Everybody is permitted to accept a favorite tower in

Bloons TD 6
. Part of the charm is using knowledge points and feel to level up towers that fit but right with the given histrion’s strategy. This results in some creative builds and tactics that many might not consider.

However, once gamers get serious virtually
Bloons TD vi, at that place is a clear divide between powerful towers and others that are lacking. At that place is not enough cash to have a favorite tower if that tower isn’t also one of the best. When the going gets hard, these are the towers that have the best return on investment when it comes to popping the toughest balloons.

Updated on April 16th, 2022 by Hodey Johns:
There is very little not to dearest about Bloons TD 6. The game has been balanced so many times now that it’s reasonable for fifty-fifty the consensus “worst” tower to get heavy usage on tough maps. Still, some towers get carried by player talent and strategy while other towers recoup for tactical errors. These towers deserve special recognition as some of the best in the game. To account for expanded actor tastes and styles, five more than towers have been added to this list.


Tack Shooter

Many veterans will confidently say that the Tack Shooter is the almost underrated tower in the game. Certain, information technology’south not going to sink any big MOAB class blimps on its own and it doesn’t apply a negative status effect to opponents. Merely since when is massive surface area impairment useless?

This is effective in early and mid rounds equally thicker waves of balloons start to stack on top of each other. Later, while the Tack Shooter doesn’t take downwardly the blimps, these blimps are usually packed with smaller balloons that the Tack Shooter tin can demolish.


Mortar Monkey

Bloons TD 6 Mortar Monkey Paths

At high-level waves and during limitless rounds, experts will e’er have at least one Mortar Monkey on the map. If the massive area damage isn’t a selling point, the limitless range should be. The Mortar Monkey is not hindered by obstacles.

That’s not where the benefits end. Given the correct paths, Mortar Monkeys also apply extra harm and slows to MOAB blimps. Given both damage and support effects, the Mortar Monkey should not exist disregarded on tough maps.


Monkey Ace

Bloons TD 6 Monkey Ace Paths

Hard maps get their reputation from sending waves of balloons downwards multiple paths. Players can’t be able to cover both of these paths at in one case with virtually towers, but placing a Monkey Ace in the middle of the map sends tacks out all over.

Upgrades enable the Monkey Ace to strike down inconspicuous balloons and to further increase the density of the tack coverage on the map. Single-target towers will need to exist placed somewhen, but the Monkey Ace is but the all-time first tower for these kinds of maps.


Sorcerer Monkey

Bloons TD 6 Wizard Monkey Paths

The Wizard Monkey checks a lot of boxes for what makes a tower “practiced.” Information technology’s got dainty damage and range besides as some harm over fourth dimension abilities that assistance take down tough targets. And so what is it doing on a list of the best towers?

The Wizard Monkey can resurrect balloons and send these new “zombie” allies backward toward oncoming traffic. When the waves outset to go denser, this increases the Sorcerer Monkey’s usefulness, giving him a limitless stream of balloons to send back at the enemies.


Sniper Coin

Bloons TD 6 Sniper Monkey Paths

The Sniper Monkey is probably the reason that merely one level five tower of any type can be on the map at any time. The limitless range and power to take downwards ceramic and inconspicuous balloons would make more than one of each very overpowered.

Still, one to three of these does quite enough to articulate many maps all by themselves. If zip else, identify a few in areas far away from the activeness and accept advantage of these empty zones. Somewhen, they’ll call down support crates for extra cash and debuff MOAB class blimps.


Monkey Buccaneer

Bloons TD 6 Monkey Buccaneer Upgrade Trees

Players who love a
expert open-globe mobile game
will look at the ocean and hope that it doesn’t go to waste. With the Monkey Buccaneer, it’s assured that the aquatic areas of the map will exist occupied by a formidable force with a good deal of versatility.

There is no bad path for the Monkey Buccaneer, either. Players can choose betwixt giving it aeriform attacks that work from across the map, actress economic back up, or an ability that spells instant expiry on whatsoever MOAB send (including the biggest, baddest ones in the game).


Glue Gunner

Bloons TD 6 Glue Gunner Upgrade Trees

Bloons TD 6 is more of a keen tower defense game and less of a
classic mobile arcade game, just that doesn’t hateful it doesn’t incorporate some arcade elements. Enemy balloons volition exist trying all kinds of strategies to avert getting burst.

