Usmnt Vs. Honduras World Cup Qualifier Highlights and Expert …

1-0, min. 8, McKennie. 2-0, min. 37, Zimmerman. 3-0, min. 68, Pulisic.

Result Ended

Goals and highlights: USMNT 3-0 Republic of honduras in World Loving cup Qualifiers

An important and convincing victory in icy Minnesota momentarily gives the United States second place in the octagonal.

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xc’ FT

The friction match ends! USMNT iii-0 Honduras.

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HONDURAS IS SAVED! Twice on the line, defender Maldonado saves his goal. In the end Aaronson scores, but it is disallowed for offside.

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83′ Substitution

United States: McKennie out, Roldan in.

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Medical help enters to nourish Menjívar.

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76′ Substitution

U.s.: Pepi and Weah are out; Ferreira and Aaronson are in.

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Yellow card for Whea.

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Tempers flare between Whea and Figueroa. Medical assistance enters to attend to the Honduran.

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68′ GOAL

GOAL USMNT! Scored by Pulisic.

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63′ Substitution

United States: Morris is replaced by Pulisic.

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61′ Substitution

Honduras: López leaves and García enters.

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Menjívar once again. Morris takes a shot that the Catracho goalkeeper deflects for a corner kick on Whea’s counterattack.

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Morris’ pass to the center of the box, Pepi turns but the defense deflects and it goes for a corner kick.

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46′ Exchange

Honduras: Quioto, Rodríguez, López left the field for Lozano, Rochez and Menjívar.

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The second half starts!

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45’+i HT

The start half ends! U.s.a. 2-0 Honduras.

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The referee adds one minute to the starting time one-half.

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This was the 2-0

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37′ GOAL

GOAL USMNT! Scored by Zimmerman.

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Yellow cards for Mejia and Quaye.

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Pepi’s get-go-fourth dimension scissor kick, but the brawl goes over the crossbar.

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HONDURAS IS SAVED! Weah shoots, and on the counter-set on, Pepi doesn’t become a practiced shot off. The Catrachos’ defensive wall grows.

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A powerful shot by Weah and a great relieve by Luis Lopez prevents the 2nd US goal.

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Absolute dominance of the U.s.a.. They expect for Pepi with a service, but the Catracho team blocks the opportunity.

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Starting time 15 minutes of the match. The Americans take advantage of the atmospheric condition and the locale and go on looking for the 2nd goal.

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This was the goal

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GOAL USMNT! Scored past McKennie.

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The match has started!

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Lineup Honduras

L. López, W. Quaye, One thousand. Figueroa, D. Maldonado, O. Elvir, J. Delgado, D. Rodríguez, A. Mejía, H. López, R. Quioto, A. Elis

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Statements United states of america

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The weather

According to conditions forecasts for Minnesota on specialized sites such every bit Accuweather, it is expected that for next Wednesday, February ii, between 19:00 and 21:00 hours (the time when the friction match between the USA and Honduras will accept identify), the weather could be between -14 and -18 degrees Celsius, although with a air current chill between -xx and -24 degrees Celsius.

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We begin!

We are minutes abroad from the kickoff of the friction match betwixt the United States and Honduras. The abode side will take to accept reward of their habitation advantage and thus be able to aspire to a direct ticket to the Earth Loving cup in Qatar. In that location are three games left and the Hondurans are practically eliminated from the octagonal. Volition any of them manage to win? Follow the coverage on VAVEL.

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Tune in here USA – Honduras Live Score

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How to picket USA – Honduras Alive Stream on TV and Online?

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Last lineup United states

One thousand. Turner; A. Robinson, C. Richards, G. Robinson, S. Dest; Westward. McKennie, T. Adams, B. Aaronson; C. Pulisic, Yard. Zardes, Y. Musah.

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Who volition exist the referee and his assistants?

The central referee for this
USA vs Honduras
lucifer volition be Oshane Nation; Ojay Duaney beginning line; Stephanie-Dale Yee Sing second line; Randy Encarnacion fourth assistant. The VAR will be Erick Jair Miranda.

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Honduras National Team: Last place

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U.s.a.: Taking advantage of habitation

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The match will be played at the Stadium Allianz Field

TheUSA vs Honduras
match will exist played at the Allianz Field Stadium, in Minnesota, USA. The kick-off is scheduled at 19:30 pm ET.

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CONCACAF Qualifiers

The finish of January’southward FIFA engagement with the qualifiers for the World Loving cup in Qatar! This night, the

United States National Team

will host 1 of the teams that is practically eliminated: the

Honduras National Team.

This match is of utmost importance for the Americans, who will take to have advantage of their home reward to be able to aspire to a straight ticket to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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