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Apr 10, 2022 11:00:00 EDT
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Affiliate 349

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April 22, 2022 13:00:00 EDT
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Chapter 124

Q1: What did you virtually enjoy about in the second cour of season 4?

Q2: Who will be victorious in the Paranormal Liberation War?

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Season half dozen Poster 2


『僕のヒーローアカデミア』TVアニメ第6期PV/ヒロアカ6期 2022年秋放送決定-2

Episode 113.png

My Hero Academia Season 5

Episode 25: The Loftier, Deep Blueish Sky

Time is running out every bit the Paranormal Liberation Front end plans to destroy all of Japan in the side by side following months. Izuku and his classmates have also improved their skills as well. In the distant future, they notice themselves ready for the upcoming storm that will change Hero guild… forever.

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Chapter 350.png

My Hero Academia

Chapter 350: Bound to a Fiery Fate

The truth backside the birth of Dabi is revealed! He may have been rescued by All For 1, simply non fifty-fifty the Demon Lord could control the obsession that burned away at him. Dabi has kept himself alive through this called-for hatred all for this very moment, only what can Shoto do to bargain with his brother once and for all?

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Chapter 123 (Vigilantes).png

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes

Affiliate 123: Conclusion

The Naruhata Lockdown finally reaches its determination. With anybody occupied, Number 6 slips abroad to confront Koichi i final time. Despite trying to assist him, Koichi isn’t successful as Number 6 leaves a mark on his face up and prepares to dice. Elsewhere, Knuckleduster and Pop both re-awaken, just what is Koichi and “The Crawler”‘southward fate?

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