The Ultimate TBC Protection Paladin Guide

Yous can’t run from justice.


i. Introduction

2. Basic Goals & Concepts

  • 2.i – Getting Rid of Crushing Blows and Critical Hits

  • 2.2 – Spell Harm and its Effect on Threat

  • two.3 – Hit, Spell Hit and Expertise and What They Do For You

three. Gear

  • three.i Guidelines

    • three.ane.1 – AoE / Trash Tank

    • three.1.2 – Chief Tank

    • – 5-mans

    • – Off-Tank / Special Tank

iv. Tanking Communication

1. Introduction

Paladins are the newest tanks on the block in TBC, making use of a new talent that allows them to get mana back when healed.
Spiritual Attunement
effectively solves one of the biggest problems Protection Paladins had in Vanilla: sustaining their mana through long fights. Due to this major alter to the class, Paladins became the primo AoE tank in TBC, and they most certainly will exist once again in Classic TBC.

The vast majority of the data in this guide is cross-referenced and we owe special thanks to the Elitist Jerks community years back for putting their heads together and curating a massive corporeality of detail on strategy and gear value for Paladins. Also a huge thank you to the We’ve gone ahead and uprooted all of the old, dead links, and replaced them to electric current item databases, preserved of import calculations and replaced outdated data with merely information that applies to 2.4.three on the current Classic Client, giving you lot the well-nigh streamlined admission to all of the nuts, advanced stuff and new theorycrafting around Protection Paladins.

2. Bones Goals & Concepts

ii.1 Getting Rid of Crushing Blows and Disquisitional Hits

To get rid of Burdensome Blows you demand a full combined miss/dodge/parry/cake of 97.4% as shown on the character screen. Holy Shield volition normally provide xxx% block for this purpose,

[Libram of Repentance]

will add together another 5.3% block to Holy Shield. Which in plough means you need either 67.4% miss/contrivance/parry/block without the Libram, or 62.1% with the Libram. Again, these are as shown on the grapheme screen, there is an additional 5% base miss rate which is non shown on the character screen, which covers the difference.

Hither are stats in guild of contribution from fastest to slowest to bringing yous toward making you uncrushable, posted with each stats equivalence to 1% uncrushability:


For Defence force Rating keep in listen still that it rounds downward to the nearest whole defense force skill for it’s do good, then calculation 15 defense rating will not ever add 1% uncrushability. The agility value is without Blessing of Kings.

Go along in mind when gearing up, however, that burdensome blows are (for the most part) only an issue of mobs of level 73 and bosses. If you feel you will never tank either of those, existence uncrushable is a non-issue.

If you are incapable of getting crushing blows while Holy Shield is up, you are also incapable of getting crit. Nevertheless, y’all will e’er be uncrittable if you accept 490 defence force. Mostly speaking resilience is more inefficient for getting rid of crits equally a Paladin, while it does provide you with crit amnesty faster than defense does, defense has the benefit of providing abstention equally well. Defense is besides available very widely on the tanking gear you’ll most probable exist picking upwards. Having a few pieces of gear with resilience lying around tin be very handy for resist fights still.

If you lot are fighting mobs lower than level 73 you lot also don’t need a full 490 defense, 485 covers level 72 mobs, 480 covers level 71 mobs, and 475 covers level seventy mobs.

In fights in which you bargain with elemental based melee damage (like Hydross) y’all are incapable of blocking, but mobs in these kind of fights are also incapable of crushing.

2.2 Spell Impairment and Its Effect on Threat

Outside of the damage produced by motorcar-attacking, all abilities you’ll use while tanking as a Paladin are affected by spell impairment. Righteous Fury applies a 90% increment to the threat caused by all your holy harm.

tbc spell hit table.PNG

This means that each signal of spell damage volition provide you lot with approximately 0.v threat per 2d. Obviously the benefit is college in situations in which Exorcism, Avenger’s Shield and Hammer of Wrath are usable. The Seal of Righteousness per hit value is using a 1.8 speed weapon, the Seal of Vengeance value is when it’s fully stacked. Per 2nd values in general are when the ability is used exactly on every cooldown, Holy Shield’s per second value is with 3 blocks in a 10 2nd period.

Go on in listen as well that your threat directly scales upwardly, whatsoever percentage damage increase effects will also increment the threat you put out by an equal amount. Then a Shadow Priest in the raid will increase your threat output by v%, and Avenging Wrath increases your threat output past thirty% for information technology’due south duration.

Incoming damage also influences your threat in its mode; Spiritual Attunement besides generates some threat for you. The threat contribution from this is approximately v% of the damage you have. Spiritual Attunement on a unmarried target is still easily responsible for 50 threat per second, and most likely more. Notation, however, that its aggro works like healing aggro, information technology gets split up between multiple targets if in that location are multiple targets that are aware of you lot.

I concluding thing to note is that casting a Seal in and of itself too generates some threat. Casting a max rank Seal of Righteousness is approximately 120 threat, other seals most probable produce a comparable amount.

