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Age of Magic WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

Historic period OF MAGIC is a role-playing game with a good storyline, released past Playkot on the android platform on September 19. Game Genre: Function Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from Superlative players, developers “answers to gamers” questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more than frequently.


  1. Who better to download: a guide for heroes
  2. Tags how to set and activate
  3. How to enter codes (promotional codes)
  4. Tournament: Tactics and Secrets
  5. How to commencement the game once more
  6. Horror Dungeon
  7. Complete Knowledge Base past Company
  8. Clans, clan quests
  9. How to age correctly?
  10. Hyde Arena
  11. The passage of the Queen Ra’Arhni
  12. The passage of events, trials and treasure valleys
  13. Questions and answers

Who better to download in Historic period of Magic: a guide for heroes

The characters of the Kobold faction are the strongest in the initial stages of the Age of Magic. The group consists of 7 heroes who can exist assembled at the initial stage of the game. Characters are entirely represented in the game world. The main strategy of Kobolds is a huge corporeality of each other’s efforts in battle. Representatives of the faction have a variety of non-combat abilities that increment the power of the entire squad.

A well-coordinated team is an advantage of Kobolds. Several characters enchant warriors of their squad in boxing (they make them stronger, invulnerable). Mages are in sight of each other and support partners. Other factions in the game do not have today such cohesion, which allows you lot to collaborate with the reinforcing outcome between partners.

The lancer Kobold
is a melee character. It has powerful hits and loftier speed. This puts the fighter in the line of the most powerful heroes of the game, who can deliver burdensome blows. Warrior will be the way to the team disengagement, thanks to its versatility.

The Kobold fortune-teller
is a sorcerer, has no combat abilities. Thanks to her support, the squad’s characters increase: strength, protection, and critical strike percent. The fortune teller reduces the characteristics of opponents, which makes it mandatory in the boxing of the Kobold team.

– character – healer. Increases protection against enemy strikes, heals the soldiers of his squad. It has the ability to reduce the accurateness of striking enemies.

Kobold slinger
– ranged character, shooter. It has powerful blows. An important ability – reduces the positive magic from the characters of enemies.

Guardian Kobold
is a
-moving character with high defense, able to summon two opponents. Has the power to increase the armor of Kobolds and partially reanimates allies.

Picket Kobold
– is a graphic symbol grade Dodger. It has expert damage and evasion (in the disengagement of its faction it is most impossible to get into information technology), it has the power to poison and ho-hum down the enemy warrior. Raises the percentage of critical hit (quite a bit).

Priest of the Worm (Boss)
– a mad magician of the faction, considers the creator of the devouring Worm. He has the skill of summoning – in battle he causes the Worm, which greatly harms the enemy, causing great damage.

Who to take into boxing?

Choosing your characters for the squad, you need to pay attending to the fortuneteller, Koboldun and the Guard.These wars impose positive effects on the allies (a possible amount of 3-5) and 1-2 negative furnishings volition hang on the enemy disengagement. Heroes impose magic from the kickoff moves.

It is worth noting that due to the superimposed furnishings, the level of attack decreases, therefore, often enemies defeat a team where these iii characters are full-bodied. To heighten the grouping, you lot must select Spear. His attack does great damage to the Healers and Defenders of the enemy unit.

For the remainder of the place, yous can choose Prshnik or Scout. Information technology is advised to requite preference to the Prazhnik. This is an indispensable histrion who will strengthen the group of warriors. Due to the high speed in the fighter difficult to go. Skill “Hibernate” raises the morale of all squad members, which gives even before the first of the battle to pat the enemy well.

Yous tin take the Priest instead of the Fortune Teller – this will increase the attack (the Priest can enchant allies to increase damage), the character has the ability to call the Worm, which has great power. But, if nosotros assume that the wizard has a weak defense, then he is unlikely to reach its plow.There is an option to take the Priest instead of Koboldun, but it would be the incorrect pick. So, it turned out a great squad for all occasions! If to modify something, then it is necessary to do information technology thought out.

Battle strategy

ane. If all the abilities of the characters of the Kobold faction are pumped evenly, then the first move is fabricated by the Outset Party. Outset of all, information technology is recommended to speed upwards the team with the “Hide” skill. This allows all members of the group to strike before the first plow of the enemy.

2. Then the Fortune Teller enters the battle. Her movement is “Lucky Fortune Teller”, thus the magic increases the probability of a disquisitional strike by the Allies. If this magic is applied, the Fortune Teller tin hitting once again or pass the motion to one of the team members. If the thespian chooses the opportunity to striking the mag, let it non exist “Wrath of the Flies” (it should exist reserved).

iii. The third will beat Koboldun. Information technology is necessary to strike “Drink Poison”, which causes impairment, reduces the accurateness of the enemy and puts the marker of Kobold.

iv. Further, “Sudden Strike”, the Spearman attacks the enemy, then the Guardian takes on the power to “Raise Shield”. At this phase of the battle on the squad hang iii to 5 positive spells, and on the enemy squad 1 to 2 negative magic.

five. Here it is recommended to use the deferred skill of the Fortune Teller – “Wrath of the Flies”, it reduces the attack of the enemy and damages the health of each character of the enemy unit of measurement. The level of damage depends on the imposed magic on the enemy – the more than of it, the greater the power of the skill.

