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SUBROZA Actually Adulterous



First off, I just desire to say I never paid attending to the cs pro scene, and then I never knew about subroza. I remember him playing in similar some tier ii tournament one time merely information technology doesn’t affair. But I saw a video that was linked on this site that I realized this guy was blantant af
(Thread in detail)

(Video in the thread) If you lot actually look into this video, everything makes sense. Even if you denied players cheating in professional scene (which is fucking stupid lmafo) yous can see the blatant locks. Btw if you really deny and proceed to deny that it is impossible to crook on LAN, why exercise yous retrieve this? The security on LAN hasn’t changed. You can bring yous ain equipment and even have your phones. Its the same thing for semi-pros and why everyone tin can cheat there. There is also individual builds, which are nigh undetectable. Guarantee all individual builds are always and I hateful 100% always ahead of AC, any Ac. Inquire any coder. Finally, i’g not saying he withal cheats now, but exercise we just accept the fact he was adulterous in the past and forget about it? He’s playing on Cloud9 ffs. Say annihilation like “expressionless team” or “clown9” but you deceit deny they are HUGE org and nonetheless they sign cheater.

nice baits

2019-10-22 20:41

Whats the bait?

2019-10-22 xx:42

baits never get thorough me

2019-x-22 20:43

Either you’re illiterate or in denial

2019-10-22 twenty:45

denial was shit, never made it to lan

2019-ten-22 20:45

Either you’re delusional or delusional. Leave subroza solitary , he’south bad , stop crying. thanks.

2019-x-23 22:52

You lot’re the baiter

2019-10-28 08:11

Well-baked clean lock bois

2019-x-22 20:41

Only InfoLocking

2019-10-22 21:05

Too ignorant to understand

2019-x-26 23:26

Bruh it’s a classic CSGO meme how’d u fail that

2019-x-28 08:20

i agree that subroza cheated just i dont think he cheats anymore

2019-10-22 20:45

i arent call back you tin can cheat and go 4-20, unless you lot’re a true blazer

2019-x-22 twenty:46

he merely hits his aim key without any direction and simply hopes that it lands on someone

2019-10-22 xx:47


2019-10-22 twenty:52

I dont think a cheater at pro level would always crook. I havent watched subroza in the last month, only I retrieve when he became known and I saw some of the clips that are also included in OPs link and that shit was supersketchy.

2019-10-24 sixteen:02

I promise information technology for him lmao he got like 0.6 rating in his final match

2019-x-27 12:03

Adulterous or not, hes still a tier two na player at absolute best.

2019-10-22 20:46

I know but he is on Cloud9, a pretty big org.

2019-ten-22 20:48

Well, Vice was on c9 so anything is possible… Fifty-fifty bloody FNS

2019-10-23 22:04

and slemmy

2019-x-28 03:35

and zellsis

2019-ten-28 21:23

how come i cant get onto cloud9 🙁

2019-10-29 01:02

bro you were just in FaZe what more than do you want, EG?

2019-ten-29 01:04

i want my former team dorsum ;(((

2019-x-29 01:05

nt bodily sodaH

2019-10-22 21:05

First off, I just want to say I never paid attending to the cs pro scene, so I never knew about subroza. I call back him playing in like some tier 2 tournament in one case just it doesn’t affair. But I saw a video that was linked on this site that I realized this guy was blantant af (Thread in detail) (Video in the thread) If you actually look into this video, everything makes sense. Fifty-fifty if you denied players adulterous in professional scene (which is fucking stupid lmafo) yous can see the blatant locks. Btw if you actually deny and continue to deny that it is incommunicable to cheat on LAN, why practise you think this? The security on LAN hasn’t changed. You lot can bring you ain equipment and even accept your phones. Its the same thing for semi-pros and why everyone can cheat in that location. There is also individual builds, which are most undetectable. Guarantee all private builds are always and I mean 100% ever ahead of Air conditioning, any Air conditioning. Enquire whatsoever coder. Finally, i’m not saying he even so cheats now, but practice we just accept the fact he was cheating in the by and forget almost it? He’southward playing on Cloud9 ffs. Say annihilation like “dead team” or “clown9” merely yous cant deny they are HUGE org and withal they sign cheater.