2.3 Hit, Spell Hitting and Expertise

  • Hit Chance
    affects automobile-assail, Seal of Claret, Avenger’s Shield, Hammer of Wrath and Righteous Defense. It takes a bit less than 9% hit to exist hit capped, the exception is Righteous Defense, while information technology uses melee hit to reduce it’s gamble to be resisted, it has the resist rate a spell does, then you’d need sixteen% hit to cap it against level 73’south and bosses.

  • Spell Hit
    affects Seal of Vengeance, all damage dealing Judgements (except Judgement of Blood), Consecration, Holy Shield, Exorcism, Holy Wrath, Retribution Aura, Blessing of Sanctuary, Thorns and Burn down Shield. Consecration tin simply accept it’s first tick fully resisted. Information technology takes 16% spellhit to be hit capped against level 73 targets and bosses, or 6% spellhit against level 72 targets (And one% less needed per level below that).

  • Expertise
    affects machine-attack and Seal of Blood. I’thou unsure of the exact “cap” on expertise, though some quick WWS browsing seems to indicate an approximately 6% dodge rate and 12% parry charge per unit on bosses.

*Seal of Righteousness and Judgement of Blood are special in that they’re incapable of either missing or fully resisting; if your auto-attack hits, your Seal of Righteousness will hitting every bit well, and if yous cast Judgement of Claret it will ever state.

Is either stat worth gearing for? I’d say situationally yes. Spell Hit is quite rare exterior of spell damage weaponry, though having a few high stamina rings with some Spell Hit around (e.g.

[Ashyen’s Souvenir]
) can exist useful in fights in which yous want to be as certain as possible that most of your threat moves connect. Normal hitting is less valuable in this office, though in a state of affairs in which you lot need to quickly grab two or three adds (Similar at Al’ar or Shade of Akama) normal hit can be valuable to increase the performance of Avenger’s Shield and Righteous Defense.

It’s hard to say how good (or bad) expertise is; it’south the all-time from a sustained TPS perspective despite simply increasing your car-set on and Seal threat due to it’due south lower cost compared to the other two ratings (See beneath quoted math from PsiVen of Elitist Jerks) and also increases your survivability.

An attack which is avoided cannot trigger SoR, then it offers almost the same benefits as +hit at half the rating cost (and approx. the aforementioned threat benefits if y’all’re backside the target or in front going by the -dodge cap).

Permit’southward say you take a paladin with 3/3 Precision and v/5 Gainsay Expertise, with no ratings from gear, against a boss with standard 5/5/10 M/D/P. That gives us this attack table:
half-dozen.00% Miss
8.75% Parry
3.75% Dodge
81.fifty% Striking / Crit / Glance (SoR procs regardless)

We gauge crits and glances cancelling each other out; this is probably not accurate, but equally white damage is a small component anyway, it shouldn’t be problematic. xx striking rating will reduce adventure to be missed by i.27%, increasing SoR/melee/AS harm by ~1.six%. 20 expertise rating reduces take chances to parry/dodge by 2.56% total, and thus increases SoR/melee damage by Take spells at fourteen% to exist resisted, and 20 spell hitting rating would increment your chance to hitting with spells by 1.59%. This increases your threat from resistible abilities by 1.8%.

Now, based on some of my own WWS data on alone bosses, roughly:
45% of threat is afflicted by Spell Hitting
35% of threat is affected by Hit
thirty% of threat is affected by Expertise

twenty Spell Hit Rating increases your TPS past about 0.83%
20 Hit Rating increases your TPS by almost 0.56%
xx Expertise Rating increases your TPS by well-nigh 0.94%

— PsiVen

Normal hit and Spell Hit volition assistance with outburst threat capabilities more than though; expertise will not assistance yous in those situations where yous want to be certain your sentence or avenger’southward shield lands.
Ratings needed for 1% hitting with each different rating:

to hit.PNG

3. Gear Gearing Guidelines

The gear you lot intend on accumulating solely depends on two things:

  • Your active raiding part

  • What unique scenarios will call for you to modify your active raiding function

Given those two standards, y’all’re going to expect at four primary “tanking roles”:

a. AoE / Trash Tank
b. Main Tank
c. 5-man Quarterback
d. Off-Tank/Special Tank

iii.1.1 The AoE / Trash Tank

The beginning of these standards would exist what we’re known “best” for, and that is for AoE tanking and burning through trash mobs, this being due to our big threat output with proper itemization, and our capability to maintain then many mobs in a nice modest clean radius. For this blazon of role, these are going to be your principal statistics:

  • Block value

  • Stamina

  • Spell damage

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You want to take
Block Value
because Consecrate is so mana-intensive. This may audio counter-intuitive, simply the reason for this is due to the fact that much like a Prot Warrior, you will demand to take a decent amount of sustained harm to keep your resources pool healthy. Past taking damage, nosotros are able to be healed, and therefore, gain our mana back to proceed spamming judgements and high-threat spells. The goal here is to mitigate equally much impairment as yous can, while ensuring that you still take a decent corporeality of impairment. It’s a balancing act, and Block Value mitigates a nominal amount from each mob in an AoE pack, and yields exceptional mitigation results overall. This is better than straight avoidance for AoE tanking.

ties into your ability to withstand large amounts of impairment without dying, then you can keep that resource availability high. Every tank in TBC should be hyper-focused on increasing their stamina as much as possible.