Despite the fact that the squad moves ended and most probable the enemy will attack Koboldun and the problem with the restoration of the hero’s health arises rather quickly. But no affair how hard the enemy is operating, information technology is recommended to apply the “Potable to Poison” skill.

Four heroes from the faction can leave Tags on the characters of the enemy: A fortune teller – “Class Healer”. Adjacent Koboldun will inflict “Double Impairment” on the enemy unit. The Defender and Koboldun accept the ability to leave the “Kobold Partial Tag” on enemies. Members of the faction tin actuate it as follows:

  1. Spearman – will surely hit the enemy with a disquisitional striking.
  2. Slinger – the enemy misses the opportunity to attack.
  3. Spotter – the enemy will non exist able to put or utilize Class Marks or Factions.
  4. Priest of the Worm – the enemy hero will non be able to critically hit and the accuracy will subtract past xv%. He puts the Mark of the Mage Class, and the Fortune Teller (with the described alignment of forces) will deal a critical accident.

The choice of heroes in the subsequently stages of the game

In Age of Magi 7 classes of heroes, and each faction usually has at least one of them.

is a staunch hero who is easily recognizable by his impressive stock of health, defensive abilities, too as the ability to provoke enemies and heal himself.

The melee fighter
is a powerful hero who prefers to fight the enemy face to face. Able to quickly and effectively set on the enemy. Many melee fighters have abilities that reduce the enemy’s defense force or cause him lasting damage.

– conducts authentic, deadly attacks from behind the backs of comrades. The arrows accept an average wellness margin and are most effective when they are protected by other characters.

is an active hero, capable not only deftly dodge attacks, just also forcefulness the enemy to attack other heroes or themselves.

A magician
is a spellcaster who uses magic to inflict harm on enemies and cast diverse effects on allies and enemies. Many representatives of this class are able not only to hit several enemies at once, just also to bargain devastating harm to single targets. Like arrows, magicians prefer to fight alongside their comrades-in-arms who are able to embrace them: defenders and some rogues.

The healer
is the faithful helper and support of many groups, the healer ensures that his allies are able to live to the end of the battle, without stopping to cause damage. Each healer performs his task in his ain way, and you tin hands discover a hero that suits your style of play.

The boss
is a unique hero with incredibly strong abilities. Many of them have powerful passive abilities acting on the characters of the same faction.

Each hero has a number of master characteristics that determine his office in battle:

– determines the physical and magic impairment of the hero, the reserve OZ, armor class, resistance to magic.At the moment, the maximum level of the hero is 80. At the same time, the level of the hero can not exceed the level of the role player.

– depends on her physical impairment and health of the hero.

– affects the hero’s dodging and the likelihood of a critical strike.

– affects the hero’s magic damage and the hazard to inflict critical damage.

– determines the sequence of the hero. The college the initiative indicator, the earlier the hero will exist able to perform the action in battle.

– determines the amount of OZ. If the hero loses all health points in battle, he will die.

– an indicator of the rarity of the hero. With the increase in the number of stars, the hero gets an increase to all the main characteristics. In most cases, the health of the hero profoundly increases. All changes will be displayed on the screen.

Depending on the caste of pumping of the hero, his secondary characteristics grow.

OZ (Wellness Points)
– the wellness of the hero. If the hero loses all OZ, he will die. In battle, y’all can restore OZ using special abilities.

Physical impairment
– damage done by physical attacks. Decreases depending on the protection of the armor of the enemy.

Magic damage
– damage inflicted by magic attacks. The target can avoid impairment due to its magical resilience.

Armor protection
is the amount of concrete damage a hero tin can block.

Magic resistance
– the amount of magic harm that a hero can block.

Resistance to elements
– reduces impairment from elements in battle.

Magic toughness
– a chance to avoid magical harm.

Physical strength
is a run a risk to avoid physical damage.

Critical strike
risk – a gamble to evangelize a critical striking to an enemy.

Disquisitional harm
– an indicator that determines how strong the blow will be if it turns out to be critical.

is the chance to avoid an enemy attack.

– determines the gild of attacks of heroes. The higher the initiative, the earlier the character attacks.

Each hero has at least 3 abilities that can be used in battle. There are iii types of abilities: basic, special and passive.

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Basic abilities
Each grapheme has a basic ability with no recovery time, which can exist used at any fourth dimension, unless it has been blocked past some other ability. Basic attacks make the class label work.

