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According to Freljord tradition, Queen Ashe crowns Tryndamere as her chosen male monarch.

Freljord Ascends to Metropolis-State Status, Accepted into League

Ashe and Tryndamere crowned its Queen and King

Quinton Groat
reporting from Rakelstake, Freljord

Loftier Councilor Vessaria Kolminye fabricated a proclamation this forenoon from the Luminary Cloister of the Institute of War, granting sovereignty to Freljord and conferring upon it all the rights and protections afforded to city-states that are members of the League. Previously, the region of Freljord enjoyed only acknowledgment of its borders and the right to asking Sanctum Calamitates (a petition for League intervention confronting foreign invasion or natural disaster). With its newfound status, Freljord is allotted i League Assembly chair. Their chosen Emissary is entitled to reside at the Institute of State of war and bandage votes in League Assemblies on Freljord’s behalf. Freljord may also appeal to the League for general arbitration of political affairs. Kolminye’south declaration makes Freljord the 8th city-state affiliated with the League.

Freljord has applied for membership in the past. Its previous appeal was denied on the grounds that its population was insufficient, lacking both a defined governmental structure and the means to police itself. Ashe’s recent ordainment as leader of Freljord’s two united tribes, bolstered by the might and numbers of Tryndamere’southward barbarians, was enough to sway the opinion of the Council of Equity. Immediately following Kolminye’s address, the united tribes crowned Ashe the Queen of Freljord.

Ashe is the outset princess to ascend to the throne since the Iii Sisters War divided the people. According to Freljordian tradition, the Queen selects her Rex, and Ashe selected Tryndamere, solidifying her arrangement with the barbarians. On the topic of her option, Ashe had this to say: “My deportment are guided past the needs of our people, and non past romantic notions. Our wedlock is a pledge to reinforce our commitment to this alliance.”

Ashe had one more surprise in store for the people of Freljord: she appointed League Champion Nunu as Freljord’s League Emissary. At his appointment, she vowed: “The city-state of Freljord will never scorn

its Yeti brethren, nor any of its citizens, regardless of species, tribe, custom, or affiliation.”

As a token of this promise, she offered Sejuani, the Winter’s Claw, a seat on Freljord’s new Royal Advisory Council. Sejuani emerged from reclusion to answer: “Princess Ashe is no more my queen than are the traitors who put her there. Anyone unable to see through this ruse is as much responsible for the perversion of our culture every bit [Ashe].”

Her opinion was not echoed by her people, as hundreds of Winter’s Claw tribesmen journeyed to Rakelstake to nourish Ashe’s coronation. We spoke with ane bearding Wintertime’s Claw attendee, who said: “I never thought I’d see the twenty-four hours that we would exist taken seriously on Valoran. I honestly don’t even know what the tribes are fighting for anymore.”

Nunu accustomed his appointment proudly, and the largest contingent of Yetis e’er witnessed by humans was present for Ashe’s coronation. Nunu stated: “Queen Ashe is just what we’ve been looking for; she’s got the total support of me and the Yetis, and we’re skilful support to have!”

Hordes of barbarians also migrated to their new dwelling house, many arriving to view the second crowning of their king. Tryndamere welcomed his people with open arms and an inspiring declaration: “Finally, we accept a voice in this state. Finally, nosotros tin can exist seen for what we truly are: proud and noble warriors. Finally, my brothers…finally.”

The program for the unification of Freljord that Ashe set into motion now seems complete; however, she even so faces many difficult trials alee. In light of the protections that the League has now extended to Freljord (and consequently to the barbarians), Noxus issued a “stand down” gild to troops dispatched to their Northern Barbaric Pacification Campaign. Katarina herself delivered the command, closing with a bold challenge: “Noxus abides by the rules of the League, for we are truly noble, but we oasis’t forgotten the offenses perpetrated by those [barbarian] swine. If the new Freljord’s courage matches its insolence, I can exist found on behalf of Noxus on the Fields of Justice…waiting.”

Going Where He Pleases

Following the League’s unstoppable force, Dr. Mundo

Tom Tarumca
reporting from Zaun

On most days, yous would find a hive of activity on the streets of Zaun. Today, yet, the usual hustle and flow of the restless city is strangely silent. On most days, the dark and seedy alleys would be overflowing with a proud people willing to give their all for a profit. Today, Zaunite business is eerily slow, and well-nigh of the urban center’due south shopkeepers are content with their relatively meager gains equally the midday sun passes overhead.

