Attractive Impulse Wrath of the Righteous

This is a guide to all of the restored relics in crusade mode, and what gear yous can go from it. It should exist noted that some of the relics aren’t rewarded properly currently, and have to be added via using toybox, and some items may non function correctly equally the tooltip states they will. Due to the sheer amount of items, I’ve condensed many of the tooltips downwardly to be more brief, but have otherwise copied exact descriptions.

Guide to All Restored Crusader Relics


Some of the act iii relics can be obtained in act two, but cannot be restored until act 3. As well, some of the deed 5 relics tin can exist obtained in human activity iv, but cannot be restored until human activity five.

Human action 3 – First Retriever – Padded Armor/Shirt

Padded Armor

  • Option 1 – +4, -ii to attack rolls and constitution, electricty resistance thirty. If they suffer any electrical damage, the armor becomes infused with electricity: for the next circular, the wearer’s attacks deal additional 1d12 electric harm, and the spells with the electrical descriptor they cast become quickened, equally though using the Quicken spell feat.
  • Option two – +iii, +ii morale bonus to dexterity.
  • Option iii – +3, +3 bonus to saving throws confronting fear and nauseated condition. Whenever the wearer is attacked with a spell, the enemy must pass a Volition saving throw (DC 19) or they become nauseated for one circular.


  • Option 1 – -5 penalty to mobility skill checks, electricity resistance xxx. Whenever this wearer is hit by a non-slashing weapon, they must laissez passer a reflex saving throw (DC 20) or become staggered for the outset attack in a round, besides as suffer -2 penalty to attack rolls for ane round.
  • Selection 2 – Whenever a druid wearing it casts a spell from their spellbook, they bandage information technology as if they were ane level college. They too gain a +10 competence bonus on lore (nature)skill checks.
  • Option iii – Whenever the wearer polymorphs into any creature, they become a +4 enhancement bonus to set on and harm rolls made with limbs. Whenever a creature hits them with a melee attack, that animal suffers 1d6 piercing damage.

Human activity 3 – Unholy Symbol of Rovagug – Handaxe/Battle Axe/Dandy Axe

Handaxe/Battle Axe/Keen Axe (same effects beyond all three weapons)

  • Choice 1 – +ii, Radiant, whenever you confirm a critical hitting you absorb part of magical essence, dispelling i random spell up to fifth level on the target.
  • Option ii – +2, Corrosive Outburst, +3 bonus to assault rolls when peforming attack of opportunity, critical threat range doubled. If y’all successfully land an assault of opportunity, the enemy must pass a fortitude saving throw (DC 17) or become paralysed for one round. When you are hit by an enemy’south attack of opportunity, they enemy must pass a reflex saving throw (DC 15) or suffer 2d6 acrid damage.
  • Option iii – +two, whenever the wielder of this weapon is paralysed, staggered, stunned, petrified, or entangled, they suffer the weapon’south damage and immediately remove such an upshot. This weapon also has an eighteen-20 disquisitional threat range.

Deed iii – Chillboar’s Hide and Tusks – Shortspear/Spiked Low-cal Shield


  • Option ane – +2, this shortspear absorbs water from the target on each hit. On every fifth hit it automatically casts the cold ice strike spell in the management of the enemy every bit a 12th level magician.
  • Pick 2 – +two, speed, whenever the wielder of this shortspear uses the cleave or vital strike feat, the next assail against the affected creature deals additional 3d6 sonic harm (This one currently shows up equally naught when moused over in crusade mode.).

Spiked Light Shield

  • Option ane – +ii, wielder does +ane bonus damage per dice rolledfor spells with common cold descriptor. Whenever y’all use shield fustigate, the enemy has to pass a fortitude saving throw (DC 20) or become vulnerable to cold damage, taking l% more harm than usual until the stop of battle.
  • Pick 2 – +ii, 20 sonic resistence, +2 bonus on saving throws confronting sound based effects, if someone attacks with sonic impairment, the wielder has to brand a reflex saving throw (DC 19) for sonic harm to echo from this shield, dealing all enemies in a x feet area 3d6 sonic harm.

