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The Isle

The Isle

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[WIP] Beginner’south EVRIMA Guide

Contains information such every bit growth timers, combat controls and UI controls. This guide is intended for those wanting to play on the heavily revised update: EVRIMA while being every bit resourceful as possible for both new gamers and veteran players. Questions and suggestions are welcomed.


W E L C O One thousand East

Welcome to my EVRIMA guide! This guide contains information such equally gameplay mechanics, combat controls, reading the UI, and more. This guide is tailored for those wanting to play on the heavily revised update: EVRIMA while beingness every bit resourceful equally possible for new gamers and veteran players.
Questions and suggestions are welcomed.

Please notation, this guide is terribly in-complete.


D O W N L O A D I Northward G – E 5 R I M A :

When installing The Isle for the first fourth dimension, you will be greeted with the legacy version of the game. Legacy is the older, less “raw” version of the game. To play on EVRIMA, you lot will need to swap branches, which tin be done by post-obit the steps below.

Ensure you lot have The Isle downloaded

  • Open up Steam
  • Navigate to your LIBRARY
  • Locate “The Isle” and press Download

Once The Island is downloaded:

  • Right click “The Isle” on Steam
  • Select Properties > Betas
  • Select the beta “EVRIMA public branch” on the drop-downwardly menu




  • Hold Spacebar while stationary

    Stationary have-off. It is used to launch yourself into the air to fly at the cost of actress stamina.
  • Hold Spacebar while sprinting

    Running take-off. It costs less stamina than the stationary take-off but takes longer to go into the air.
  • Hold Spacebar while flying

    Fly upwards.
  • Hold Correct CTRL while flight

    Fly down.
  • Hold Left SHIFT while flight

    Wing faster at an increased stamina cost.
  • Hold Z while flight

    Air pause. It is used to dull yourself downwardly to land safely. Do not hold for extended periods, or y’all volition plummet from the sky.
  • Concord Correct CTRL + Z while flight

    Prophylactic decent. It is used to tiresome down and make a steep descent. Safe to hold for extended periods.


K E N Eastward R A L – M Eastward C H A Due north I C Due south


Upon taking likewise much damage, exist it from blood loss, dehydration, starvation, or combat, your character will keel over and die, becoming a feces for any passing predators. Death will reset your progress to the beginning, and then be careful and pick your fights wisely.


WIP. Hold Q. Longer you hold Q, the more you lot odour


Wallowing in mud coats your animate being and makes you odor similar mud, temporarily preventing players from odor-tracking your footprints. Non just that, but if you’ve got open up wounds and are bleeding, wallowing will clot these open up wounds and prevent further claret loss unless they’re reopened again.

Resting & Quick Stand

If y’all’ve run out of stamina and demand to recover, you can sit down past pressing H. This allows you to recover stamina faster, but it’s better done if you know yous’re condom, as sitting downwards prevents you from attacking.

If you find yourself caught off-guard and in immediate danger, standing upwards apace might save your pare. Quick stand, done past pressing any movement key while resting, allows you to get up quickly from a resting position at the price of stamina.


Entering deep water automatically sets you to swimming. Swimming in water is a physically taxing activity and volition drain your stamina. Exist careful when entering the water with low stamina; you’ll brainstorm to submerge and drown one time all stamina is lost. Be warned; some predators cruise under murky waters.


Eating from your preferred diet
(found when viewing your graphic symbol menu by pressing INSERT on your keyboard)
rewards you with a reduction to your electric current debuffs, or more only, only less literally, a buff to specific statistics. These statistics include the speed you abound, your night vision, scent range, and recovery rates.

The reduction of statistic buffs discourages players from expanding exterior of their diet, but you tin can stave off starvation by choosing something that’south off of your menu. Carnivores, unless stated otherwise, suffer if they cannibalize from their species, as consuming the mankind of your kind results in no nutritional gain, muscle spasms and infertility.




You will find yourself vomiting if you end up overeating from whatever nutrient source, and then be sure to keep an heart on your stats. Vomiting negatively affects your stamina, food, and hunger by temporarily capping how much yous tin can consume and will turn your HUD a sickly yellow.