Special Abilities
The most important abilities of any hero that define his class. After using these abilities, they demand some fourth dimension to recover. Some abilities can be used twice per battle. Here are just a few kinds of abilities: healing, provocation, physical and magical attacks, imposing positive and negative effects, increasing or reducing evasion. And that’south not all.

Passive abilities
. Passive abilities do not require activation and operate continuously.

Example: the passive ability of the Fortune-teller Kobold “Fearfulness of Kobolds” increases the characteristics of all her relatives in the unit past fifteen%.

Age of Magic: tags how to set and activate

Tags in the hands of a talented player are a formidable weapon that can give a serious advantage or fifty-fifty change the form of the battle at the last moment!

Tags allow y’all to go boosted effects in boxing, combining the attacks of heroes during battles. Heroes can put tags on enemies, activate them and shoot.

The full general principle of performance The characterization consists of 2 steps:

  1. One hero from your squad puts a tag on the opponent / s using ane of his abilities.
  2. Another of your hero attacks the enemy, marked with a Tag, thereby causing it to work. A triggered Tag causes a powerful effect: increasing damage, missing a turn, etc.

At early on levels of Tagging Power, access may non be available. In most cases, Tags go available with a level 5 ability.

Class and Fractional Marks
– these two types of Labels work differently. Only the hero of a sure Form can activate the Class Characterization, and the hero of a sure Fraction can activate the Fractional.

The Class Label is
triggered when the attacking hero belongs to the corresponding Class. For example, the Healer Class Label can but be activated by Healers. The effect when a Form Label is triggered depends on the hero who put it.

Example: Taneda has placed the Healer Class Label using his Path of the Sword ability. At present any Healer who attacks a marked opponent activates the issue of the Class Mark.

The Fractional Tag is
triggered when the attacking hero belongs to the corresponding Fraction. For example, the Kobold Label is activated only if the attacking hero belongs to the Kobold Faction. The effect when a Fractional Tag is triggered depends on the attacking hero.

Unlike Class Labels, the power of non all Heroes of the Faction tin actuate the Fractional Tag. For example, Koboldun marks the Kobold Mark with his Drink the Poison! Power. The Kobold Warbler tin can activate it with his Sudden Strike ability. At the same time, the usual set on does not activate such a Tag.

Examples of using

Koboldun’due south “Drink Poison!” Level 5 and higher puts a Kobold Mark when attacking.

This is a Fractional Tag, which means that the consequence upon activation will depend on the hero activating it.

Fractional tag

During the battle, the Tags icon is displayed above the ability icon, indicating that when using this item set on, the Mark will be placed on the enemy:

Tags icon

Koboldun used the third power, the mark is set, a similar icon appears above the enemy.

used ability

To make the marker work, you lot need to attack the correct hero.

Nosotros written report the description of the attacks of heroes. Kobold Spearman activates the label with the “Sudden Impact” assault. The effect is guaranteed critical harm to enemies with the Kobold Marker:

We study the descriptions of hero attacks

When aiming at a target, the Tags above the hero’s ability and higher up the opponent volition exist highlighted with a cerise light.


Kobold Spearman during an assault volition bargain critical damage.

Some examples of the use of tags:

  • Haranna with the ability to “Healing Light” imposes the Mark of the Dragon People faction on all opponents.
  • Rogar’s ability to “Sizzling Light” reduces the initiative marked opponents to a minimum.
  • Taneda with the Path of the Sword casts a Healer Class Mark. Attacked by any Healer, the enemy will exist poisoned within 3 moves and lose five% of their maximum wellness.
  • Koboldun casts the Kobold Faction Tag with the ability to “Beverage the Poison!” on all opponents.
  • Kobold the Spearman with the ability “Sudden Strike” deals a critical blow to a marked enemy.
  • Kobold Thrasher with the Killer Throw ability causes a marked opponent to skip the next plough.
  • Deep-sea Hound’southward Deep-sea Killer casts Archer Class Tag.
  • Any Shooter, such as Pyro, is guaranteed to hit the target during an attack (no chance to dodge).
  • Angrim places the Boss Class Mark on all enemies while using the Berserk Rage ability.
  • Whatsoever Dominate class hero, such as Roland, will brand the target skip the next turn when attacking.
  • The eraser casts the Dodger Marking when attacking with the power of the Dark Flame.
  • Subsequently an enemy with a tag is attacked by a Dodger class hero, the enemy will be attacked once again by some other Dodger, for example, Sharazar or the Swamp Assassinator.
  • The Priest of the Worm when attacked with the power of the Worm imposes a Mage Class Mark. A blow of any Mage, for example, Roca, will crusade critical harm.