Of Course, you will
Spell Damage
to frontload as much threat as possible in order to provide for the fastest and easiest clear for your team. Spell Harm is the number one stat for increasing your power to generate snap AoE-Threat. The Master Tank

Your primary goal as MT is by and large to ensure your survivability. In this kind of role, you’ll desire to aim for these stats:

  • Stamina

  • Avoidance

  • Cake Value

Due to the fact that bosses hit a lot harder than normal mobs exercise, the college avoidance you lot’ll want in this office won’t hurt your mana recovery through Spiritual Attunement very much. Threat is likewise less of an outcome in this part; it’s still important but yous’ll also get some advantages you lot would not get otherwise when acting in an MT position. If a fight really makes your threat very important, it’southward likely your group setup will be optimized to maximize your threat, and of form the hunters will use their misdirection on y’all. By and large, if you’re in an optimal raid comp that requires a high threat cap, yous will non exist the Primary Tank.

The MT role is likewise the 1 for which becoming uncrushable is absolutely imperative for obvious reasons. Crushing Blows = Death.

3.1.3 The 5-man Quarterback

  • Armor

  • Block Value

  • Stamina

  • Spell harm

For this sort of situation, non only is becoming uncrushable unnecessary, but the amount of avoidance to become at that place will severely limit your resource budget. You’ll want to stack the aforementioned stats y’all run for AoE/Trash tanking in raids. Loftier damage mitigation and sustainability through Armor, Block Value, and Stamina. Equally far as avoidance goes, the only important thing is to brand sure you’re pushing your 485 defence force for crit immunity, although that is as far as yous should get with avoidance, and then focus purely on mitigating damage from hits and increasing your stamina pool so you tin take more hits. Again, Spell Damage will exist very important, and will become increasingly important as your social club-mates and server gets more and more geared. You lot are going to demand to enhance your threat cap, and this will require the ability to spam your high-threat spells, and ensure that they generate equally much threat as possible.

3.i.4 The Off-Tank / Special Ops Tank

Y’all’re the person that takes Gruuls offhits, tanks the last add on Mag, does the AoE stuff on A’lar, Morogrim, Solarian, Akama, etc. You’re not the main tank, just you’re the guy that does the other tanking office(s) vital to an encounter’s success.

You’ll typically act as the tank that handles the encounter’s “gimmick”, and these differ a lot per encounter. Sometimes you might demand to be uncrushable, other times y’all don’t and then you tin focus on other stats instead. Where other tanks will swap trinkets and one or two pieces of gear for specific fights while keeping their same overall gear, y’all shouldn’t be surprised if you’re swapping half your gear or more.

three.2 Pre-BiS Gear List

Here’south a listing of gear that you tin aim for, which, if geared correctly in tandem for the right situation volition get you through Phase i content with flight colors. These items are listed in order of priority. Secondary BiS items are OK for filling the gaps when gearing up, simply y’all should be grinding for the first item listed in each category. For example, Breastplate of the Righteous blows every other chest-piece option out of the water, but Jade-Skull is a great defensive item that will help you tank more effectively should you happen to come across information technology before you can snag BPotR. This list aims to steer clear of requiring you grind heroics earlier entering Karazhan (which is extremely doable).


[Oathkeeper’s Helm]


[Helm of the Righteous]


[Tankatronic Goggles] (Technology)


[Thalodien’s Charm]


[Natasha’due south Battle Concatenation]


[Mark of the Ravenguard] (Quest)


[Spaulders of the Righteous]


[Kaylaan’s Spaulders] (Aldor Quest)


[Devilshark Cape]


[Cloak of Eternity]


[Breastplate of the Righteous]


[Jade-Skull Breastplate]


[Bracers of the Green Fortress]


[Thadell’s Bracers] (Quest)


[Bracers of Dignity] (Heroic)


[Gauntlets of the Righteous]


[Gauntlets of the Iron Tower]


[Felsteel Gloves]


[Timewarden’s Leggings]


[Legplates of the Righteous]


[Kirin’var Defender’southward Chausses] (Quest)


[Ascendant’s Boots] (Quest)


[Obsidian Clodstompers]


[Starcaller’due south Plated Stompers] (Quest)


[Band of Impenetrable Defenses]


[Elementium Band of the Scout]


[Wind Trader’s Band]


[Protector’s Mark of the Redemption] (Quest)



[Adamantine Figurine]


[Dabiri’s Engima] (Quest)


[Figurine of the Collossus]

Special Mention Trinkets: These options are either
expensive, or crave that you take engineering science, but will give y’all an immense HP Puddle bonus.