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2019-ten-22 21:06

wtf is wrong with you?

2019-10-22 21:07

respect his stance please

2019-ten-23 xviii:16

respect his opinion please

2019-10-23 22:26

respect his opinion please

2019-10-23 22:50

respect his opinion please

2019-10-23 23:07

respect his opinion delight

2019-10-24 01:41

respect his opinion please

2019-x-26 23:47

respect his stance please

2019-10-27 11:25

maybe dont spam this shit and i would care, idiot

2019-10-28 03:34

respect his opinion please

2019-10-28 08:21

why u take to exist mad mens, he is saying some facts bruh

2019-x-29 00:55

the fact that he had 4kills in map 1 kinda shows that he might have used cheats in the past LMAO

2019-x-22 21:10

how ? he may cheated on aim_botz but he’due south been sh*t in officials. Who cars

2019-x-23 22:l

Nickname checks out

2019-ten-22 21:22

sodah talking axaxaxaxa

2019-10-22 21:23

Am I incorrect?

2019-10-23 17:33

ribak ribaka kak govoritsya…

2019-10-24 18:56

Do y’all believe he is adulterous?

2019-10-23 17:50

i agree -1 to the guy under me btw

2019-ten-23 xvi:41

This is so far-fetched, lmao

2019-10-23 16:42

Did you sentinel the video? He literally explains how the cheats piece of work for infolocking and then shows exactly how subroza used it in game.

2019-10-23 17:38

Where’s the hacks in the video? I didn’t come across any proof that subroza is hacking lol

2019-10-23 16:47

You didn’t watch it and so lol. There is ii minute part explaining how the cheating he using works then how he did in in game

2019-10-23 17:34

I watched it all but Subroza isn’t cheating in any of the clips. Sorry bro.

2019-x-23 17:38

The last clip of the video alone is plenty to say he cheated

2019-10-23 17:49

Roflmao, I can do that in aim_botz besides, that’s merely his aim style. You lot’ve much to learn young one.

2019-ten-23 20:18

Not talking about the aim_botz part. I’yard talking about the clip where he’s terrorist on Cache garage. He’s keeping an center on the smoke and and then instant 90° flick to the vent for no reason except pointing at the head of the CT. I think he thought a CT would be around the smoke, possibly correct corner and wanted to bank check merely the closest ennemy was in a impaired position. It looks so unreal it’s crazy.

2019-ten-23 21:01

If this guy watched these clips and think subroza isnt cheating he is idiot

2019-10-23 22:30

Yeah it’southward wayy also blatant. Some french players said that if they see him in lan they don’t fifty-fifty shake his paw. Lots of pro assume he’s a cheater

2019-10-23 22:37

Let’s meet him play, in fact he looks very suspicious.

2019-x-23 eighteen:09

” you lot can bring your own equipment and even accept your phone” Fake. In about lan tournaments y’all have to go out your phone when playing. And yes you can have your own equipment simply the organizers bank check information technology before yous play.

2019-x-23 18:13

That’s modern days rules. Back in the days information technology wasn’t like this. Zeus even fabricated a video where he speaks most it and how information technology would be super easy to sneak in hacks in gaming gear

2019-10-23 21:02

“The security on LAN hasn’t inverse. You can bring you own equipment and even have your phones. ” “The security on LAN hasn’t changed” And we’re talking about how it is today aren’t we.

2019-10-23 21:09

Afaik the gear is checked manner before a game, so you can easily install the software afterwards.

2019-10-23 21:27

How? Remember that there are besides admins behind the players. And if they run across something fishy, they’ll suspension the game to check the equipment.

2019-10-23 22:00

You lot realize they aren’t walling so information technology’s visible on their screens?

2019-10-23 22:04

Yes I know 😀 But if the players are doing weird stuff and the admin thinks its suspicious and then they tin can cheque the gear. I don’t call back virtually players would accept that risk. Of course someone will try to do it, but look at forsaken for example. He tried it and he got caught.