Age of Magic how to enter codes (promotional codes)

Unfortunately, the input codes in the game is not provided! But the game can exist hacked. Later watching the video you will larn how to do it, despite the fact that the video is in English, everything is clear. But we practise not propose doing this, as developers are constantly struggling with this by blocking accounts, and this deed is simply not worthy of wise geeks.

Age of Magic Tournament: Tactics and Secrets

Every Friday, a weekly tournament opens for all 24-hour AoM players for 24 hours. During this event, yous have to fight with other players, just the battles are somewhat different from the arena available daily. In this guide you will find answers to your questions, equally well as tips that will help you to win the tournament!

For each victory in the tournament mode, players receive a number of points equal to the strength of the defeated team. For a successful reflection of the attack also earned a small amount of points. Players lose more than points for the defeat during an attack and less points for a defeat during the defense.

As in the arena style, simply the player of the attacking side participates in the battles of the tournament. The attacked rival team is under AI control. Heroes killed in boxing are not resurrected between tournament battles.

The tournament lasts 24 hours. At the end of fourth dimension, the results of all players are recorded. Each thespian receives an award depending on what place he takes in the tournament.

By participating in the tournament, players can win crystals of ability and gold. To receive an award, you must remain in the ranking of the superlative fifty players at the time of the end of the tournament. A well-deserved reward will await the winners in the mailbox.

Tournament interface.
To participate in the weekly tournament, you need to know about the five elements of the interface.

The number of points scored. You start the tournament with nix points. Points are awarded for each victory over another player. The number of points earned depends on the strength of the opposing unit of measurement. For instance, joining the boxing and defeating a team whose forcefulness is 9,600 units, yous will receive 9,600 points.

The forcefulness of the squad.
An indicator that determines the gainsay effectiveness of a squad, which consists of the strength of its heroes. In addition, the number of points that the winning thespian will receive volition depend on this indicator.

Tournament time
Shows the time until the terminate of the tournament. As soon as the timer completes the countdown, you will receive a reward, the size of which volition depend on the number of your victories in the last 24 hours. Prizes are given to players who have the get-go 50 places in their grouping of 100 players.

Information about the enemy.
Hither you lot can find all the necessary data nigh your opponent: the name, the strength of the squad (the number of points yous get for winning), the heroes in the team, the points gained by the player, too every bit a note well-nigh the possibility or impossibility to fight this player. In this picture you tin see that y’all tin fight with the thespian by clicking on the Attack button.

What does inaugural mean?
Afterward the end of the battle, the players for some time can non enter into new battles. Having completed the battle with the actor, you will not be able to attack him again for the next 8 hours.

The list of participants of the Tournament is formed one twenty-four hour period before its start. If you accept reached player level thirty 24 hours earlier the beginning of the tournament, you can only accept office in the side by side tournament. To participate in the Tournament, i of two weather condition must be met:

  1. Yous had at least one fight in the Arena after the cease of the final Tournament and before the formation of the list of participants.
  2. You participated in the previous tournament.

Useful tips and tactics

The level of health of the characters outside the battle is not replenished, therefore, they must exist protected with the help of the Healers. Even in the most advanced unit without Medico, afterwards several battles, wellness ends. This will happen even if yous fight against weak enemies.

Deceased characters are not available in further battles of the tournament. It is recommended to give up and salve your characters for further battles – a sensible idea, if it is noticeable that you can not win the enemy.Manipulation is performed in the following mode: you must break or get out (close) the game.

Character skills are fully renewed afterwards the boxing (this is the difference with wellness). Information technology is recommended to restore the squad’south wellness scale before the cease of the battle. <

One hero cannot be attacked more than three times. It is advised to attack weak characters in the first battles of the Tournament in order to have time to defeat them many times during the Tournament. A nifty idea is to go out a couple of weak characters in guild to furnish the health of your squad in a battle if information technology diminishes during other fights.

Budgeted the end of the Tournament, it is necessary to remember that the opponents put weak teams into boxing, every bit the powerful characters take long been lost. Hither the detachment with the Doctor is useful, simply you should gather and answer correctly. The sooner the end of the Tournament approaches, the more complicated the situation is: you tin go on a very weak detachment or, conversely, lose an army.

If it happened that the team lost its stiff characters, and became a tasty morsel for the remaining players: it is advised to strike the enemy with the weakest character. The enemy squad will attack this character, merely will not take points.

Age of Magic how to starting time the game over again

In Age of Magic in that location is no option to get-go the game from the beginning. The developers merits that resetting a contour causes many technical issues. Believe me, all the feel that you already accept is very valuable. You tin can retake missions using different tactics, but all the successes that you have already accomplished, too equally the accumulated experience, already serve you for the good.

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However, if you are determined to get-go playing once more, so there is a way to exercise information technology. To do this, you must perform a few elementary steps:

  1. Remove the game Age of Magic.
  2. Get a new Google Play account and sign in.
  3. Again install the game Age of Magic.
  4. Outset the game and link a new business relationship in it.

