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Elevation reviews from the United States

Amazon Client

Reviewed in the U.s.a. on December 27, 2020

1.0 out of 5 stars

Tired of Prime number’southward B.Due south

This is Bull. They sell y’all something without honoring the release date. Why practice I buy a motion picture I can’t sentry. Man I am tired of Prime’s B.Southward. Its e’er deceiving over petty crap. I will become my movies from Vudu at present.

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Amazon Customer

Reviewed in the Us on February 20, 2021

5.0 out of 5 stars

Bad reviews hateful no more money spent on video game adaptations, hence b-rate movies

Verified purchase

I think it’s important to notation to “gamers” that dislike the discontinuity and accurateness between games and movies, or that are upset with the timeline of release, that bad reviews, and refusal to watch a movie, hinder future films and brand producers unwilling to pay out for the genre, thus limiting opportunities to brand good adaptations. THAT BEING SAID: I really liked it, I don’t play the game simply the movie was action-packed, with good fight scenes and not bad monsters. The best part for me was the realistic and conceivable reactions (of actors). My kids are hardcore fans of the game and they think the monsters were accurate bated from one being non to calibration… lol. They were really negative nigh watching it because of the reviews until I explained that reviews are basically useless if they focus on anything simply the actual movie. They liked the picture show overall and how the manager made the human world the old world and fit in with the teleporter. Some characters that entered late, died too quickly and didn’t contribute to the movie as in the game. They besides said it was way more brutal and gory than the game, which I thought was hilarious. Anyway don’t ruin the genre for anybody else because of your crappy elistist reviews. Carry-on

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Timothy Savio

Reviewed in the United States on December 27, 2020

1.0 out of 5 stars

Not what I expected

Waited for this movie to be released. Was going to sentry on Christmas nighttime. Very disappointed.

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Ross One thousand.

Reviewed in the The states on December 21, 2020

two.0 out of 5 stars

Not Even Close To What It Should Have Been

This movie had so much potential and it was completely wasted. To land such a talent similar Tony Jaa and Milla Jovovich and completely squander them on a half baked story is utterly disappointing.

Coming from the stand up point of a Monster Hunter fan who has been playing the series for about ten years at present, this is non the movie the series deserved. It should take been set in the Monster Hunter globe to begin with, and stayed in that location. This whole, our world comes into their world and visa versa is non necessary. All the elements for making a good Monster Hunter movie were right there, they but weren’t utilized.

Hopefully if we do get a sequel they will approve on some things and make information technology a footling more palatable for fans and newcomers alike.

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Reviewed in the U.s. on December 20, 2020

5.0 out of v stars

MUST Spotter

As a huge MHW videogamer this was PHENOMINAL. I know they made their own plotline, only they executed information technology perfectly! AND stayed true to the videogames story. HUGE props!!! Must watch!

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Reviewed in the United States on January ane, 2021

3.0 out of 5 stars

Silver lining

I called amazon to run across what the consequence with the release date ways and from what they told me they were supposed to get the rights to release information technology that twenty-four hours, but the flick visitor hasn’t released the rights to them yet. So they take to await. A good movie to watch in the mean time is honey and monsters its pretty practiced. MH will still be released or they tin practise a money back they told me. They just don’t know the date correct now because the movie company that owns the rights hasn’t relinquished them to amazon to stream all the same.

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Siris Dracken

Reviewed in the U.s.a. on Feb 16, 2021

one.0 out of five stars

An incredibly disappointing and horrible take on the Monster Hunter Universe.

Verified buy

I accept no idea how this person gets to keep making video game adaptations but wow does they always proceed to disappoint. This is hands one of the worst directions this motion-picture show could accept been taken, why does modern military and our real life universe demand to be mixed with Monster Hunter at all? Its utterly idiotic to completely ignore the globe and setting already set in place by the Monster Hunter games…why…just why was this made this style.

The story is just…ugh completely contrived nonsense, Monster Hunter already has a story…but follow that…it’s then freaking unproblematic that it’due south astounding this movie is this bad.

The Wyverns all look freaking nifty, which just adds to the disappointment considering you lot can meet the artists actually cared to nail the Monster Hunter universe look…to bad the story and directing didn’t do the aforementioned.

Do not pay money to sentry this, just don’t watch it at all, its non worth the fourth dimension in your life you would have to surrender to meet this garbage. I am wasting more than of my life on this movie now just to write this and tell you to please not watch this garbage and spend the fourth dimension you saved on something better.

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Reviewed in the Usa on February eighteen, 2021

i.0 out of 5 stars

How Practice I Become Dorsum My $19.99??

Verified buy

I’grand then freaking disappointed! How do yous terminate your unabridged cast within 15mins? This movie is just another resident evil. Ane main grapheme going through unbelievable situations surviving it all, while those around her die.

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