God of War Helheim Summary

Helheim contains xvi Collectible Locations in God of War (2018, PS4). This walkthrough volition guide you to all the collectibles in Helheim Region in chronological order. Everything that’s needed for trophies and 100% completion is included. Nothing is missable, everything can be collected after the story.

  • Artefacts: 5
  • Mystic Gateways: ane
  • Odin’due south Ravens: vi
  • Valkyries: 1
  • Legendary Chests: 3

Video Guide

#5 – Raven 2/6 – 3:39
Become over the span where the dead are crossing and clamber under the icy cave at the end of the bridge. On the other side, climb upward the broken stairs and look for scarlet tree sap on the right. Accept Atreus shoot it with electric arrows. And then yous tin can find a raven behind the red sap.

#6 – Legendary Chest 3/3 -four:36
From the last raven / red tree sap, climb downward the chain. Then on the left y’all can come across some more cherry-red tree sap. Backside it is the last legendary chest (again Atreus must shoot it).

#7 – Artefact 2/v – 5:00
From the last chest, climb down the wall. There’due south only one manner down, at the end of the area where the path ends. Equally soon as you’ve climb down, look above yous. At that place are some vines on the icy wall below the bridge. They concur the artefact. Burn them with the chaos blades (:l2: +

#eight – Raven 3/6 – 5:34
From last artefact, follow the path, climb downward where the two frozen people statues are. The raven is flying in circles around the completeness on the border of the area, pretty well hidden. If you listen closely you can hear it making some metallic noise.

#9 – Raven 4/half dozen – 5:53
Aforementioned expanse, but this time climb upward the wall on the side. The raven sits in that location on some ice.

#x – Artefact iii/5 – 6:11
Still in same surface area. There is yet another wall you tin climb up (only one left). Information technology’southward really the path you took during the story, your first visit to Helheim. In that location are some more vines behind a pillar that take the artefact.

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#11 – Hidden Chamber one/1 – 6:39
Now we take to backtrack to “#5 – Raven 2/half-dozen”. Simply backtrace your steps, go back the same way you came. In that area, the finish of the bridge of Helheim (in front of where yous fought the Troll boss of the region), there’south some crimson tree sap on the left side. Information technology should be quite like shooting fish in a barrel to see. Have Atreus shoot it with electric arrows. Then walk through it. This counts as a hidden chamber and unlike others doesn’t require you to suspension a seal.

#12 – Artefact 4/5 – vii:30
In the hidden chamber, on the right side of the entrance.

#xiii – Raven v/six – 7:39
In the hidden sleeping room, looking right at y’all when you enter.

#14 – Mystic Gateway 1/one – 7:50
In the hidden bedchamber (bottom floor).

#xv – Raven six/6 – viii:22
In the subconscious chamber (bottom floor). It’s overlooking the expanse with the mystic gate, up the stairs, before the Valkyrie dominate room.

#16 – Artefact 5/5 – 8:34
In the hidden chamber (bottom floor). To the left of the terminal raven, hidden behind a torch up the stairs.

#17 – Valkyrie ane/1 – viii:fifty
In the hidden chamber, in the final room.

That’due south 100% of the collectibles you tin find in Helheim area in God of State of war.

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