Age of Magic: Horror Dungeon

Horror Dungeon is a game mode in which players can get chests with diamonds and other rewards. This is an extremely unsafe identify. The aboriginal magic of this legendary dungeon does non allow heroes to rise and restore abilities between battles. Actor heroes can just replenish health between battles.

Heroes of opponents practice non furnish their wellness and besides do not restore abilities between battles. If the player’s heroes died in a battle in the Horror Dungeon, they can exist replaced with any other available heroes. The horror dungeon can be restarted every 24 hours.

The complexity of the
varies with the force of the team. When you first laissez passer the Horror Dungeon, the 3 initial missions have a stock-still difficulty. The complexity of the missions depends on the maximum strength of the squad – that is, the strength of the five most powerful player characters. One time the showtime iii missions are completed, the complexity of the adjacent missions of the Horror Dungeons will depend on the thespian’s current maximum team strength.

Rewards and chests
in the Horror Dungeon also depend on the force of the player’s team.

The stronger the squad, the more diamonds and other awards can exist obtained for the passage.

Diamonds can exist spent at the Horror Dungeon Shop.

Consummate Age of Magic Knowledge Base of operations by Visitor

The Bright Entrada way consists of acts and chapters that reveal the plot of the game.

Normal and heroic modes.
Campaigns tin can be played in normal or heroic mode. Every bit soon as yous complete all the chapters as usual, you lot can get to the heroic one. Each chapter in the heroic mode can be held no more than than v times a day. When playing in normal mode, the fragments are given as a reward just for the start passage of the chapter. In the heroic way to go fragments, the chapter tin can exist repeated many times.

is required to complete capacity in entrada mode. It is gradually replenished past itself.

The stars
. For the passage of each affiliate you get ane, ii or 3 stars. The number of stars depends on the number of heroes who survived the battle.

With the help of the spheres of retention, you can quickly go through only those capacity in which you lot previously deserved three stars.

The rewards
for winning campaign campaign capacity are the following:

  1. Player experience;
  2. Argent;
  3. Memory areas;
  4. Ability cubes;
  5. Experience potions;
  6. Items;
  7. Splinters.

Deed I. Pieces of the Past

On the lost fragment of the ruined world, begins the story of Roland – the Truthful Magician, whose mission leads him through darkness and burn down to the Night Tower. In the first human action of the Brilliant Campaign xv chapters. You can become experience, items of equipment, experience potions, silver and Cubes of Abilities by going through the entrada chapters equally usual. Going through the campaign head in heroic mode, you lot can become not simply more generous rewards, just also shards of heroes. Below is a list of the shards of heroes that can be obtained by passing the chapters of the first Campaign Act in heroic way:

  1. Jagg’s shards.
  2. Fragments of Torak,
  3. The shards of Rogar,
  4. Fragments shnyga.
  5. Groc’southward shards,
  6. Fragments of Taneda,
  7. Fragments of the Fortunetellers Zutimy,
  8. Bellara shards,
  9. Fragments shnyga.
  10. Jagg’south shards.
  11. Without splinters,
  12. Without splinters,
  13. Fragments shnyga.
  14. Groc’s shards,
  15. Fragments of the Fortunetellers Zutima.

Act Two. Shadows of Death

Roland sets off to the swamps of the accursed Arehon in search of the Staff of the Quango, a powerful artifact of antiquity capable of unleashing the power of the True Magician. In the second deed of the Vivid Entrada 15 capacity. Y’all can get experience, items of equipment, experience potions, silvery and Cubes of Abilities by going through the campaign chapters as usual. Going through the campaign head in heroic style, you tin can get non just more generous rewards, but also shards of heroes. Beneath is a list of the shards of heroes that can be obtained by passing the capacity of the second campaign Deed in heroic mode:

  1. Without splinters,
  2. Without splinters,
  3. Without splinters,
  4. Shards of the Abysshound.
  5. Shards of the Arehon Spear.
  6. Without splinters,
  7. Shards of the Arehon Ax Thrower,
  8. Eraser Shards,
  9. Without splinters,
  10. The Gatekeeper fragments,
  11. Shards of the Abysshound.
  12. Without splinters,
  13. Shards of the Arehon Ax Thrower,
  14. Without splinters,
  15. Shards of the Arehon Warlord.