Act 3 – Phylactery of Stevanius – Ring/Scythe


  • Option 1 – One time per day, whenever your HP falls below 0, your HP is restored by twice your character level, and the ring summons 1d4+ii undead skeletal champions around you for 2 minutes.
  • Option 2 – You bound a role of your soul to the ring. You lot gain +four bonus to saving throws confronting mind-affecting effects, emotions, defoliation, fear, expiry, and coercion effects, but a -2 penalisation to saves confronting poison, elemental, paralyzing and movement impairing effects. Every bit a free activity, you lot can lose HP equal to half your level to grant target animate being a +2 bonus to attack rolls, and transform their damage type into force, for 1 round.


  • Option 1 – +ii, bleed, allows wielder to feel nigh any heartbeat in a 15 feet area. You can choose ane creature at a time to concentrate on a pulsating beat of its middle. Whenever you lot or your party members assail using the rapid shot feat, they don’t suffer a -2 penalization to attack but proceeds a +2 bonus to damage instead.
  • Option ii – +2, ghost touch, whenever this scythe misses a hitting it tears the enemy’due south soul a bit, dealing 1d12 negative energy damage.

Human action 3 – Crest of the Fallen Knight – Chugalug/Chainmail/Shortsword


  • Choice 1 – While wearing this belt a monk can spend i ki point to cache the target’s heartand lungs in the fine veil of emerald. Affected creature becomes more than fragile, getting -2 penalization to Air conditioning. It likewise has to pass a fortitude saving throw (DC 19) or all bludgeoning damage it receives will be multiplied by ane.5 until the stop of combat.
  • Choice 2 – You tin cover yourself in an invisible corrupted burn. Under it’s effect, all your burn spells bargain additional 2d6 unholy impairment. You become allowed to fire harm, but gain weakness to cold and holy harm.
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  • Option i – +2, +2 scared bonus to fortitude saving throws. The wearer can choose to suffer a -2 punishment to AC to grant all party members a +1 bonus to AC. While under this effect, an enemy that’s attacking the wearer must pass a reflex saving throw (DC 17) or suffer 3d4 piercing damage.
  • Pick two – +2, this chainmail partially absorbs magic from chaotic or evil creatures. When such creatures attack the wearer with magic, for the next rounds, the wearer gains a +2 profane bonus to assault and damage rolls, and caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance. When this effect ends, the outset assail the wearer makes suffers -iv punishment to attack and damage roll, too as caster level checks to overcome spell resistance (if needed).


  • Choice 1 – +ii, whenever the wielder lands a striking with this shortsword the enemy must laissez passer a reflex saving throw (DC 18), or the wound becomes covered in fine emeralds for five minutes. Though the enemy becomes allowed to bleeding, they suffer -2 penalty to reflex saving throws. All disquisitional hits against this creature deal additional 3d6 piercing damage. Multiple applications of this result don’t stack.
  • Option two – +2, this weapon glows with an invisible flame. One time per mean solar day you tin can accuse both weapons in your easily with this flame for x minutes. Each striking any of these weapons deals additional 3d6 unholy harm.

Human action 3 – Faultless Daybreak – Heavy Flail/Low-cal Shield/Scalemail

Heavy Flail

  • Option 1 – +3, extra 1d10 holy damage on critical striking, 2d10 is x3 multiplier, 3d10 if x4 multplier.
  • Option 2 – +iii, radiant. Each time the wielder confirms a disquisitional striking, an enemy is afflicted with a Flare-up with Calorie-free result. While under this consequence, the creature suffers 2d6 positive energy damage for 2 rounds. Each round information technology tries to pass a will saving throw (DC twenty) against the consequence, if the save was successful the impairment is halved. If the afflicted creature failed a salve, whatsoever creature that is side by side to information technology suffers half of the damage.