Today is non similar nigh days. The peddlers of Zaunite wares know where the people are: Vaskervon Coliseum. The League of Legends Visiopathic Service is showing a key boxing arena fight betwixt Zaun and Ionia, and no true Zaunite would even dream of missing it.

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Miles abroad from Zaun, Dr. Mundo takes his place on Summoner’s Rift. Watching his ungraceful entrance into the arena, you wouldn’t accept guessed that an unabridged city-country would rest its fate on his massive shoulders. The hulking behemoth appears unaware of the day’south high stakes equally he hastily grabs his favorite shield from its usual spot. Amid protests from the shopkeeper, Dr. Mundo tosses some gilt coins carelessly backside him every bit he ambles towards the front lines to face his Ionian counterparts. Standing at the caput of his team, Dr. Mundo looks impatient as he waits for the first wave of minions to cantankerous his path.

“Mundo thinks that information technology’s fourth dimension to fight Businesswoman.”

Most urban center-states would transport a champion back for a second Judgment if they heard such nonsense, but in Zaun a cacophonous cheer erupts from the fans instead – a cheer that the Zaun faithful hope tin can be heard by all of the “peaceniks” dorsum in Ionia. There will certainly be no dearest lost between the 2 city-states after the game, as League rules for this item friction match dictates that the loser will cede control of a resource rich portion of their shared maritime border to the winner. Such a loss would be an unacceptable blotch on the relatively long reign of Chairman Magnus Dunderson, Zaun’s Chief Executive. No Zaunite with a beating heart could tolerate such a failure from their leadership.

Something about Dr. Mundo has captured the collective hearts of a notoriously self-centered metropolis-state. Even the children of Zaun pay homage to their idol, with foaming novelty tongues and unsharpened cleavers waving every bit loftier as their stubby arms can reach. Their parents brandish the real steel as they look forwards to a newly adopted tradition in Zaun: a post-game celebratory feast.

Information technology’south piece of cake to forget that the celebrations were almost cut brusque before they began. Dr. Mundo’southward acceptance into the League was met with much criticism, equally he was found to exist in possession of unchecked adrenaline shots during his first match against Piltover. Dissenters made a strong case that this went against the League’southward original Elixir and Potions Policy, in which it states that all enhancing substances must exist sealed pre-match and contained in a regulation size bottle to maintain the integrity and impartiality of the Shopkeeper’s Union. Notwithstanding, the adrenaline shot’s effects were after reclassified as a blazon of biological aureola, as it was determined that the composition of the shots made them ineffective for anyone but Dr. Mundo due to his unique physiology. When initially asked for a comment on the affair, Dr. Mundo responded only with grotesque slurping noises. He has stood by this statement ever since.

Despite his lack of communication skills, Dr. Mundo receives high praise from his usual Twisted Treeline teammates: Warwick and Singed. It’s no hole-and-corner that Dr. Mundo takes the brunt of the beatings for his team, but he and his compatriots have so far been rewarded for his sacrifices on the field. Match subsequently lucifer, Dr. Mundo has charged in and softened the enemy opposition; sometimes he goes out in a bonfire of celebrity, but merely as often he enables Warwick to

A Shimmering Future?

The many colors of Zaun’s rebellious youth

50.B. Briskes
commenting from Zaun

Occasionally, between the hysterical tirades and fits of frantic desk-pounding which invariably accompany my reactions to the everyday behaviors of my beau Valoranians, I recline with a Rabble Rouser V.S.O.P. – I am a cocky-respecting cognoscenti – and reflect upon the days of my youth. In the few instances that I am not immediately deterred from this activeness by unfortunate recollections owed to a tardy adolescence and an unmerciful complexion, I call up, “Gosh, if simply I’d had the opportunity to smear myself with corrosive (but shiny!) techmaturgical waste product before departing to the slums to display my delightfully pre-atrophied peel!” I’m certain I’d take matured, like a Kaladoun sugar raisin, into a remarkably sweet – albeit shriveled and unidentifiable – version of the optimist you all know me to exist. And imagine my utter dismay when considering that I arrived only a decade too late for the latest fad sweeping Zaun’due south precocious youth.