Salt Rocks

Currently not in-game.


Hold the Friendly Call (2 Key) another of your species to invite them to a grouping. Grouping should be considered separate from casually tagging along with other animals, as this mechanic but works on others of your species, significant that equally a Stegosaurus, you’d concur the two Key to invite another Stegosaurus. Even so, the aforementioned wouldn’t piece of work on a Tenontosaurus.

It’s too worth noting that group is limited to a sure number of people per group, the verbal number being dissimilar depending on the species. Beingness in also big of a grouping will cause your odor to exist a lot easier to track, leaving big plumes of stink wherever you and the group get.


Currently not in-game.

H E R B I V O R East – E 10 C L U S I V Due east


Grazing from grass, done by holding the Due east key, refills your hunger slightly. This is not a sustainable method for keeping your hunger high, merely it helps stave off starvation for the fourth dimension beingness.

C A R N I V O R E – E X C Fifty U S I Five E

Corpse Dragging

Carnivores are able to latch on to and drag/carry bodies by using the Thou primal. Pressing the G key over again lets yous drop it. This can be used every bit a ways to bring food to friends, or moving it to a more secure location.

Note: You lot cannot carry bodies that outweigh yous. Attempting to will result in grabbing a meat chunk instead.

Conveying Meat Chunks

Grab meat chunks by pressing G over a body that’southward also large to actually carry. Your character will automatically grab a decent sized chunk of meat, letting yous run abroad to snack safely.


C O M B A T – Grand Due east C H A Northward I C Southward


If you have a pesky fauna stuck to your side and clawing your hide,
concord E. You lot’ll begin to flail, which drains the attacker’s stamina tremendously. If they don’t hop off in time, they’ll autumn to the ground and be open for an easy assail. Alternatively, you tin run upward against trees, knocking your attacker off.

Bleed & Claret Pools

Every animal has a certain amount of blood in its body. Y’all accept it; I take it; these animals have it; your stuffed animate being has it. Your blood pool can be considered your ‘second health puddle’ as losing all your blood will effect in decease, no matter your overall health.

Y’all will begin to temporarily drain if whatsoever form of piercing/slicing attack hits y’all, and so in one case that claret puddle starts getting low, consider finding some mud to clot your wounds with and hiding somewhere safety. The amount of blood you lose varies depending on your hunger, thirst, and stamina, so a healthier, more well-fed player will be able to resist better than a hungry player.

Annotation: Wallowing clots wounds, and your hunger/thirst/stamina impacts the corporeality of blood lost.

Scarred, or “Locked” Health

Taking any form of damage will lock off a small-scale percentage of your maximum health. Yous will still exist able to heal, simply the health that has been locked off will require additional time to heal off earlier you’re at maximum wellness once more.




The Dryosaurus (meaning
“tree cadger”) is famous for its agility, maneuverability, and small stature. It is a favorite snack amongst the carnivorous population, encouraging the Dryosaurus to hibernate abroad from what it tin’t outrun inside the safety of its burrow. You lot will run across Dryosaurus often shortened to
past the majority of the community.

The Dryosaurus, at nigh, takes two hours to grow into an adult. Maintain your preferred nutrition to reduce this growth time. Eating from a perfect diet can reduce this growth time to 29 minutes.

D I E T – I North F O

Eating nutrient based on your favored diet
(Visible equally green icons when you scent)
will reduce your negative debuffs. A good for you enough diet will turn these negative debuffs into positive buffs, including improving your growth rate, smell range, night vision, and increased recovery of stats.

  • Variegated Orange, located:
  • Agave, located:
  • Sunchoke Roots, located:

C O Grand B A T – C O North T R O L S

The Dryosaurus is a flighty plant eater and easy casualty for many larger animals. Use your quick wits and skillful dodges to your best power to swiftly escape your predators.

