your first Axie

To begin your Axie journeying, you will need iii Axies. You can buy Axies from other players using the marketplace. The price of Axies has risen due to the game’southward popularity, so this might be a big investment for many players. At the fourth dimension of writing, the floor price for a single Axie is around 0.15 ETH ($285).

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Yet, an alternative method to obtaining Axies is to enroll in a scholarship program. These are programs started past other Axie owners who lend their Axies in render for a portion of SLP earnings. An Axie Scholarship Tracker is useful to explore programs that work best for you if you are interested.

Purchase Axies

To purchase Axies, y’all will need ETH in your Ronin wallet. There are two ways to obtain ETH.

– Deposit from Ethereum wallet into Ronin wallet using the Ronin Bridge. Most players usually greenbacks in or cash out through their MetaMask wallet using a centralized exchange like Binance.

– Buying ETH with fiat on Ronin using the Ramp Network. This is not available in every country.

Now that you have deposited ETH into your Ronin wallet, shop the marketplace for your soonhoped-for battle companions!

seven) Downloading the game

One time you have activated your Axie account and obtained your Axies, all that’southward left is downloading the game and venture into the world of Lunacia.

Head to
and click “Download” located on the pinnacle correct. Select the platform you would like to download on Android, Windows, macOS, or iOS.
* As of writing, the iOS TestFlight platform is currently total. You take to use some other platform to play the game for at present
* For MacOS users: Please follow the instructions here:
and cheque the “Let apps downloaded from.” box. Once checked, you can attempt to run the hub install and whitelist the app.

Depending on which platform you download on, yous will use the desktop (MavisHub, Axie Infinity Game Launcher) app or the game app on mobile.
Log in with your electronic mail and password.

Mavis Hub

After you have logged in, click the PLAY button to start the game. (If this is your first time, the PLAY button will be an INSTALL push.)

Axie Infinity


To log in on a mobile device, you’ll need a QR lawmaking.


You tin obtain one past heading to the Axie Infinity Dashboard or the Mavis Hub.
Click the “Show QR” to scan the code.

Mavis Hub

Congrats! You accept completed the guide and are all set to play the game. Not certain where to first, yous may want to learn how to play Axie Infinity.

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Rules of the game

This guide volition provide an overview of Axie Infinity’s basic gameplay for new players who just started with the game. If you haven’t set an account and gotten your first 3 axies, delight read our guide at how to get started with Axie Infinity.

Rules of the Game

Once you lot have gotten at least three Axies from the marketplace, caput straight into the game and sync your Axies: Go to AXIES > Sync Axies. Your Axies should appear once information technology finishes syncing. Then, build your team formation on “TEAMS”

Currently, in that location are a total of 2 game modes:

i. Adventure Mode (PvE)
2. Loonshit Mode (PvP)

If you win in any of the game modes, y’all will exist rewarded with a SLP token. SLP is one of Axie Infinity‘s in-game currencies and information technology is tradeable on exchanges such as Binance and Uniswap.
Too, Axies can increase in level past getting EXP from winning

Adventure Mode.


Each Risk/Loonshit battle costs 1 Energy. You can still play any of the modes if you use upward all the free energy, but you will non receive EXP in Take chances Style and SLP rewards in Arena Mode.

Axie Infinity

The maximum amount and the furnish speed of Energy depend on the number of Axies you own.

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In that location are a total of 3 simple daily quests to be completed. Y’all can claim a fixed 25 SLP every day by finishing all the quests.

Daily Quest

(25 SLP – Flavour xviii)

Some of the daily quests include the post-obit :
Daily check in
Complete x Adventure mode levels (y’all may repeat the same level)
Win 5 Arena matches

Risk Mode (PvE)

It is recommended for a new player to get-go by playing Adventure Style. Y’all can earn Axie EXP and up to fifty SLP per day past playing it.

An Axie will get stronger as it increases in level (for Adventure Mode only). Also, information technology is important to train your Axies’ EXP and then that you can farm at a higher-level stage and grind your daily 50 SLP faster.

Axie Infinity


Another thing to note is that the levels get-go off easy but it volition become harder to win as you progress. However, don’t give up nonetheless as you can e’er farm at the previous level to gain Axie EXP and rewards.

Adventure Mode

Arena Mode (PvP)

Based on your Loonshit MMR (Matchmaking Rating), y’all will earn unlike amounts of SLP for each Loonshit win. The higher your ranks, the more rewards y’all will get per win. Take note that this is an boilerplate based on community calculations.

Axie Infinity

Regardless of your MMR, you lot can notwithstanding complete your daily quest if yous win five matches (even past winning without energy!) So, don’t surrender if you keep losing in Arena Mode. Strategize all of your energy for Hazard Mode, then come dorsum for 5 wins in the Arena.

Battle Organization

Battle System

The battle system works the same for both of the game modes. You will win once you eliminate all of your opponents. Besides, you will lose if your opponents eliminate all your Axies.