Shimmer – equally the kids are calling it – is manufactured from the toxic runoff generated by the factories which back up Zaun’s continuing explorations into sludge refinement. Evidently when slathered on the skin like – or more probably instead of – torso soap, Shimmer either simulates or stimulates intense emotions in its subject.

Boring, you say? Well what if I told you that information technology also sparkles, glows, and “shimmers” in a scintillating assortment of colors? Still not impressed? Well here’s the real pitch: the emotions this phosphorescent exfoliant creates correspond with the array of colors in which you can larn it. So you lot tin can literally vesture your dejected or whimsical eye in expressive patterned designs not simply on your sleeve, merely on your dorsum, legs, forehead, or anywhere else you lot oasis’t nonetheless withered abroad. Oh right, I almost forgot to mention, frequent awarding of this caustic glop results in progressive degeneration of the skin and musculus tissue.

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Of form, Zaun officials are quick to shirk responsibility, “All industrial byproducts within Zaun are scrutinized for public health and environmental hazards, and whatever which are determined to have unacceptably harmful effects follow strict prophylactic disposal procedures. Those who synthesize the compound referred to as ‘Shimmer’ must obtain their ingredients through unlawful means.” They have declined any comment regarding rumors that Shimmer was the failed outcome of state-sponsored attempts to create a bio-enhancing agent which would grant its wearer unnatural abilities, a rumor which has only increased its popularity.

All criticism aside, this is one reporter wholly in favor of liberty of expression. I say leave there and be the prettiest niggling raisin you can exist. Afterward all, what business organisation is a late life restrained to your motorized hextech recliner, wheeling about with your adept thumb when you tin spend your ample “reanimation” looking back on a childhood during which you shone similar a firefly in the sickly Zaun moonlight and your complexion, unlike mine, offered you a proud, glittering cocktail of emotions you savour revisiting, mean solar day subsequently day, from the standardized comforts of your nursing ward?

make kills, cementing the Blood Hunter’southward reputation every bit one of the deadliest Twisted Treeline combatants in the League. A few brave commentators have remarked that Warwick’s recorded kills are not entirely well deserved, equally nigh of the credit belongs to Dr. Mundo. While those who sacrifice themselves are not an uncommon occurrence in Zaun, information technology is rare to detect such a case that as dearest and revered equally Dr. Mundo. No Zaunite with at to the lowest degree one good eye could doubt that now is the time for Dr. Mundo, and for Zaun, to achieve a League championship.

Mundo is going where he pleases, and the rest of Zaun is correct behind him.

[Next Time: an in-depth interview with Dr. Mundo!]

The Eye Within

Felines, Fetishes, Notice information technology all Here!

Ram Steed
your centre within the League of Legends

Welcome again to THE place for League of Legends gossip! Before I dish the dirt, I want to accept a moment to let you, my faithful readers, know that I want to hear from you! Contact me directly at the Journal of Justice; ask me questions, send me tips, and (particularly for my foolish detractors) bring the smack talk! I’m taking on all comers! Questions and answers will be published in future manufactures.

Anyhoo… the terminal four weeks have gone past in a rush and at that place’southward more excitement surrounding our favorite champions – the kind others won’t written report. As usual, yours truly has faithfully kept his ear to the basis to bring you the latest and greatest from inside the League of Legends!


When last nosotros left the Eye Inside, this reporter delivered an exclusive exposé on the budding relationship between League sweetheart Nidalee and hack Journal of Justice reporter Bob Nashahago. Well, that lilliputian commodity sure has stirred up problem for erstwhile Bob!

Sources close to Bob have said that the number of threatening messages he’s received have dramatically increased. The subject? Fan jealousy over his romantic activities.

One anonymous source from within the Journal of Justice headquarters had this to say: “Nidalee is definitely a fan favorite, but I judge no i realized quite to what extent. Since Steed’s article, there take been many letters from fans insulting or belittling him. Some of them take gone and then far equally to vow they would fight him if they e’er saw him in person.”

This journalist has uncovered one of these closely guarded letters to bring to you exclusively! Permit no one say that Ram Steed isn’t on the case!

“Y’all better sleep with one centre open. You lot’re dead! Y’all hear me! Expressionless! Get abroad from Nidalee! She is MINE! Summoner Nacht. That’south right, that’s my name. Any time, anywhere. No summoning, I’ll take you on with my own hands!”