Act Iii. Royal Sands

The search for the Staff of the Council stolen from the Emperor Arehon brought Roland to the very eye of the desert, where the aureate majuscule of the gnome kingdom was once located. In the third act of the Bright Campaign 15 chapters. You can become experience, items of equipment, experience potions, silver and Cubes of Abilities by going through the campaign chapters as usual. Going through the campaign caput in heroic mode, you tin can get not just more generous rewards, simply too shards of heroes. Below is a list of the shards of heroes that can be obtained by passing the heads of the third entrada act in heroic style:

  1. Without splinters,
  2. Fragments shnyga.
  3. Shards of the Arehon Spear.
  4. Without splinters,
  5. Without splinters,
  6. Shards of hargrim.
  7. Without splinters,
  8. Fragments of Troddar,
  9. Without splinters,
  10. Without splinters,
  11. The Gatekeeper fragments,
  12. Without splinters,
  13. Eraser Shards,
  14. Without splinters,
  15. Shards of ambror.

Act IV. Hive Ra`Arhni

In every tunnel there is a danger, for every plough – a deadly threat! Only no matter how difficult the path is, Roland is determined to descend into the darkness of the Ra’Arhni possessions and find the Staff of the Quango. In the quaternary act of the Bright Entrada 15 chapters. Yous tin can go experience, items of equipment, feel potions, silver and Cubes of Abilities by going through the entrada chapters as usual. Going through the campaign caput in heroic mode, you can get not but more generous rewards, but too shards of heroes. Beneath is a listing of the shards of heroes that can be obtained past passing the capacity of the 4th entrada act in heroic fashion:

  1. Without splinters,
  2. Without splinters,
  3. Without splinters,
  4. Shards of Akrashta,
  5. Fragments of the Fortunetellers Zutimy,
  6. Without splinters,
  7. Fragments of Khrshaat,
  8. Without splinters,
  9. Shards of the Abysshound.
  10. Without splinters,
  11. Fragments of Khrshaat,
  12. Without splinters,
  13. Shards of Akrashta,
  14. Without splinters,
  15. Fragments Raaspita.

The Dark Campaign manner
consists of acts and capacity that reveal the plot of the game. Events will take place in the same places where you visited during the Vivid Campaign. Adventures accept place at night, before long afterwards the journeying of Roland and his companions. A hired killer named Sharazar tracks down Roland and his companions.The killer is hunting Roland’due south head in the hope of returning his girl.

Campaigns can exist played in normal or heroic style. As before long as you lot complete all the capacity equally usual, you can go to the heroic one. Each chapter in the heroic mode tin exist held no more than 5 times a day. When playing in normal mode, the fragments are given as a reward only for the first passage of the chapter. In the heroic manner to get fragments, the chapter tin be repeated many times.

is required to consummate capacity in campaign mode. It is gradually replenished past itself.

The stars
. For the passage of each chapter you lot get 1, 2 or iii stars. The number of stars depends on the number of heroes who survived the battle.

With the assistance of the spheres of retentivity, you lot can quickly go through only those chapters in which you previously deserved iii stars.

The rewards for winning campaign campaign chapters are the following:

  1. Thespian feel;
  2. Silverish;
  3. Retentivity areas;
  4. Power cubes;
  5. Experience potions;
  6. Items;
  7. Splinters.

Clans in Historic period of Magic, clan quests

Clans are bachelor from level 28. The virtually important value of the clan is the ability to get association tokens that can be spent on the market to buy fragments of the most powerful heroes and diverse things.

Clan buildings modify every 24-hour interval to meet them y’all need to go to the advisable section. All social club members perform a clan mission. The better your comrades perform the job, the greater the size of the reward that each member of the clan will receive. Simply it is not worth freeing, hoping that the other players will practise everything for y’all. When distributing awards, the rating is valid, the more your contribution to the overall success, the higher your place in the rating, and the better the advantage. All tasks and their implementation strategy are presented in the table beneath.

day 1 and 2

day 3 and 4

day 5 and 6

day 7

Information technology is of import to be the top clan with the maximum possible number of active players. Therefore, systematically employ the search office of the clan, and without being distraught go to a stronger clan.Some weak clans that go on strong players give them ranks – do non be fooled past this play a trick on.Membership in a strong clan will give you much more!

How to age correctly in Age of Magic?

is the most valuable metallic in Age of Magic. It is for aureate you can buy the best things. In the shop for aureate you lot can buy chests, spheres of memory, energy, fragments, silver, also as various items. Gold can exist obtained for battles in the arena, participation in the tournament, or every bit a daily advantage. It can likewise be purchased at the shop.

Argent is
used both to create and increase the level of equipment, and to increment the level and star of heroes.Silver in the game tin can be obtained almost everywhere: in campaign mode, in the Dungeon of Horror, for daily trials and tasks. In addition, it can be purchased at the shop.

Ability crystals
are a special currency for which you tin buy hero shards and other items on the arena market.Power crystals are awarded for victories in battles in the arena and the weekly tournament.

are a special currency for which y’all can buy hero fragments and other items in the shop of Horror Dungeons. Diamonds are available for completing Horror Dungeon missions.