Earlier deciding your moves, it is recommended to strategize your tactics past analyzing the play order and your opponent’s ability. The play order is located above the screen which determines which Axies move first. You lot can also view your opponents’ stats and cards by clicking on their Axies.

Once you lot select your cards, click “End Turn” to kickoff battling.

Axie Infinity

Another thing to note is that each card requires a different amount of energy cost, so it is important to practise the math if you lot desire to save up some of the energy for the adjacent round!
The Base of operations damage is the minimum damage that volition be practical to your opponent, while the base of operations shield is the minimum shield that will be applied to yourself. Additional damage/shield will be explained in the next section.
Buffs and debuffs are the status effect that will exist applied to either your opponent or yourself. It volition be explained further in the Buffs & Debuffs section.

Course and Skill

To win PvP matches constantly, it is of import to understand how Axies’ form types can touch your odds of winning.
Axie Infinity has released a full of 9 Axie classes equally of July 2021.


Course Advantage: The class of an Axie is important in PvP gainsay because each class is potent and weak against other classes. Between 2 Axies, the one with the class advantage will deal 15% extra harm, while the i with the class disadvantage volition deal 15% less harm.

Furthermore, when an Axie uses a card from its own grade, it gets an extra x% set on and shield bonus.

For instance, an Aquatic Axie will bargain xv% more than damage to a Beast Axie, plus an extra x% if it uses an Aquatic card to deal the damage for a total of 25% (15% + 10%) total damage.

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Secret Class: Dusk, Dawn and Mech are three “Secret Classes” in Axie Infinity. Undercover form Axie is hard to be bred, and it has no card from secret form. Yet, underground class Axie can nonetheless benefit from class reward and card bonus:

Axie Infinity

For case, a Dawn Axie will bargain 15% more than damage to a Beast Axie, plus an extra 7.5% if it uses a Bird/Aquatic bill of fare to bargain the damage for a full of 22.5% (15% + 7.v%) full damage.

Body Parts & Cards: An Axie has 6 body parts that are decided by its genes: back, ears, eyes, horns, mouth, and tail. Each torso part represents a skill bill of fare of the Axie except the eyes and ears which practice not provide the Axie with a skill card.


Attributes: Each Axie has 4 stats: Health, Morale, Skill and Speed.

Axie Infinity

An Axie’s stats depend on its class and its body parts. The base stats of an Axie is decided past its course, while boosted stats depend on the class type of each body part.

Class of Body Part

Buffs & Debuffs: Condition furnishings can be applied on Axies through playing skill cards. A positive effect is chosen a “Buff” while a negative one is called a “Debuff”. An icon will float above an Axie when a sure status effect is applied to it.
Currently, in that location are a full of three buffs and 13 debuffs in Axie Infinity:

Buffs Debuffs

Convenance Organization

Much like Pokemon, Axies tin can exist bred to create offspring, while the ancestry of every Axies is immutably recorded on the blockchain.

Breeding an Axie requires two resources: AXS and SLP tokens. Each Axie tin can be bred a maximum of vii times. At the time of writing, it costs 4 AXS and some SLP. The SLP price depends on the breed count of both parents.

Axie Infinity

To breed, log in to the Axie Market place and click through My Account > Inventory. Next, select your Axie and click on “Breed”. Then, but pair it with some other Axie, review the costs, and kickoff breeding.


Axie takes v days to reach maturity. Afterward, you can morph your Axie into an adult.

Axie Infinity

Each body part possesses 3 Axie genes: A dominant gene (D), a recessive gene (R1), and a small-scale recessive gene (R2). The dominant gene will decide an Axie’s body part and hence, the skill carte of the Axie. Meanwhile, all iii genes have a pct of hazard to be inherited by the offspring:

Dominant Genes

Axie breeding is a complicated process, and each determination needs to be carefully idea out to blueprint a well-balanced team. Specially-bred Axies are essential, particularly if yous desire to climb to the peak ranks in the Arena (PvP).
We hope this guide provides you with a basic understanding of how to strategize your gameplay and maximize your profits on Axie Infinity. It takes a lot of effort, dedication, and experience to principal Axie Infinity, so don’t give up notwithstanding if you lot neglect at first. Follow us for more advanced Axie Infinity guide!
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Daily Chore = 25 Small Love Potion (SLP)

Chance Mode = Limited to 50 SLP

Loonshit Mode = Depends on your Match Making Rate (MMR)

Estimated SLP per Twenty-four hours = 120-150

Tips from an Axie Infinity Scholar

In the first two weeks, spend your 10 energy in Gamble Fashion and 10 in Arena Fashion. This strategy will help your Axies to level up and increase your daily SLP quota.

When you accomplish the ruin level where yous can hands farm SLP, you tin finally spend twenty/twenty of free energy in Arena Manner to maximize them.

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