[Darkmoon Carte: Vengeance]


[Darkmoon Carte du jour: Madness]


[Gnomish Poultryizer]


[Goblin Rocket Launcher]

three.iii Spell Impairment Weapon or Not?

Spell damage weapons are a fact of Protection Paladin life. You will most always be using a spell harm weapon, as the corporeality of threat y’all proceeds through using one is and then large that the pocket-sized amount of mitigation or abstention yous gain past using a normal weapon can not compare.

Withal, you should withal continue a good alternative avoidance weapon around for situations in which your threat doesn’t matter much only your survivability does. Situations where this is the case are far less frequent than situations in which you lot’ll need your spell damage weapon’s threat, only they do occur. One of the best examples of a situation like this is being the tank on Fathom-Lord Karathress.

Typically for a spell damage weapon more than spell damage is meliorate, outside of the stamina the weapons might come with the other stats on them are largely useless. Spell hit and intellect exercise both have some minor apply, but are not important enough to make them something you should seek after when choosing what weapon to use.

3.4 Enchants

As a general rule of thumb, for progression boss tanking purposes health enchants are improve, while for farming boss tanking purposes threat enchants are amend, while avoidance enchants work out all-time for AoE tanking. As with all gearing choices, if at all possible it’s recommended to go on multiple pieces of gear around used for different purposes.

In full general for the following tables Defense force contributions are rounded down to a whole defence skill, and Stamina contributions are with the Combat Expertise and Sacred Duty talents, though as with defense rounded downward. Abstention is the total of miss, dodge and parry an enchant gives. Armor values are with the Toughness talent where appropriate. Blessing of Kings is not included and volition thus add some other ten% benefit when appropriate.


three.5 Gems

Gem choices are (mostly) rather simple. Every bit with most tanks, you’ll most probable desire to go as much stamina equally you tin get your hands on. Then +12 stamina (or +xv stamina if you have access to epic gems) are most of the time your all-time option.

Socket bonuses are unremarkably not worth considering, though a few exception items in which I find them worth information technology practise be;

[Justicar Shoulderguards]

beingness a prime example, and

[Crystalforge Faceguard]

existence another good example.

In instance yous exercise want to catch the socket bonuses, Dodge/Stamina gems are usually the best pick for red sockets while using blueish quality gems, while Agility/Stamina are better for carmine sockets when using epic quality gems (There existence no ballsy version of the dodge/stamina gem exterior of heroic instances), while Defense/Stamina gems are the best choices for yellow sockets. Spell damage/Stamina gems are also a viable option for red sockets, simply I discover upgrading threat to generally be the lowest priority.

Whether a

[Powerful Earthstorm Diamond]


[Eternal Earthstorm Diamond]

is better is a part of your cake value and the amount of hits something would demand to kill you. With talents and Approving of Kings the Powerful Earthstorm Diamond provides 230 health, meaning that the Eternal Earthstorm Diamond is better if the amount of blocks you’d do earlier dying would cease up blocking 230 or more damage due to having it. Every bit an example, if it takes 3 hits for you to dice on a dominate fight, you’d need 766 Block Value to make the Eternal Earthstorm Diamond ameliorate, if it takes 6 hits however you’d only demand 383 Cake Value to make the Eternal Earthstorm Diamond better. That is of grade assuming the primary impairment burst y’all are taking is concrete damage, if it’south magical impairment instead the Powerful Earthstorm Diamond is always amend.

This formula tin exist used to calculate when which gem is better:

              NBV = \left( \frac {230}{HtD} \right) * 10

= Needed Block Value
= Hits to Expiry

3.6 Trinkets

Trinkets are items which you lot’ll probably build a large collection of, and which you should swap around based on the fight. This is because individual trinkets are far more focused on a single stat than other equipment is, every bit well as the fact that trinkets provide nice activatable or proccing abilities.

If you lot’re gearing upward for Kara+Gruul’due south, use the Pre-BiS list above. This is just an overall list of trinkets in the expansion that can be useful for yous, not a recommendation for Stage Ane of Classic.

Trinket Table.PNG

four. Tanking Communication

4.1 Bones Guidelines

  • Your near basic tanking rotation volition generally be Holy Shield > Consecration > Judgement > Holy Shield > etc.; note that there is a menses in which yous’re not really doing much later on Judging, this is a good time to use any actress abilities if applicable. That includes using Avenger’due south Shield or Hammer of Wrath on a boss that allows for it, as well as obviously using Exorcism if your target is undead or a demon.

  • E’er endeavour to figure out a position that you can employ Consecration.
    Non disturbing crowd control is even more than important, merely nine times out of ten you can find a spot where yous tin can apply Induction without having to worry virtually accidentally breaking crowd control. Consecration is responsible for a very large amount of your threat, easily 25% or thereabouts.

  • For whatever fight that y’all’re expecting to terminal for more than than xxx seconds, put up a debuff sentence. Which i entirely depends on the situation. Worried nearly threat? Crusader. Worried about mana? Wisdom. Want to help out healing a bit on keeping melee up against AoE damage? Light. Avenger’s Shield will make up for the threat lost from not immediately judging Righteousness, and if you lot decide to utilize Crusader, you’ll usually take hold of upward on threat in less time than a single Judgement cooldown.

