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I just wanna dear, live and die my way. My normal style. I wanna be even more than similar the people I love.
~ Himiko Toga explaining her motives to
Looks like we both want to acquire virtually each other, huh? So now… Your plow. Why are you hoping to become a hero? Honor? Pride? For someone else’s sake? I want to know… all most you.
~ Toga bearded as
Camie, confronting
Izuku Midoriya.

Himiko Toga
is a major adversary from the manga/anime serial of
My Hero Academia. She is affiliated with the
League of Villains, and a member of the organisation’southward Vanguard Action Squad. She is a suspect on the run for series murders involving blood drainage.

Spinner, she was inspired by
and his ideology and decided to join the League, which was believed to harbor the Hero Killer’s cause. However, different the other two, she is just interested in Stain’southward ethics, simply because of mortality and murder.

She is voiced by
Misato Fukuen
in the Japanese version, and
Leah Clark
in the English dubbed version.


Himiko is a 17-yr-sometime daughter of petite height. She has ash-blonde hair which is tied into two buns with unruly strands of hair poking out of each. Her eyes are yellow with sparse black pupils that somewhat resemble that of a cat. Her most common attire is a seifuku school uniform coupled with a red scarf besides as a dark blue skirt. Her socks are knee-length and she has a pair of shoes that are unremarkably worn as a part of a school compatible.

Her villain outfit consists of the aforementioned uniform only with additional back up gadgets including a big blackness mask styled with a metallic smile, there are three needle canisters attached to both sides of her mask. She also has dark-green utility boxes fastened with a belt effectually her waist as well as two on her legs containing blades.


Himiko is very gleeful, jubilant and charismatic she is too very psychotic when it comes to people she thinks are attractive. She is seen with a smile nigh of the time and has an extremely effervescent and joyous expression. She has an extremely enthusiastic and carefree nature to her, equally seen past how she does not heed calling someone she fights as a friend like Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui. Himiko is also highly sadistic and inconsiderate, as she is shown to accept pleasure from taking claret from Ochaco in her boxing.

She also has a shell on Izuku Midoriya, seeing him as an attractive male child like to her one-time classmate, Saito. When she commencement saw him subsequently his fight with
Muscular, she blushed and remarked on his beaten upwardly appearance as something that is extremely attractive to her. Her crush on Izuku grows into a more obsessive level, where she secretly enters in the Hero License Exam, for the sole purpose of wanting to know more about Izuku. She was also extremely jolly and ebullient when she met Izuku once more once more than at the Yakuza hideout, becoming very happy when he remembered her.

In full general, Toga has a twisted perspective of love. As mentioned before, she is attracted to heavily injured men and finds it appealing to inflict further pain upon them. During her fight with Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui, she refers the ii equally her friends and past their first names, even later their boxing, while also trying to impale them at the same time. When briefly pinned past Ochaco, she talks well-nigh the fact that it is natural to love someone then much that anyone literally wants to become exactly like them. Still, it should be noted that her beloved is non genuine and it is more and then an obsession. Ultimately speaking, she wishes to take on the appearances of the people she claims that she loves.

While she is easygoing and happy at nearly times, she is likewise surprisingly destructive and violent, equally told by her crimes which involves murder and her want to kill the Hero Killer, even though she admires him. Even when she was a child, she showed sign of unnatural and chaotic behavior as she devoured on animals and humans, sucking out their claret in order to fulfill her satisfaction. However, this behavior stems from her quirk, which requires blood to properly employ, deeply affecting her psychology.

She also shows a strong hatred for the current society. She views it as a place where she can’t exist herself, since she was forced to hide her behavior during middle school and eventually snapped. From that point on, she ran away from dwelling house, adamant to be herself and do what she pleased. She wishes to create a new social club where she’ll be complimentary to act how she chooses, and is function of the reason why she joined the League of Villains. Whenever she’s forced to exercise something she doesn’t like, she gets irritated and sometimes vehement. This is seen when Tomura orders Toga and Twice to work for Overhaul, who had killed Magne, and Toga holds a pocketknife to Tomura’s neck, enervating to know why she should practise something she doesn’t want to practice.