Campaign energy
– this type of free energy is the main resource of campaign mode. Energy is needed to carry out missions in the campaign mode and their immediate passage through the spheres of memory. Energy is gradually recovering on its own. The maximum amount of free energy increases with increasing levels. At the beginning of the game the maximum amount of energy is 30 units. When reaching levels from 5 to 65, it will increase by 1, and from 66 to 80 – by two units, up to 120 units of energy at level 80.

The energy of the Treasure Valley is
needed to complete missions in the Treasure Valley mode and instantly navigate through the memory spheres. Energy is gradually recovering on its ain. Recovering the energy of the Treasure Valley is twice equally wearisome. than free energy campaigns. The maximum amount of energy increases with increasing levels. At the showtime of the game the maximum amount of energy is 30 units. When reaching levels from five to 65, information technology will increase by ane, and from 66 to 80 – by two units, up to 120 units of energy at level 80.

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Retentivity spheres
permit you to instantly complete a level in campaign mode or daily trials, provided that you take already passed this exam or level with three stars. With instantaneous passage, i surface area of memory and the same amount of energy is consumed as with a normal passage. Afterward using the sphere of memory, you lot will receive all the items that you would receive if y’all passed the level ordinarily. Retentivity spheres can be bought at the store or received for completing all the daily challenges, as well every bit a reward for a successful battle.

Player feel
is the special points needed to level up. Player level is an indicator of his success in the game. To increase the level of heroes, y’all need to increase the thespian’s experience by gaining experience points.

Experience potions
increase hero level. The maximum level is 80. To increment the level of the hero, you may need more than than i experience potion. Players tin select the number of applied potions of experience in the profile of the hero. Experience potions can exist rewarded for completing campaign missions and daily challenges.In improver, you can buy them in the shop.

Cubes of abilities
are used to increase the level of abilities of heroes. With each level obtained, the efficiency of the ability increases. When a certain level is reached, the ability to overlay and activate tags will open up. The higher the level of ability, the higher should exist the stardom of cubed abilities, and the more they volition be required. Cubes can be mined in campaign style and daily trials.

Fragments of heroes
are used to unlock new heroes and increase their stardom. To proceeds access to new heroes, you lot need to collect a certain number of fragments. Most of the heroes can exist unlocked for ten fragments, only sometimes they may require much more. If unlocking a hero requires a lot of shards, this ways that he will have an increased stardom. Fragments can be obtained as a reward for completing certain missions in campaign mode.You can also buy them in the store. To find out what mission y’all can get fragments in the reward, use the search.

tin be rewarded for completing missions in entrada style. In add-on, you lot can buy them in the store.To discover out what mission you lot can go items in reward, use the search. Items may enhance the following characteristics:

  • speed;
  • force;
  • dexterity;
  • intelligence;
  • concrete and magical harm;
  • piercing armor;
  • health;
  • armor protection and magic resistance;
  • concrete and magical stamina;
  • critical impairment (separately for physical and magical attacks);
  • critical damage probability (separately for physical and magic attacks);
  • evasion.

Hyde Loonshit

In the arena, players can test their strength by fighting each other. At the end of the twenty-four hour period, you will receive aureate and power crystals as a reward. The size of the award depends on the identify that you managed to have.

How many attacks tin you make per 24-hour interval?
Players can assault each other 5 times a day. Later on defeating the enemy, you lot volition exchange places in the ranking. Defeated, you continue the same position. By spending gilded, you can replenish the available number of attacks.

Fourth dimension limit
When you enter the battle you lot will have five minutes to complete information technology. If the time is over, the battle will be lost and y’all will remain in the same identify.

Every bit in tournament mode, just the role player of the attacking side participates in the battles in the arena. The squad that you lot are attacking is under AI control.

Daily results are summed up on the results of battles in the arena. Players in the arena ranking receive power and gold crystals every bit a reward. These crystals tin can be exchanged for shards of the hero or equipment.

Age of Magic – the passage of the Queen Ra’Arhni

Queen Ra’Archni is the boss who is bachelor for boxing just in visitor mode. Information technology consists of 4 sub-bossas: left claw, correct claw, head and belly. The Queen has a number of powerful abilities:

  1. The left claw – severe harm, fifty% accuracy reduction.
  2. Right pincer – weak damage, reduced accuracy, a ban on the use of abilities.
  3. Royal toxin – queen bite, causing huge damage and poisoning the hero for ii turns.
  4. The queen’s volition is the resurrection of the severed limbs and the cure past twoscore%.

Optimal squad:

  1. It is recommended to take the following heroes into battle: Denaya, Lucky, Silver Moon, Hargrim, The Rock, Velundar (friend’due south hero).
  2. The optimal level of heroes – higher up 55 lvl.
  3. Optimum star heroes – v * and amend.