  • Think that Holy Shield is only your highest priority in a situation in which you lot’re capable of getting crushed, only don’t underestimate the threat it produces either. Consecration is nonetheless probably your better choice as highest priority ability in any AoE state of affairs.

  • Couple of adds that spawn close together? Use Avenger’s Shield!

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4.two Tips and Tricks

  • At the showtime of a pull, utilize Consecration before the mob reaches you, and don’t use Holy Shield until the mob reaches you. And so keep refreshing Induction as it becomes bachelor until information technology would first interfering with your utilize of Holy Shield. This tin can go you in a few extra ticks of consecration y’all would not be able to go otherwise.

  • Similar to the above, if the mob is casting a spell and you lot tin cast both Holy Shield and Consecration before it finishes, use Consecration first, and and then employ Holy Shield. This will temporarily remove the ticks you’d normally lose considering of not wanting to extend the fourth dimension betwixt Holy Shield dropping and refreshing it.

  • Mobs which attack tedious or cast spells are also perfect targets for trying to weave in a quick Avenger’s Shield or Hammer of Wrath! Remember that doing so is risky however, while casting you are incapable of blocking, dodging or parrying. Only practice so if you’re admittedly sure it’s safe and you could employ the extra threat.

  • Brand clever employ of your faction specific seal/judgement! Seal of Vengeance tin can exist used to have some constantly ticking threat on a mob that’s likely to run out of your range at some indicate due to an aggro clear, while Judgement of Claret has an advantage in that it will always hitting. The qualities of both these seals tin be extremely useful in the right situation.

  • As long as no one else does anything with the mobs involved in any way, you can use Divine Shield to get a free 12 2nd headstart on mobs. This can be very handy on pulling AoE packs, since there’ll be a lot of mobs in them that you otherwise don’t start off with initial threat on. It likewise gives your AoE a clearly identifiable clue that they can now beginning their thing. (With thanks to Lookit and Bhrimstone for pointing this out)

4.3 Specific Fights

The following section is not intended to be a detailed guide for all bosses in-game. Morogrim Tidewalker

  • The basic tactic here is to wait for the earthquake, throw iii or iv Holy Lights, and and so switch to normally tanking the Murlocs which will nearly likely have reached y’all past this point.

  • Make certain to communicate to the healers present that as attractive as information technology is, fully healing up the raid from earthquake is something that’s best waited with until after the Murlocs have reached you.

  • A weapon/shield/libram swapping macro is exceptionally useful here, since yous’ll be wanting to become initial aggro through as strong heals equally possible, simply volition want to use tanking (or spelldamage) gear one time the Murlocs accept reached you. Y’all can use /castsequence to make one of these fairly hands, here’s my ain i for example:

              /castsequence Gavel of Pure Light, Hammer of Judgement  /castsequence Triptych Shield of the Ancients, Kaz'rogal's Hardened Heart  /castsequence Libram of Accented Truth, Libram of the Eternal Rest
  • Apart from the weapon swapping it shouldn’t exist needed to brand any other concessions to your gear.

  • If you’re having issues getting graved past Morogrim a possible option is to outrange the graves, this will make the fight last a scrap larger as there won’t be whatever damage from your mages/warlocks on Morogrim while AoEing.

  • If you lot’re having issues getting initial Murloc aggro, it’s an idea to give the healers Approval of Conservancy if they don’t have it. If there’due south all the same bug, having a warlock who makes a bespeak of being on low wellness for you to heal up afterwards Earthquakes is also extremely overnice, Fel Armor and Approval of Light combined on a warlock makes for far better and more than reliable heals than throwing a few heals on random people in the raid.

  • At higher gear levels the more pregnant challenge here is not running out of mana. At that place’s a few tricks you lot can use for this, similar having some murlocs in your back so they’re practically guaranteed to hit you. Don’t be afraid to use mana potions as needed. Alternatively switch to heavier spell damage gear which isn’t technically tanking gear, or switch into a few pieces of healing gear.

iv.3.2 High Astromancer Solarian

Thanks to Bellator, Dodo and Morganim

  • What you exercise here depends on how the “spotlights” where the adds come up from spawn. Your best grade of action is to put consecration on a spot where the adds from two “spotlights” are likely to laissez passer through, while using Avenger’s Shield on the adds from the 3rd “spotlight” (And being set up to throw a quick Judgement of Righteousness on the fourth add from that area)

  • Unlike what you’re used to from Morogrim, each of the adds here will spawn with a fleck of threat on random people in your raid; estimated at around yard threat. Because of that it’s of import that every bit many people as possible assemble up on your position considering it’s likely the initial consecration ticks will non be plenty to have the mobs switch their targets to you lot.

  • Having a set of raid frames here that tin can tell you if someone has aggro can exist quite helpful also for a quick Righteous Defense. Also go along an eye out for whatsoever adds that run elsewhere than where you are, or which are running out of the AoE surface area.

