Bravo Six Going Dark Meaning

Let’s get Hadir, earlier he starts a third world war in Barkov’s basement.
— Price

Going Nighttime” is the thirteenth and penultimate campaign level in

Phone call of Duty: Mod Warfare



The Butcher
in Saint petersburg,
Captain Price
Sergeant Garrick
motility to
last known location. Using a commandeered police cruiser, they keep to
General Barkov’s
private estate in Moldova. Garrick questions the ethics of the operation in Russian federation, to which Price states that someone must do the dirty work.

With the help of
Al-Qatala, Hadir had stormed Barkov’s estate, taking hostage several employees and relatives of Barkov. Price and Garrick go far at night and enter the belongings. They eliminate Al-Qatala fighters along the way, using the comprehend of the dark to their advantage using
night vision goggles. Garrick begins to articulate 3 central buildings in the manor, under overwatch from Price. Garrick discovers a hostage in each building being interrogated past Al-Qatala fighters. Later on eliminating all threats in the surface area, he attempts to check if the hostages have divulged any information. While nigh of them oasis’t given in, the final 1 that Garrick discovers reveals that something is happening at the third floor of the main house, as well as the numbers four-5-ane.

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Garrick and Price regroup at the third floor, where they encounter an office door locked by a keypad. Using the code iv-five-1, Garrick is able to unlock the door. Within, they observe Hadir. Price and Garrick capture him, and observe that he plant data on a
factory in Borjomi, Georgia where Barkov’s chemical weapons are made. As the team prepares to leave with Hadir,
Barkov’due south forces
arrive, leveling the building with an attack helicopter. Price, Garrick, and Hadir narrowly escape, later which Hadir is restrained and escorted away.

Weapon Loadout

Starting Loadout
Found in level

These weapons can be found with and without attachments.

During the escape

The weapon given past Hadir after the helicopter demolishes the staircase.