Mithral Lite Shield

  • Option 1 – Whenever this shield is under the affect of warpriest’s sacred shield, each time the wielder bashes using this shield, information technology deals 1d6 holy damage, an enemy must pass a volition saving throw (DC 18) or will exist marked. If a marked creature dies, a will-o-wisp (CR 8) appears for 10 minutes or until a new will-o-wisp will be created, this will-o-wisp volition try to heal and back up your characters. This shield also deals additional 2d8 points of holy damage to undead creatures (Annotation, when choosing this option it just shows upwardly as an unfinished item when hovering over the tooltip, just it came out as this item.).
  • Option 2 – Whenever the enemy confirms a critical hit against the wielder of this shield every enemy in a thirty feet area must pass a fortitude saving throw (DC 20) or become blinded for 1d4 rounds and suffer 4d6 positve energy damage. A successful saving throw negates the blindness and halves the damage.


Bugged. Choosing this but levels yous with the partially completed detail, but the enchant option in crusade mode just shows upwards in red as if you don’t have the item. Cheers u/Vargkungen from reddit who found the item names in Toybox – you will take to use the mod to add the detail if you lot desire to use the scalemail. Look for SarenraeLifeSourceScalemailItem & SarenraeObliteratingLightScalemailItem. I presume they represent to the order I’ve listed the options, but not entirely sure.

  • Selection 1 – +iii, allows wearer 3 times a day to raise a deceased ally for 2d3 rounds. However, after this the ally dies again.
  • Option ii – +3, mithral, whenever the enemy confirms a critical hit against the wielder of this shield every enemy in a thirty feet area must pass a fortitude saving throw (DC 20) or become blinded for 1d4 rounds and suffer 4d6 positve energy damage. A successful saving throw negates the blindness and halves the damage.

Act iii – Rock of Ghostly Pathways – Circlet/Ring/Sai


  • Option 1 – +2 enhancement bonus to wisdom, summoned elementals gain 50 additional hitpoints.
  • Choice two – +2 enhancement bonus to charisma. Iii times per solar day you can endeavour to dominate outsiders, this beast has to pass a volition saving throw (DC 22) or will exist under the dominating result till the end of the fight. Y’all also get a +1 insight bonus to Ac confronting outsider creatures.
  • Option 3 – +ii enhancement bonus to intelligence. Each time y’all cast a spell on an enemy, it must laissez passer a reflex saving throw (DC 20) or be entangled in a web for 1d4 rounds, trying to break free each round. This web also deals 1d6+three bludgeoning damage each round. Effects don’t stack.


  • Option 1 – Whenever the wearer is fighting defensively and lands a first attack in this condition, the enemy is pushed 10 feet away and is knocked decumbent for 1 round.
  • Option 2 – All summon spells of 6th level and lower are maximized as though using the maximize spell feat. The clothing too gains a +1 insight bonus to attack rolls confronting outsiders.
  • Selection three – Yous can activate this ring to create an almost transparent argent lining that connects all political party members in a 30 anxiety area. While in this land you share an unbreakable bond, while nether this effect all members become an additional attack of opportunity per circular. If an attack of opportunity was a critical hitting, the enemy is staggered. If one of the party members falls unconscious, a giant spider is summoned to fight aslope you lot for 3 rounds.


  • Option ane – +4, thundering, whenever the wielder lands a striking with this sai, they proceeds +ane bonus to impairment rolls with this sai until the end of combat. If you are striking, this bonus resets. This bonus tin stack up to +v.
  • Option two – +3, speed, whenever the wielder lands a hit with this sai on a summoned beast, information technology deals additional 1d12 piercing damage. Whenever this weapon confirms a critical hit against an outsider, the outsider has to pass a fortitude saving throw (DC 25) or suffer the plane distortion effect, for 1d4 rounds. You lot have total concealment against the outsider under this effect.
  • Option iii – +iv, keen, whenever the wielder lands a sneak attack with this sai confronting a new living enemy that enemy is infested with tiny spiders. These spiders swallow through the flesh dealing 1d6 damage per two wielder’south levels. The enemy also suffers -two penalty to all saving throws until the end of combat. The effects of multiple applications of this ability exercise non stack. (Anyone else experience like this weapon could be crazy insane on a trickster into legend build? 20d6 damage on first sneak set on per enemy anyone?)
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Act 3 – Wicked Dope – Banded Armor/Quarterstaff

Banded Armor

  • Option i- +three, grants ferocity as per the universal monster rule. A creature with ferocity remains witting and can continue fighting fifty-fifty if information technology’south hit point full is beneath 0. The creature is staggered and loses 1 hit point each circular. A creature with ferocity still dies when it’s hit betoken total reaches a negative amount equal to it’s constitution score.
  • Option two – +4, whenever the wearer is striking, gain fast healing 1 (stacks up to 10) until the terminate of combat.