  • Information technology’southward likely a few of the adds will take generated some initial aggro on some of your AoEers besides; as with Morogrim, your chief focus hither isn’t to have all the damage the adds do, only to ensure that the adds do not all focus on one person not capable of taking the damage.

four.3.3 Hyjal Trash Waves

  • In that location’south a number of methods to use here, I prefer mostly aggroing the mobs through Holy Wrath every bit they run just through an encampments gate, which will usually pb to any mobs that aren’t aggroed heavily on an NPC or another tank running to you. Frequently this’ll atomic number 82 to aggroing about 4 mobs on 12 mob waves, 6 mobs on fourteen mob waves, and 8 mobs on the one 16 mob wave, all of which is survivable if geared well enough (This is speaking from a betoken of view with generally v tanks nowadays, y’all’ll end upwardly tanking more with less tanks there, the highest I’ve seen from 12 mob waves is 8 mobs when nosotros only had 3 tanks there).

  • Once you have your initial aggro, call back that Induction is your primary motility to use hither; your guild should heavily consider AoEing every single trash wave in Hyjal if they have you tanking.

  • Make sure to position advisedly after having used Holy Wrath, yous want to be as sure every bit possible that all mobs are in front of you, to reduce incoming damage as much equally possible.

  • Brand clear to your other tanks that you should be very capable of keeping all Ghouls, Crypt Fiends and Fel Hunters occupied; but that Abominations in particular can cause some nasty damage spikes on you, due to their 2 2nd stun ability every bit you lot can’t dodge, parry or block while stunned.

  • The Horde camp has a few waves which include only a few mobs arriving by country; mostly you tin can tank the entire grouping of mobs arriving by country by yourself in these waves. The one exception is wave 4 of the Kaz’rogal waves, which has half dozen Catacomb Fiends and ii Shadowy Necromancers arriving past land. The 2 Necromancers make this trash wave nasty to solo tank, though non impossible when geared well enough.

  • In the case of waves which have only Abominations, Shadowy Necromancers and Banshees, be careful with usage of Holy Wrath. You lot’re probably better off using Avenger’southward Shield, or fifty-fifty but Exorcism and Judgement to pull mobs onto you here, equally each of these mobs hitting quite hard individually compared to the mobs you’d normally be tanking.

  • [Gratis Activeness Potion]
    southward are quite useful for any Hyjal waves in which it’due south probable you lot’ll take hold of a lot of abominations initially, as you’ll exist immune to their stun while the potion lasts.

  • If you lot accept an activatable trinket equipped yous’ll notice that the time between waves is more often than not likewise short to use it on every wave. If you lot take a 2nd activatable trinket to swap in withal, you can practice so subsequently a wave is dead and it should exist ready by the fourth dimension a new wave arrives. This is handy to maximize your survivability as peculiarly at the start of a wave you’re likely to have the nearly mobs on you.

4.4 Dominate Fight Tanking Cliff Notes

four.four.1 Karazhan, Gruuls Lair and Magtheridon

  • Attumen the Huntsman

    – Tank either Midnight or Attumen; a sufficiently geared Prot Paladin can also easily tank both at the same time.

  • Moroes

    – Tank annihilation; tanking Moroes himself is preferrable as Prot Paladins aren’t likewise potent on building off-tank threat (Peculiarly at the expected gear level for Moroes, this gets less bad with more than spell damage). Nonetheless the nature of this fight is such that there is more than a significant enough of build time on Moroes earlier DPS starts on him.

  • Maiden of Virtue
    – Tank Maiden. The silence is abrasive, but tin can be worked around by spamming your buttons.

  • Wizard of Oz

    – Keep whatsoever add occupied and/or tank the Crone.

  • Romulo and Julianne

    – Preferably tank Romulo; though tanking Julianne is viable also.

  • Big Bad Wolf
    – Tank BBW, or Offheal.

  • Curator

    – Tank Curator; can also try keeping adds that spawn occupied. Make certain to save Avenging Wrath for Evocation for the squeamish damage/threat boost.

  • Terestrian Illhoof

    – Tank any of the mobs involved. Can also potentially keep imps occupied, though will take more damage doing then than an AoE class due to the lower damage dealt. As well quite feasible to tank both Illhoof and Kil’rek at the same time.

  • Shade of Aran

    – Healing; or keeping non-CCed elementals busy during that phase of the encounter.

  • Netherspite

    – Tank.

  • Prince Malchezaar

    – Tank.

  • Nightbane

    – Tank adds during flying phases; if you have fright ward or a shaman skillful at timing Tremor Totem drops tanking Nightbane himself is viable every bit well. Post 2.3 tanking Nightbane volition always be viable due to the fright AI modify.

  • High King Maulgar

    – Tank Maulgar, Blindeye or Olm. Tanking Kiggler is possible likewise due to ranged taunt and getting disarmed not mattering that much as long equally y’all have capped unarmed skill.

