Empires and Puzzles How to Use Emblems

The talent grid will eat more hither form tokens than I can go… does that audio familiar? Well, that’s some normal struggle for every Empires & Puzzles player out at that place. What I wanted to testify in this guide is the perfect routine that allows you to become the nigh hero class emblems that you can get.

If you look for the best means to invest your emblems in the talent grid you desire to
cheque out my guide hither.

All-time Means To Get Hero Class Emblems

Let’s take a look at the best means to really get hero class emblems.

Elemental Chests (Rare Wanted Missions)

You encounter from time to fourth dimension the task to impale a certain corporeality of monsters with a sure chemical element. Those chests give you one of the best odds to get up to 20 hero course emblems out of one single chest when solving it, which isn’t really hard at all.

The simply downside is… they don’t announced that often and then make sure that you don’t miss them by checking in daily. I’ve written also a full guide with the best levels to farm those monsters effectively
here in this guide. If you lot accept the Gems yous can likewise skip some to go to the next rare wanted mission faster, so if you’re in desperate need of hero grade emblems and would spend Gems I’d recommend doing that here.

Brotherhood War Breast

war chest emblemsAnother thing that many people don’t mind are the hero form emblems you can get from the State of war Chest when you performed well in Alliance War. I know yous need a solid alliance for getting great results in the long run merely being in an alliance that barely participates in the Alliance War will but gear up you dry out on emblems in the long run.

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You will need a ton of emblems for each hero so get an alliance that performs frequent alliance wars.

If your alliance is active but all the same has trouble performing well, you lot might want to cheque out
my total guide
on burdensome brotherhood war with multiple techniques in it here.


titans geward emblemsTitans tin also drib your hero class emblems simply the chances are a lot lower than elemental chests and also the number of emblems you get is lower.

This doesn’t hateful you shouldn’t focus on that and in the long run besides the emblems you get hither volition help yous. If there’due south a Titan on the map you should yet go all-in and try to accept information technology downward and promise for some emblems. Even if you lot don’t get any, yous will still get some decent loot, right? 😉

I also have written hither a total guide on how to approach Titans all-time with tips for the team to use and the items to accept with yous – check out
my full guide here.

Challenge Events & Trials

Of class, you can also get them from trials and challenge events and farming them should also be a part of your routine in Empires & Puzzles.

I have hither a monthly updated schedule of all the upcoming events and trials that will help y’all to plan ahead and know when they are coming so you’re prepared.

Bank check out here the monthly effect schedule

VIP Pass

Well, this is the only thing that requires you to spend money on Empires & Puzzles and I’m not the kind of guy to either tell y’all to not do it or to practise information technology for sure… But if you lot’re not sure if you should do it or not, mind that you will likewise get hero class emblems every day from the VIP Pass in Empires & Puzzles.

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vip pass hero class emblem

Don’t! Waste! Them!

Do not spend any emblems on 3-Star or iv-Star heroes…. you lot will regret it subsequently and taking them off will simply keep five% of the emblems. I have written a lot of tips well-nigh spending emblems
hither in my talent grid guide
that I tin only recommend y’all to read.