  • Choice ane – +2, whenever yous don’t accept full HP, anytime yous cast a spell on an ally, you gain fast healing v for 1d3 rounds.
  • Option 2 – +three, whenever yous bandage the aforementioned spell iii times in a row, your next spell becomes empowered, as though using the empower spell feat, and maximized, as though using the maximize spell feat.

Act 3 – Dirty Squealer – Amulet/Belt


  • Pick 1 – Whenever you bandage a grease spell, all creatures inside the affected area must pass a reflex saving throw or endure 5d6 acrid damage.
  • Pick two – Whenever you cast an ear piercing scream spell, the harm it deals is no longer limited to to 5d6. Instead it deals (1d6 + 1 per two caster levels) points of damage. Creatures who fail the saving throw against it become dazed for 2 rounds instead of ane round. The amulet likewise increases the DC of spells with sonic descriptor yous cast by ii.


  • Option 1 – +2 enhancement bonus to constitution. Whenever the wearer is attacked, the enemy has to laissez passer a reflex saving throw (DC 20) or suffer -x penalty on damage rolls for 1 round.
  • Pick ii – +two enhancement bonus to strength. Whenever the wearer is mounted, and they or their mount confirms a critical hit against an enemy, that enemy is afflicted with the exploding head effect for 1d3 rounds. Under this effect, the creature starts to hear loud noises, suffering a -2 punishment to set on and damage rolls and Ac.

Act 3 – Co-operative of the Last Ash (Sakoris Map) – Bardiche/Heavy Selection

Bardiche/Heavy Choice (both options come with same enchantments)

  • Option 1 – +3, whenever the wielder casts a breath of life spell on an marry, the called ally gets +2 bonus to Air-conditioning, attack, and damage for i round.
  • Option two – +4, uses intelligence modifier as a harm bonus, you also utilize your intelligence bonus for attacks instead of strength (Not clear if both intelligence and strength both grant a damage bonus.).
  • Selection 3 – +3, whenever the wielder lands a hit, information technology scorches the enemy a chip. When the number of scorches reaches 3, they begin to glow, granting anyone a +two bonus to attack against such creatures. If the number of scorches reaches 5, the enemy starts bleeding and these scorches go tainted. The afflicted fauna suffers 1d4 unholy harm for each scorch.

Act iii – Voracious Jumble – Guild/Flail

Order/Flail (same affects across both weapons)

  • Option i – +3, deals 2d6 damage instead of standard weapon damage, the type of impairment is bludgeoning, piercing and slashing simultaeonously. On a critical hit it hits then difficult that enemy would demand to pass a fortitude saving throw (DC 20) each time it tries to attack, or become unable to attack for i round. This effect lasts 1d3 rounds.
  • Option 2 – +2, speed, can never get apartment footed. If you kill using this weapon, you become allowed to all eyesight furnishings for 1d4 rounds. (Shows as a flail, even if choosing a lodge. Unsure if this will come out as a club or non.)
  • Choice iii – +3, vicious, whenever the wielder of lands a hit on an enemy who doesn’t wield a weapon, it must pass a fortitude saving throw (DC 21) or for 1 round its claws or other natural weapons are deformed, thus suffering -half dozen damage per assault with natural weapons. If information technology lands a hitting on an enemy wielding a weapon, the enemy should laissez passer the same saving throw just endure -two penalty to assail for i round.