Battle tactics:

  1. Nosotros must kill the first enemies without consuming our abilities on them.
  2. Concrete harm confronting the left claw – Hangrim, Denaya, Silver Moon, Lucky.
  3. Magical impairment confronting the right claw – Stone, Velundar.
  4. Head and abdomen can be beaten by whatsoever characters.
  5. In a boxing confronting the head, information technology is better to accumulate your own special blows, to undergo treatment and use buffs to prepare for the battle with the abdomen.
  6. In the battle with the belly you need to use the most powerful blows.
  7. If the belly grow limbs – this is not critical, just start from points 2 and iii

If you however neglect to defeat the Queen – just disappoint your characters and good luck will definitely smile at you lot.

The passage of events, trials and treasure valleys Age of Magic

Every few weeks, all players of a sure level tin can participate in one of the mini-campaigns chosen events. A histrion tin accept function in several events at the aforementioned time. Events are but bachelor for a short time, but the role player’southward passing is preserved, so at that place’s no need to worry if the event could not be completed immediately. Each event consists of several missions.

The offset mission is ever available, but to gain admission to the post-obit players must accept a certain number of heroes of a certain level and rarity. All event information can exist found in a special building on the chief screen. As a reward, yous can get fragments of rare and potent heroes.

  • To unlock Rock, consummate the Kobold Affair event.
  • To unlock the Succubus, consummate the Swamp Lights issue.
  • To unlock Siegfried, complete the Winter Suspension consequence.
  • To unlock Kage, consummate the Ninja Style consequence.
  • To unlock Tsuny, complete the event “Fox Hunting”.

. Test style consists of a series of missions that can be performed only with the aid of sure units. Each mission has specific requirements for the composition of the team. Trials brainstorm on a specific twenty-four hour period of the week.

  1. Trials for the Dodgers – Monday, Thursday, Lord’s day.
  2. Tests for Melee Fighters – Mon, Thursday, Sunday.
  3. Tests for Healers – Tuesday, Fri, Sunday.
  4. Tests for Magov – Tuesday, Friday, Sunday.
  5. Arrow Tests – Wednesday, Saturday, Dominicus.
  6. Trials for Advocates – Wed, Sat, Dominicus.

Treasure Valley
– an additional game mode where y’all can get ability cubes and shards. Treasure Valley consists of acts and capacity that reveal the storyline associated with information technology. To complete the chapters in treasure Valley mode, special energy is required. This energy is gradually recovering on its own.

For the passage of each chapter you get ane, ii or three stars. The number of stars depends on the number of heroes who survived the battle.

With the help of the spheres of retentiveness, y’all tin can apace go through merely those chapters in which you previously deserved 3 stars. For the passage of the heads of the Treasure Valley yous can go the following rewards: silver, ability cubes, experience potions, shards and rune coins.

Questions and answers

I lost my progress in the game. What to do?

The Game Center application (installed past default on your iOS device) automatically saves your game data and allows you to play on other devices without losing game progress. Game Center supports linking only one game profile to an account. Changing Game Center settings volition effect in loss of game progress.

The reasons for the loss of progress:

  1. You played with the unconnected Game Center, and so turned it on in the settings. Game progress has begun anew.
  2. You played with the connected Game Center, but and so turned it off.
  3. You use unlike devices and are non logged in to the Game Centre to which your gaming contour is attached.
  4. If your progress is reset and you lot started the game with a new contour, contact the support team through the Help button in the game settings and notify two of your nicknames: in the new profile and contour you want to restore.

What is the maximum level in Historic period of Magic?

Currently, the maximum player level is 80. Your level is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. The level of heroes is tied to the role player’s level, therefore, the maximum level of heroes is also 80.

How to discover new heroes?

To open a new hero, you need to collect a sure number of fragments. Open the profile of the hero yous need. The number of fragments of this hero you have is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. To find out how and where you can become the missing pieces, click the Observe button. Fragments of some heroes are available only from a sure player level.

How to play on multiple devices running iOS?

The Game Heart awarding (installed by default on your iOS device) automatically saves your game data and allows yous to play on different devices without losing game progress. If y’all desire to play on different devices running iOS from the same profile:

  1. Make sure your gaming contour is linked to your Game Center business relationship. Important: if at this stage you detect that your game profile is not attached to the Game Center, please contact the support team through the Aid button in the game settings.
  2. Open the Game Center on the new device. Log in to the same Game Heart account to which your game profile is associated. Your progress is synchronized automatically. Of import: at the same time you tin play merely on one device. When irresolute the device, opening the game, click the “Update session” button to synchronize the game progress.

How to choose a hero that my friends tin can add to your team?

Your friends can only utilise your strongest hero in battles. When you add another histrion as a friend, you can besides employ his best hero in the battles. If the strongest hero in the list of all heroes bachelor to you has changed, then another hero will automatically become available to friends in battles. You cannot use ii identical heroes in a battle at the same time. When you take a friend’due south hero into a battle, your analogous hero automatically becomes unavailable to you.

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