  • Gruul
    – Either primary tank or off-tank; off-tanking will require a adept stock of

    [Blueish Ogre Brew]
    , the timing of the silence is semi-random and may issue in existence left open to crushing blows from fourth dimension to fourth dimension.

  • Magtheridon
    – Tank adds and/or Magtheridon.

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iv.4.two Zul’Aman

  • Nalorakk
    – Works well as tank in either human or bear form. Ardent Defender works well with the DoT damage done in conduct form, though the silence is abrasive.

  • Akil’zon

    – Virtually likely depends on raid setup whether you’ll tank or heal. Tanking is definitely viable. Doing the gauntlet on the style to this boss is also possible every bit only tank; just tell people to stand up on top of you and you’ll generally get all mobs on you.

  • Jan’alai
    – Tank the Dragonhawk hatchlings. If you have some FR gear information technology helps. You tin can easily concur aggro on an unabridged platform’s worth of hatchlings at in one case (And in full FR gear tin can become for hatching both platforms in a unmarried Hatcher spawn; though ensure that i hatcher is still killed anyhow). I recommend the following ability utilize: Utilize Judgement of Righteousness on the outset Hatchling that spawns, use Avenger’s Shield on the next 2, use Judgement of Righteousness on one of the next four, and use Righteous Defence to taunt the other 3 (Who should all be going for the same healer). After this healing aggro gets divided amidst plenty targets for Consecration to be enough to grab all Hatchlings that spawn.

  • Halazzi
    – Tank anything involved in the see. It’s also possible to tank both Halazzi and the Lynx add that spawns at the aforementioned time, simply at that place’due south picayune reason to exercise so every bit you need a second tank to soak Saber Lash anyway.

  • Hex Lord Malacrass

    – Tank anything in the run into. If you’re tanking Malacrass himself, I’d recommend keeping upwards Judgement of Light on him; this volition provide reasonable amount of healing from the harm Spirit Bolts do on the melee.

  • Zul’jin
    – Tank; however your raid might be more than comfortable with the other tank you take forth tanking Zul’jin so you lot take extra healing available. One thing to go on in mind is that Zul’jin’south aggro does not reset aggro until afterward he actually changes into a new form; do not blow your abilities too early.

4.4.iii Serpentshrine Cavern and Storm Keep

  • Hydross the Unstable

    – Tank adds or Hydross himself. Volition require

    [Bottom Invisibility Potion]

    to safely pull Hydross if frost tank. With sufficient gear tanking all adds at in one case is feasible; if you are one of Hydross’s tanks, tanking some adds of your equipped resistance every bit well as Hydross is viable too. Go along in mind that Holy Shield does nada here, you lot can’t cake elemental based melee impairment.

  • The Lurker Beneath
    – Tanks adds and/or Lurker. Best to position so you’re swimming in the water; retrieve that you don’t have Feral Charge or Intercept to rapidly become back in example of a whirl + geyser combo. With recent changes to Consecration range information technology might be possible to tank Lurker and hit him with Consecration at present while standing on the edge of the platform; nosotros oasis’t run SSC since then, and so I tin can’t test this myself.

  • Morogrim Tidewalker

    – Tank the Murlocs. Unless in that location are ii Prot Paladins this should e’er be the preferred part. Run across the fight-specific advice above for more details.

  • Fathom-Lord Karathress

    – Tank the Hunter add, (and) his pet, or Karathress. Tanking other mobs is possible, just Feral Druids are ameliorate at taking the burst from the Shaman, while Warriors can assist interrupt the heals from the Priest.

  • Leotheras the Blind
    – Tank Leo during man phases. Alliance Paladins in item will detect Seal of Vengeance to exist potentially quite useful here. Tanking the demon is possible every bit well, but a Prot Paladin is probably non the strongest class for this, though a few people take reported great success tanking the demon as Prot Paladin (The biggest issue I’d see being that you might run into mana issues if you lot’re especially lucky with resists).

  • Lady Vashj

    – Tank Vashj, tank Nagas during stage ii.

  • Al’ar
    – Tanks adds or Al’ar; in stage 2 of the fight Avenger’s Shield is extremely good for grabbing the adds that spawn after each meteor.

  • Void Reaver

    – Tank; it’s helpful if your Prot Paladin can pull here. With sufficient spell harm gear for it, it’s possible for a Prot Paladin to proceed aggro for the vast majority of the fight.

  • Loftier Astromancer Solarian

    – Tank the Solarium Agents. Run into the to a higher place department for more than details.

  • Kael’thas Sunstrider

    – Tank two to three weapons in phase ii, tank Master Engineer Telonicus, tank Phoenixes in phase iv and five. Tanking Kael’thas himself is also possible, but will make getting Shock Barriers down before a second Pyroblast more than important due to less different abilities to bargain with the damage than a warrior. With changes to Fearfulness Ward being universal and Fright no longer causing a mob to ignore you tanking Sanguinar is feasible besides at present, though I’d nonetheless recommend a warrior for this.

four.4.4 Mountain Hyjal and Black Temple

  • Hyjal in general

    – Perfect tank during trash waves. See advice above for more than details.