Despite her violent tendencies, she is capable of showing truthful beloved and compassion to those around her. She was deeply affected by the loss of Magne, wanting to avenge her comrade’s death, and comforted Twice when he was splitting between his 2 personalities. In addition to this, she was also devastated past Twice’s demise at the hands of the heroes, to the point where she went on a blind, murderous rampage to avenge him.

She likewise lamented at the heroes for killing him (rather hypocritically though, given the people she has killed) and was withal in shock afterwards, wondering if they planned to kill her as well. She later showed to exist genuinely hurt when Uraraka didn’t chronicle to her and had tears in her eyes as she fled. Despite her brutality, information technology’s possible that Himiko does want for some form of connection with others, just is unable due to her way of “loving” people and pain them equally a event.

In the past, Himiko was regarded as a cheerful and reasonably well-mannered daughter by her middle school peers. Information technology is shown that she was quite pop and made many friends. This however was revealed to only be a persona she created in society to adhere to societal norms, something that was emphasized by her parents. When witnessing a boy chosen Saito go injured in a fight, Himiko’s abnormal feelings began to spike in what she believed was a beat on him. Himiko eventually succumbed to her true nature and proceeded to assail Saito, crying tears of joy upon finally releasing her true self.

Powers and Abilities


  • Transform: Himiko’s Quirk allows her to take the concrete form of another person, every bit well every bit imitate their voice. She pulls this off by ingesting the blood of the person she’southward stabbed. She needs a large quantity to pull this off, nonetheless, every bit a pocket-sized stab from Ochaco’s arm was not enough. She tin also shift between disguises if she’s consumed more that one person’s blood, equally shown when she changed from Uraraka to Camie. In add-on, she gains the Quirk of the person she’southward copied, though she can only utilize their Quirks if she experiences enough emotional drive to go said person. Her Quirk does have limits though; when she transforms, the dress of the person she’south transforming into develop as well, leaving her with both her clothes and theirs, so she needs to have off her own dress beforehand and when she becomes herself over again she is nude.


  • Stealth: Because of her Quirk, Himiko is capable of pulling off smashing stealth techniques, making her an incredible stealth agent. When she was disguised as Camie, it was implied that she fooled her classmates for three days, although one of them noted on her odd behaviour. She as well had Izuku believe that she was the real Camie, and that Transform was Camie’southward actual Quirk.

Overall, Himiko is a crafty and manipulative villain. While she has no clear fighting style, information technology is clear that she is a unsafe fighter, as she was shown to fight rather aggressively against Midoriya during the Hero License Test arc. She is quick and agile plenty to keep up with the likes of Pro Hero Eraser Head, and was even able to get a quick stab on his shoulder. She also has quick reaction time, as shown when evading sneak attacks from Ochaco and Hanta.



Toga’due south initial designs.

  • The mask that Toga wears during the Forest Training Camp Arc bears a chip of a resemblance to
    Blight‘southward mask.
  • Toga’s transformation of Ochaco melted abroad on the left side of her face revealing her own burnt face underneath in the Meta Liberation Army Arc bears a chip of resemblance to
    Two Face.
  • Horikoshi stated that, out of all the female person characters, Toga was the hardest to draw, mainly because of her eyes and hair. He then showed a cartoon of her done by 1 of his assistants, stating that they make it look easy.
  • Her elevation popularity poll ranking was #nine on the Fifth Poll, making her both the 2d highest female character and second highest villain on the poll (behind Ochako Uraraka at #eight and
    Tomura Shigaraki
    at #half dozen respectively).
  • Her highest stat in the Ultra Analysis Book is Technique at v/vi (A+), and lowest is Power at one/six (E).
  • In book 19’s omake, it is revealed that Toga had slightly different designs compared to her concluding one. Information technology is besides mentioned that in her original design, she has a habit of falling in love easily, regardless of gender.
  • Her crazy personality, obsession for blood and violence, her look and sexual habits are very like to famous DC Character
    Harley Quinn.
  • Toga’s omake states that, in add-on to copying people’s appearances, she can also copy their Quirks. For awhile, this remained unseen until it was introduced in Chapter 226, where she uses Ochaco’due south Quirk after semi-transforming into her.
  • Toga is one of the youngest members of the League, alongside

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