Act 3 – Attractive Impulse – Gloves/Light Crossbow/Metamagic Rod


  • Pick 1 – Whenever the wielder confirms a critical hit with any bow, the enemy starts losing mind, thus suffering -i impairment to intelligence, wisdom, or charisma.
  • Selection 2 – Whenever the wielder lands a melee bear upon attack, the enemy must laissez passer a volition saving throw (DC 20) or his heart and mind is consumed with agonizing lust, any disquisitional hit against effected enemy drives him even crazier, paralyzing for one round.

Low-cal Crossbow

  • Option ane – +3, whenever the wielder lands the first hit in a circular against an enemy, that enemy’southward consciousness and love to all life awaken. The enemy starts doubting that violence is the answer and thus volition suffer -1d4 punishment on attack rolls for one round.
  • Choice two – +iii, unholy, whenever the wielder lands a hit, the enemy must pass a will saving throw (DC 20) or their armor is sundered for 1d3 rounds.

Metamagic Rod

  • Option 1 – This rod grants you lot the ability to modify up to half-dozen spells per day so that in addition to their master effect they affect the target with a dominate person spell.
  • Choice 2 – This rod grants you the ability to modify upwardly to six spells per day and then that the energy type of the damage they deal changes to unholy. The modified spell also becomes maximized as though using the maximize spell feat. Greater rods can exist used with spells of 9th level or lower.

Deed 3 – Soulshear


  • Option 1 – +three, adamantite, grants +ii additional daily uses of lay on hands, fervor, and channel free energy grade abilities, if you lot possess them (practical subsequently rest).
  • Option two – Leave it as is.
  • Selection 3 – +3, adamantite, your mountain gets a +3 bonus on all saving throws and a +3 bonus to CMD.

Human activity 5 – Baphomet’due south Burn down – Shirt/Gloves


  • Option one – This shirt makes all the wearer’s fire spells deal boosted 4d6 burn down damage while making them endure a -two penalty to AC.
  • Option 2 – Whenever the wearer of this shirt kills an enemy with a burn spell, they proceeds immunity to power score damage and their mental ability scores are increased by +6 for 3 rounds. In addition, all wearer’s allies deal additional 3d6 burn down damage on successful attacks with weapons for 1 round.
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  • Option ane – Bugged. Has same description as the original relic item, no idea what it does if anything.
  • Option two – Whenever the wearer of these gloves lands a sneak attack against an enemy, the enemy becomes vulnerable to burn down for ane round and suffers additional 2d6 burn down damage. In add-on, whenever the enemy who has been hit by the wearer at least once, takes fire damage from any soruce, it suffers a -3 penalty on all saves for two rounds.

Human action 5 – Mask of the Facestealer – Belt/Mask


  • Option 1 – +4 concrete perfection, whenever the wearer makes an attack gyre to confirm a critical striking, it automatically succeeds.
  • Pick two – +4 physical perfection, whenever the wearer kills an enemy who had total wellness with a single hitting, all enemies in a 30 feet radius become staggered for i circular.

Mask – (These take upwardly the helmet slot rather than the eye slot, despite it being a mask.)

  • Option 1 – mental perfection +4, allows its wearer to reroll iii failed saving throws against death furnishings per day.
  • Selection ii – mental perfection +iv, whenever the wearer casts a ninth level spell, all enemies in a 30 feet radius must pass a will saving throw (DC thirty) or become unable to cast any spells for 1 round.

Act 5 – Called-for Brand – Bardiche/Sling Staff/Trident

Bardiche/Sling Staff/Trident (Same effects beyond all three weapons)

  • Selection 1 – +5, Vicious, whenever the wielder lands a consequent hit in a full-circular attack, it deals additional damage equal to the number of hits multiplied by three.
  • Option two – +5, flaming burst, whenever the wielder lands a first hit against a new enemy, the enemy must pass a fortitude saving throw (DC 32) or catch on cursed fire which makes it unable to bandage spells for 1d3 rounds.
  • Choice 3 – +5, axiomatic, whenever the wielder lands a hit against a new enemy, information technology marks it with “Obedience”. Such mark can only be on one target at a time. If the bearer of this mark tries to assail the owner of the weapon, information technology must pass a will saving throw (DC 29) or suffer -3 penalty on assault rolls and -8 penalty on harm rolls for 2 rounds.