2019-10-23 22:xix

The admins aren’t looking that close, and they tin’t see the stream POV either way. An admin actually interfering would be something completely unheard of in T1 tournaments. Towards the end of the vid linked Bcko also explains that certain cheats are near-impossible to discover even from a stream POV.

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2019-10-23 22:24

“bcko explains” are you actually this stupid or are yous trolling?

2019-10-28 04:18

Ad hominem? Despite bckos history, he is simply every bit knowledgable equally either of us on this subject.

2019-ten-28 09:55

ahhahahah are y’all fucking retarded, he doesn’t know shit most real cheats.

2019-10-28 20:59

Why not? He certainly has more connections to the pro scene compared to us?

2019-x-28 21:19

Connection in terms that every tier four player hates him? Yeah they are surely telling him their secrets

2019-10-28 21:21

Gathering info on cheating softwares is possible no thing how disliked he might be.

2019-10-28 21:25

call back nearly this though. the style these onboard individual builds are designed is they are e’er active when plugged in. no setting up or turning on required. when it is unplugged information technology is basically a killswitch. so how do y’all inspect the equipment? you think they only plug it into the figurer and a binder pops up showing y’all what is on the mouse? coders charging $15,000-$30,000 for a private build would not permit something then easily inspected.

2019-10-23 22:17

I’m non an expert on that so I can’t answer your question on how to inspect the equipment, but i’yard sure the security at big events are very high and that the gear gets checked properly.

2019-10-23 22:twenty

It’s shockingly depression and I’m sure it’ll increase if esports keep growing. In an ideal globe the organizers provide all the gear.

2019-10-23 22:26

security is notoriously depression despite the “reports” that come out all the time nearly how strict they are at present. players nevertheless bring their own mice and keyboard and thats all they fuckin need.

2019-ten-24 01:08

fckn cheater. 100% he uses aimlock

2019-10-23 18:nineteen

He was and most probable is a cheater. There are so many clips of him hitting an aim central and locking to people through walls. Cheating takes place in pro cs. It takes identify in every competition that money is involved in. Anyone who denies that subroza is adulterous and that adulterous takes identify is either extremely stupid or willfully ignorant. He is the nigh blatant example of cheating in pro cs that exists.

2019-10-23 20:32

Why is this even up for debate everyone knows he was cheating before but not anymore. He would exist retarded to cheat these days

2019-ten-23 21:07

why would he be retarded to cheat these days? cheat your way onto the pro scene and earn a monthly bacon and Then stop cheating? no my friend. if you get in that location with cheats you will desire to stay there with cheats. without cheats he would never have the opportunity to play for a big org and earn a salary. logic dictates he would yet crook.

2019-x-23 22:18

except he aint adulterous anymore

2019-10-24 01:04

>goes 4-20 in his first debut match with said big arrangement >Nevertheless cheating Pick 1

2019-10-29 00:44

1. Yeah, he did crook (was never banned withal so neither you nor an org tin human action on information technology) ii. Yep, we are moving on because information technology’due south the only thing nosotros can practise. 3. No, he is not signed yet, he’s only on trial.

2019-10-23 21:xiii

Proficient video if y’all watch it all the fashion through, and so much people here are being naive because they don’t want to confront the facts.

2019-10-23 21:26

You’re a brainlet

2019-ten-23 22:03

He never got caught and isn’t adulterous anymore and then we adept imo

2019-10-23 22:07

just high sense. you cant cheat in tier 1 or 2 pro level. all the teams are training together and no organisation would allow a player to cheat!

2019-10-23 22:12

NDAs are signed by the players with the org. the orgs look the other way the same way valve does. tier1 and tier2 have the worst cheating problem.

2019-10-23 22:19

Lmao he is actually adulterous

2019-ten-23 22:17


2019-10-23 22:18

we all know he is cheating. probably all the pros know besides. what i dont understand why exercise u defend (james) or want to play (c9) with a cheater. that is the question

2019-10-23 22:35

Its funny because 100% of the people who is trying to explain someone is cheating is actually cheater before. No way someone who never use cheater know how it works. 100% pure merely knows like: his aim picture or he is seeing backside the wall.