The Mucilage Gunner is the simply main tower to make this list, merely it belongs. With a longer range than other towers that slow, information technology’due south already doing a bang-up job, but information technology sets itself apart from other utility towers past putting this ho-hum on the dreaded MOAB class blimps.


Super Monkey

Bloons TD 6 Super Monkey Upgrade Trees

Sometimes the moving ridge of balloons can make the game experience like an
endless runner-style mobile game. When the higher difficulties endeavour to cram through a agglomeration of balloons all at once, gamers tin be left feeling hopeless in the face of such an onslaught.

This is where the Super Monkey’s knockback ability and light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation blasts shine. Past sending balloons back, impairment towers are given more time to practise the work they need to do to take out the waves. The area attack means that the Super Monkey himself is unaffected past these clusters.


Ninja Monkey

Bloons TD 6 Ninja Monkey Upgrade Trees

If players are simply permitted to throw down one building, they should probably go with the Ninja Monkey. The rapid attacks accept intendance of early waves and he comes with camouflage detection at absolutely no cost at all; it’s congenital into the hero himself!

With the right upgrades, he can end upwards stringing combos of attacks together that hit balloons well exterior of his already vast range. If zippo else, he gives players the time they need early then they can construct a full-on strategy later.


Banana Farm

Bloons TD 6 Banana Farm Upgrade Trees

This would probably be near the top of the list if information technology weren’t for the modes that disabled the Banana Subcontract. Why is it disabled? Considering the extra cash it provides is (distressing nigh the pun) bananas. Many upgrades aren’t affordable without a few of these planted toward the middle rounds.

If information technology seems similar too much hassle, feel costless to select the upgrades that automatically collect the bananas for the role player. About 4 or five of these are plenty for gamers to build whatsoever they want in 80 to 100 round matches.


Heli Pilot

Bloons TD 6 Heli Pilot Upgrade Trees

Thanks to being able to fly around with the top upgrade path, at that place is no map in which the Heli Airplane pilot isn’t useful. On several maps that accept irresolute courses, spawn points, and exits, the Heli Airplane pilot goes from a skillful thought to an absolute must-have.

Being in the confront of every balloon equally soon as it spawns yields an advantage to gamers regardless of who their main damage-dealers are. Even if it isn’t the Heli Airplane pilot, he’s the all-time at softening up the wave before it gets to the other towers.


Spike Factory

Bloons TD 6 Spike Factory Upgrade Trees

One Spike Mill near the exit is a smart disaster-preventing move. Any airship, inconspicuous, lead, or otherwise, isn’t going to make it over a few spikes. With upgrades, it’s capable of handling entire waves of leaks all on its own.

There is no reason to reserve its power for mistakes, though. Able to rapidly fire out needle traps, spikes, and mines, it’s but as good on the forepart lines of defense too. Toll-wise, information technology must exist stated that this is surprisingly cheap to build and level upward.


Monkey Hamlet

Bloons TD 6 Monkey Village Upgrade Trees

Many monkey towers are fantastic simply have the weakness of not beingness able to target camouflage or lead balloons. It’s a serious drawback until players get the Monkey Intelligence Agency upgrade for the Monkey Hamlet, which grants all towers in its range the ability to attack anything.

As a support structure, it’s nonetheless non done. The bottom track gives players a heave to their economy and the top runway juices up monkeys in range with extra assault speed. Any build that doesn’t utilize this tower should be met with some skepticism.



Bloons TD 6 Alchemist Upgrade Trees

The Alchemist has a mediocre ability in the centre rail and some lackluster greenbacks-generation on the bottom runway. So why does information technology rank 2nd-best on this list? Simply, it provides large harm boosts to those effectually it when it comes to popping Ceramic, Lead, and MOAB balloons.

Given that these are the toughest opponents in the game, it’s no wonder the Alchemist is so highly regarded. But it’s non washed yet. Two more potions also increase damage, attack speed, and piercing. At the highest level, these boosts become permanent.



Bloons TD 6 Druid Upgrade Trees

While information technology tin be possible to beat the game’s toughest challenges without Druids, it’s not entirely likely. For a while now, the Druid strategy has been regarded every bit the best option for beating the unbeatable and that is a credit to the Druid’southward might.

Throwing shotgun-style blasts of projectiles at enemies, the balloons don’t last long against clusters of Druids. With some back up from Obyn Greenfoot and the other towers on this listing, the Druid steals the evidence and has no rivals on the horizon.

Bloons TD 6

was released on June xiv, and is available for Android, iOS, and PC.

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