Human action 5 – Zaori’s Pin – Circlet/Ring


  • Option 1 – +6 enhancement bonus to charisma and intelligence. In addition, all political party members of the wearer gain a +3 insight bonus to all saving throws against confusion, insanity and domination spells.
  • Option 2 – +6 enhancement bonus to charisma and intelligence. In addition, the wearer and all their allies in x feet area gain the effects of the Shield Caster, Allied Spellcaster and Shield Wall feats.


  • Option one – Whenever the wearer of this band deals sneak attack damage for the starting time fourth dimension in a fight against an enemy, that enemy becomes filled with paranoia. For each adjacent ally of the affected target they suffer -one penalty on saving throws and -2 punishment on damage rolls. This effect stacks up to iii times and persists for 1d4 rounds.
  • Option 2 – If the companions of the wearer of this band attack the same target as the wearer, they bargain boosted 1d6 points of precision damage with each successful melee assail. They also proceeds a +2 circumstance bonus on attack rolls against this target.

Act 5 – Remains of the Colourless One – Arrows/Breast Plate/Spectacles

I couldn’t find the source for this relic, if yous know and so please let me know. To obtain it I had to add the relic to my inventory through toybox.


  • Option 1 – Whenever the wielder of this ammuntion lands a first hitting against a new enemy, the enemy must pass a volition saving throw (DC 32) or suffer 2d4 power damage to intelligence (doesn’t touch creatures with intelligence lower than iii) and get dislocated for three rounds. xx units per day.
  • Option 2 – Whenever the wielder of this ammuntion lands a hit, the enemy must pass a fortitude saving throw (DC 32) or exist stunned and become vulnerable to sonic damage for iii rounds. 20 units per day.

Breast Plate

  • Option 1 – +5, made of crystals and can be worn by a druid. At the start of every gainsay, all enemies in a 50 feet range around the wearer must pass a will saving throw (DC 32) or become confused for 2 rounds.
  • Pick 2 – +five, made of crystals and be worn by a druid. It grants the wearer DR 3/- and moderate fortification, but also makes the wearer vulnerable to sonic damage.


  • Choice 1 – These glasses allow their wearer to utilise the Maddening Gaze ability three times per twenty-four hour period.

Maddening Gaze: As a swift action, y’all tin can expect in a certain direction. All enemies in a l feet cone must pass a will saving throw (DC 32) or suffer 2d4 ability damage to intelligence (doesn’t affect creatures with intelligence lower than 3) and go confused for 1d4 rounds.

  • Option 2 – These glasses are made of very thick crystal. It’s difficult to run across through them thus the wearer suffers a -2 penalty to attack rolls. However, whenever the wearer lands a beginning hit in melee against a new enemy the target must pass a fortitude saving throw (DC 32) or exist stunned and get vulnerable to sonic harm for 3 rounds.

Act five – Vox of the Cursed Bard – Lyre/Amulet


  • Option 1 – The owner can activate this particular one time per solar day. While activated, all enemies in a 10 feet surface area around the owner must laissez passer a volition saving throw (DC 36) or suffer a -5 punishment on saving throws against mind-affecting spells, -2 penalization on saving throws confronting enchantment school spells, and become vulnerable to sonic harm for v rounds.
  • Pick 2 – This particular grants its wielder the ability to bargain 10d10 sonic damage as a standard action to a single target three times per day. A successful fortitude saving throw (DC 36) halves the damage.


  • Option 1 – This amulet makes the wearer’s voice stronger and allows it to maintain its ability for longer periods of fourth dimension. All the wearer’s bardic performance and raging songs (if they accept the corresponding form abilities) terminal for x more than rounds per day.
  • Option 2 – This amulet empowers the vocalization of the wearer, thus increases hit indicate limits of ability word spells by 150%. For example, power word kill now will instantly kill all enemies with HP lower than 150 instead of 100.

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