  • Rage Winterchill
    – Tank or heal; depending on raid composition.

  • Anetheron

    – Good Infernal tank with proper FR gear. Exorcism and Avenger’southward Shield make for hands grabbing the Infernals every bit long as people brand at least some effort to move towards your tanking spot. Anetheron tanking just as feasible, but not every bit much of an advantage over other tanks.

  • Kaz’rogal

    – Probably best off healing; though impairment taken is virtually likely high enough to prevent running out of mana.

  • Azgalor

    – Doomguard tank or healing; silence is very frequent and annoying and will price y’all a good amount of threat on Azgalor himself.

  • Archimonde

    – Healing; power to non get feared here is as well important due to the inability to dodge/parry/block while feared.

  • High Warlord Naj’entus

    – Tanking Naj’entus. Note that that this fight rewards bringing a lot of healing, so might exist improve to heal here.

  • Supremus

    – Principal tank Supremus or help soak Hateful Strikes.

  • Shade of Akama

    – Tank the Ashtongue Rogues, Spiritbinders and Elementalists; Avenger’southward Shield is very skillful for those as they spawn in groovy groups of three. Alternatively tanking the Ashtongue Defenders works pretty easily too with Induction hands outaggroing any healers, and Righteous Defense being a slap-up power to ensure they run towards you after they spawn.

  • Teron Gorefiend
    – Tank Teron. Still, due to the nature of the see potentially improve off healing; tanking Teron himself is much like any other fight, merely more healers is a good counter to existence unlucky with healers constantly being picked for Shadow of Death.

  • Gurtogg Bloodboil

    – Tank Gurtogg. As with Naj’entus, taking more healers is heavily rewarded hither, then you might exist preferred to help healing. Getting Fel Rage as Prot Paladin is fun though. As well remember that you lot can’t generate threat during Fel Rage phases, so these are a perfect time to employ Seal of Wisdom instead.

  • Reliquary of Souls
    – Heal or tank. No gear switching possible in betwixt phases, and mechanics make warriors required tanks for the second stage. The 2d phase requires spell reflect unless your guild heavily outgears the run into. Paladins are the simply tanks whose threat scales up with the aureola at a nearly equal charge per unit to the damage increase it gives (Spiritual Attunement and threat of rebuffing a Seal not scaling, while the rest does), and despite not having too good a way to dump mana, the Soul Scream does a lot lower harm per mana than information technology does harm per rage.

  • Mother Shahraz

    – Heal or serve every bit Saber Lash soak. Maintanking not viable due to frequent silence effectually Mother Shahraz. Keeping up a Judgement while otherwise non attacking is recommended while off-tanking, and y’all tin can commonly throw i or ii heals after each Saber Lash.

  • Illidari Council

    – Tank Veras Darkshadow or Lady Malande. Gathios the Shatterer is better tanked past a Warrior due to Spell Reflect usability. Lady Malande can also favor a warrior due to need to interrupt, but should withal be viably tankable as Paladin.

  • Illidan Stormrage

    – Can tank anything hither. Annotation that you will need 72.4% combined dodge/parry/cake earlier Holy Shield to avoid Shear if you lot tank Illidan (Or with a

    [Libram of Repentance]
    ). This is different from crushing blows because you can not count on being missed. Flames of Azzinoth tanking is aforementioned equally for any other tank, though due to incapability of blocking elemental based melee attacks it might be ameliorate to tank the 2d Flame to exist DPSed, threat is slightly helped by the fact that the Flames count as Demons, making Exorcism usable even so, and it is certainly possible to be the tank on the first flame; notwithstanding a good druid or warrior will most probable produce better threat.

4.4.5 Sunwell Plateau

  • Kalecgos

    – Aforementioned as any other tank, alternatively some guilds similar to use a Protection Paladin wearing some Arcane Resist gear to tank Kalecgos in the normal realm for the entire encounter, using Divine Shield to clear Cabalistic Buffets if needed. For tanking the demon, it’south recommended y’all utilize the Righteous Defense taunt macro lower in this article; otherwise you’ll have to specifically target Kalecgos’due south one-half-elf form to bandage Righteous Defence. Using Divine Shield in reaction to a Corrupting Strike works besides, the demon volition turn to Kalecgos shortly, but you’ll save yourself from a large impairment fasten. But ensure Righteous Defense is ready if you do so.

  • Brutallus
    – Aforementioned as any other tank. A Paladin’s advantage here is high threat due to Brutallus being a demon with an extremely high attack rate (Making Exorcism usable and maximizing Holy Shield’south threat), downside is that we’re on the same level of survivability as a Warrior for the encounter, with less cooldowns to use for Stomps. Clearing Stomp with either Divine Shield or Blessing of Protection
    does not piece of work.

  • Felmyst
    – Optimal job hither is tanking the skeletons during the flight phases. A more than detailed explanation will exist added to the specific fights section as I feel this myself.
    Other Sunwell bosses volition be added later.

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