Just time will tell how this petty pickle will plough out. Good luck, Bob! This is one time that I’m sure we’re all glad that you’re Bob Nashahago and nosotros’re not…well…except for your envious new penpals.

The Storm’s Chamber

Listen upwards celebrities – one time you’re in the public light, in that location is no such matter as privacy anymore!

This is a lesson that Janna is learning the hard mode, when private images of her dressed in revealing lingerie spread like wildfire through the fan circles. While Janna herself has withdrawn from the public eye for the time being, no doubt mired in strategy sessions with her public relations people, a source close to the champion claims that these boudoir images were captured by a rumored erstwhile romantic interest. Whoops!

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While the snooper in question will no doubt receive his just deserts (who picks a fight with a champion of the League?!), the damage has been done. League of Legends officials take voiced their displeasure. Roan Fallon, head of public relations for the League, had this to say: “Regardless of the source, Janna is a representative of the League of Legends. She should comport herself as such at all times. We are still deliberating our side by side course of action.”

Sounds like problem for Janna, merely fear not Janna-fans, she’s been in the eye of the storm before, and if anyone can find a dignified way out, it’s her.

Hang in at that place, Janna!

Until Next Fourth dimension…

As e’er, yours truly, the hardest working reporter in the League, will labor tirelessly to bring you – the hardcore fan – more than of what you lot really want to read. This is Ram Steed, reporting from the streets of Valoran.

The Mailbag of Justice

Reader mail from all across Valoran – answered!

Senior Summoner Ralston Farnsley
commenting from the Found of State of war

Our mailbag continues to overflow, and we here at the Journal are happy to take a moment from our journalistic pursuits to read your missives. Cheers for your praise and enthusiasm, and please keep sharing your thoughts!

“I was excited when I heard about Kalamanda’s potential for nexuses and fifty-fifty more when I found out Runeterra might be regenerating the world we lost in the rune wars. Every bit quite the science-y person, I was wondering if any reporters had found any news nearly groups or persons who were researching the revival of things lost during the rune war or the regeneration of Runeterra’s natural magic.”


An excellent question, Poruku. We accept correspondents in Kalamanda who are keeping apprised of the events surrounding the nexus discoveries, and they check in regularly with the Arcanum Majoris’ archaeological teams. Exterior Kalamanda, many of the magical colleges and academies commission regular archaeological expeditions all over Valoran. The University of Science and Progress in Piltover, founded by League champion Heimerdinger, contributes a hefty portion of its upkeep to the Runeterran Regeneration Project. Students involved with the project are challenged to observe creative new ways to optimize the efficiency of magic.

“I was peculiarly delighted with your article on the render of Urgot. This is a quantum of the thus far mostly theoretic techmaturgical fine art of corpsecrafting. For those readers unacquainted with the term, this is the combination of hextech and necromancy. I would be much pleased if you would follow upwards with an article examining the techmaturgical details and causes of this.”

Munchlord, Summoner of Zaun

We’re glad you lot enjoyed the article, Munchlord. Specifics surrounding the process are kept highly confidential, particularly to those who are in the business of reporting. If you are a citizen of Zaun, however, you may be able to contact Professor Pididly himself at the College of Techmaturgy; he seems to love discussing his craft with his beau Zaunites.

“I fear the worst will come up well-nigh should disharmonize ascend in the Freljord between League Champion Ashe and Princess Sejuani. The presence of Tryndamere, another League Champion, is both a approving and a curse in my eyes. The presence of him and his barbarians volition certainly deter the Princess from trying to ignite any sort of conflict during his stay with her forces solitary. Withal, should the Princess request the assist of Noxus, the barbarians’ enemies, the two League Champions volition detect themselves fighting on 2 fronts.”
The Ninth Priest

Many people share your concerns, and this situation is non being taken lightly. Ashe and Tryndamere have experienced lifetimes of struggle and they understand these dangers better than you or I could imagine. While I am no pol, I think the potential of Sejuani seeking out an alliance with Noxus is a very real possibility. I would exist surprised if Ashe and Tryndamere don’t have this threat in heed as they are making decisions that will determine the fate of all Freljordians. While in that location are many paths this could take, the people of Freljord have shown hope and courage which has been stifled for generations, and Ashe’s actions fabricated it possible. Nosotros share your hope that they can discover a peaceful resolution.

We’d love to hear from yous!

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