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Welcome to training, Prospector! Today we will cover the contract of gathering information from the Uplink.

Fortuna III went downwards in the glimmer of an eye, and it was the dwelling house of not just colonists, workers, and more importantly, scientists. It also had a gathering, a collection, an… abundance of research data the likes of which the world has never before seen. In order to effectively shop and protect it, the data was heavily encrypted and kept in flux, moving from storage betoken to storage bespeak. The information is inaccessible from Prospect Station due to the Bike’s interference. That’s where yous come in: We need this data, Prospector. No, “need” is a word for simpletons…. nosotros Crave information technology. What we do “need” is for y’all to human action as a collection node for united states.

The Process


First of all you lot will need to locate an active Uplink station. There is e’er ane active Uplink on the map. No more, no less. The uplink will just stay active for a limited corporeality of time before information technology needs to close information technology down and the next 1 in the sequence will be activated, to keep upwards with the data fluctuation, so go along a spring in your step!

Every bit yous enter the near vicinity of the Uplink your suit will need to sync up with the access point earlier the transfer can brainstorm. This will be indicated on your HUD by a progress bar. When the procedure is complete, you do not need to stand in the syncing range anymore considering it will collect the data automatically and count information technology toward your contract completion. Be warned though! Other prospectors tin steal away your ownership of the Uplink if you are not in that location to contest information technology. Defend the Uplink if yous desire to get the most out of information technology!

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Starting Contract


Maintaining Contract


Finishing Contract


Missing Data Missing Information
Find the active uplink and claim it past standing in the circle. While the Uplink belongs to y’all, information technology grants 30 Points every ten seconds. Keep concord of the Uplink for as long equally possible. Other players could effort to claim it any fourth dimension.



Uplink timings


The get-go Uplink activates with 18:06 remaining. Each uplink is active for 362 seconds (6 min 2 sec). Information technology takes 10 seconds to capture the agile uplink.

Uplink Start Time
1 eighteen:06
2 12:04
three 06:02
1 00:00



In order to complete a contract, you lot take to hold the Uplink until the requested amount of data has been uploaded. The necessary amount is highlighted in your HUD on the left mitt side. For further contract stages you will need to collect progressively more data. And call back: you tin only collect data from an active Uplink!

Everything is the same across all modes.

Tier Amount Requied Total Required Full Time required VP Advantage Credit Advantage XP Reward
1 50 fifty 10 20 500
2 70 120 fifteen thirty 750
three 90 210 20 40 thou
4 110 320 25 50 1250
5 130 450 30 sixty 1500
6 150 600 35 lxx 1750
7 170 770 40 fourscore 2000
8 190 960 45 90 2250
9 210 1170 fifty 100 2500
10 230 1400 55 110 2750

Update History


Annal:Release 7.Xmas
  • The Uplink tier thresholds are now 200, 380, 540 points (removed 4th tier)
Archive:Release six
  • In Solo & Duo you lot will now always have the Minerals and Uplink contract agile, along with two random contracts. For Squads Uplink and Laserdrill cannot be in the same match anymore. Furthermore the take a chance for the Letium contract has been increased in Team Way.
Annal:Release v – Season One
  • Uplink tutorialization: The contract is explained to players once they encounter them during a match. In one case yous encounter an Uplink in the game, radio message volition tell y’all more about this contract and how to complete it!
Archive:Early Access
  • Increased relocation speed of the Uplink action and delayed activation of the starting time Uplink activity.
Alpha V
  • The due south east Uplink surface area has been polished, to bring all 3 uplink bases to the same standard, while using unique assets.
  • Uplink arenas have been reworked to allow for approaching and disengaging both stealthily and in total-force.
  • We increased the overall encompass variety in Uplink areas.
Blastoff IV
  • Iteration on Uplinks
    • Uplinks are now more grounded to the lore, have been tweaked visually with necessary adjustments to provide covers only also means to escape instead of existence gladiator arenas.
Alpha Ii
  • Uplink marking shows owner’due south proper name in the map.
Alpha I
  • Added
    • Uplink added amongst v other contracts.
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