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2019-10-23 22:53

squeamish thread very informative

2019-10-24 01:31

Proper name checks out

2019-10-24 16:18

Stopped hither Beginning off, I simply desire to say I never paid attention to the cs pro scene,

2019-10-24 01:38

np stay in deprival

2019-10-26 22:36

>doesn’t understand annihilation about cs become <calls other people out for adulterous because they are meliorate than him UKRAINE BRAIN

2019-x-27 xi:17

subrozas warmup was proof of him cheating. BECAUSE HE WAS LOLOLOLOL

2019-10-24 fifteen:57


2019-10-26 23:35

who else just lost 8 minutes

2019-10-26 23:43

but quoting myself from one of those threads with the same shitty video: “yay another DanM wanna be… and yes bardolph is right when he says we plebs know zilch nearly adulterous on this level before we never actually played at that level and actually understand what really happened in situation x all-time example is moes video where he crushed dan m completely alone this starting time prune…. first “aimlock” to ct … molly came from ct -> guy is known and the rest is crosshair placement + communication with his mate probably (nosotros dont know cuz we take no teamspeak recordings of this situation) 2nd “aimlock” on the site guy… hes seeing the shadow + bullets + hears the shots and steps and knows where they are from + possibly advice again + triple is bangable remainder is crosshair placement … 3rd “aimlock” because of this stupid music i deceit actually hear if he heard the spring or a footstep on the wood + his mate was peaking this angle and might have spotted the tetris guy already … then again advice + prefire with crosshair placement cuz it looks like he heard him stepping/jumping up and thought hes gonna exist killed from backside cuz the enemy thinks his total focus is on site … when he couldnt spot the last ane downward there he stopped pre firing cuz he knew hes not being peeked instantly but then he got peaked from site and the round was over… +why would i fucking turn on my aim cardinal when it stands 15:2 against me to show everyone that i cheat that is the existent thing that wouldnt brand any sense” +very cool to put stupid music over the video so no one can actually hear steps and then on xd

2019-x-27 00:04

You lot are fucking retarded, he is not cheating. Run across a doc for your fucked caput. Enough said, /thread.

2019-10-27 11:13

Lmao y’all must be a r/vacsucks user

2019-10-27 11:15

No /closed

2019-ten-27 11:16


2019-10-27 xi:27

Adulterous has been going on since at least 2014 and probably before. The evidence is overwhelming and information technology’due south weird to me people can’t see it. I all the same call up that is the reason and then many old school teams fell off (they stopped beingness and so blatant). Take VP for case, they were gods, and in no fourth dimension became bots. They fabricated a major final which they should have won and so not long after were bots. They won one fluke lan and probably cheated to do that. Byali has many famous clips from those days. Almost all the famous players in CSGO have suspect clips. I don’t know if anyone is still adulterous, merely they defnitely were in 2014-2017. Aimlocks are much less common today but I still see things that make me think.

2019-ten-28 04:x

He definetly cheated before but non now. I don’t retrieve anyone in the top 30 teams crook because no 1 would risk their job for the residuum of their life for some thousands.

2019-ten-28 08:05

nt bcko Y’all can’t cheat on VAC secured servers.

2019-10-28 08:26

obvious idd

2019-10-28 08:45

cs go is a joke.

2019-10-28 09:08

BCKO video LUL Just yes, I recollect Subroza is cheating, and I have for a few years.

2019-10-28 09:14

Nickname cheks out xD

2019-ten-28 09:fourteen

damn, information technology looked like he actually cheated in those clips -_-

2019-x-28 09:30

Innocent until proven guilty (by Valve or other big org that is responsible for dishing out bans).

2019-ten-28 ten:24

nt, 3 more times and I will believe in you

2019-x-28 21:00

Get over it, Dan Thousand. You’re not fooling me

2019-10-28 21:30

forsenCD whats the problem with adulterous

2019-10-29 00:46

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