  • LMB

  • RMB

    RMB + A strafes to the left, RMB + D strafes you lot to the correct






The Tenontosaurus (significant

) was ane of the founding playable species in EVRIMA and is best known for its immense tail and fiery attacks, making it a formidable herbivore. It’south commonly referred to by the customs every bit
for short, with some slight variations in spelling.

The Tenontosaurus, at about, takes 7 hours to grow into an adult. Maintain your preferred diet to reduce this growth time. Eating from a perfect diet can reduce this growth time to 1 hr and 30 minutes.

D I Due east T – I N F O

Eating food based on your favored diet
(Visible as green icons when you scent)
will reduce your negative debuffs. A salubrious enough diet will turn these negative debuffs into positive buffs, including improving your growth charge per unit, odour range, night vision, and increased recovery of stats.

  • Mountain Ash, located: Swamps
  • Wild Potato Root, located: River Banks
  • Radish Root, located: All Land Biomes

C O Thou B A T – C O N T R O L S

The earth is a scary place and not without hungry predators, so you better get acquainted with your controls! Detect a technique that suits you to gainsay against your attackers. Some attacks deal heavy blows, but will drain your stamina. It’s wise not to overuse them, only utilise them when you lot are confident you volition hitting your target.

  • LMB

  • Left ALT + LMB

    Claw Attack
  • RMB

    Rear Kick
    Information technology tin be used while moving
  • Left ALT + RMB

    Tail Slam

    Stuns enemies temporarily
  • E

    When held, bucks

    Information technology tin merely be used when enemies have latched onto you




Deinosuchus (meaning
“Terrible Crocodile”
) will requite you lot reason to fright the depths with these large crocodilians prowling the waterways. Be sure to take the utmost care… Else yous may notice yourself snatched upward in the jaws of the terrifying Deinosuchus!

The Deinosuchus, at nigh, takes 20 hours to grow into an adult. Maintain your preferred nutrition to reduce this growth time. Eating from a perfect diet can reduce this growth time to 4 hour and 30 minutes.

D I East T – I N F O

The Deinosuchus does not take a preferred nutrition, gaining nutritional buffs from eating any meat resources, and can safely cannibalize its species. The Deinosuchus cannot eat food while underwater and must rise to the h2o surface or be on land to exercise so.

M O V E M E N T – C O M B A T – C O Northward T R O L Southward

  • Spacebar (in h2o)

    Swim up.
  • Left CTRL (in water)

    Swim downwards.
  • Tap RMB (when swimming)

    Water boost. It is used to launch yourself to your fastest pond speed rapidly.
  • Water Sense (Passive)

    Used for detecting nearby movement in the water.
  • Hold Q (while underwater)

    Enhanced Water Sense. It is used to detect movement in the water at a farther range.

    The longer the key is held, the further yous tin can sense. To use regular scent, you must be in a higher place the surface of the water.

C O Thousand B A T – C O North T R O L Due south

  • Agree RMB (when walking on the bed of h2o sources)

    Big lunge—used to grab targets to drown them.

    Only constructive on targets one-half your weight or less, otherwise it causes you to be staggered.
  • Agree RMB (on land)

    Small lunge. As higher up, just doesn’t launch equally far and costs more stamina.



P R O F I 50 E

Utahraptor (meaning
“Utah’due south predator”
) has undoubtedly earned its fearsome reputation as the epitome of cunning and ferocity, able to maneuver at loftier speeds and pounce upon unsuspecting victims swiftly. While all Utahraptors are inherently unsafe… It’s the ones you don’t see that are truly clever. The Utahraptor is typically shortened down to “Utah” by the customs.

The Utahraptor, at most, takes half dozen hours to grow into an adult. Maintain your preferred nutrition to reduce this growth fourth dimension. Eating from a perfect diet can reduce this growth fourth dimension to 1 hour and fifteen minutes.

D I E T – I N F O

Eating food based on your favored diet will reduce your negative debuffs. Juvenile carnivores typically do not have a preferred diet, but you volition even so proceeds nutritional buffs equally long as you avoid cannibalism (unless stated otherwise).

  • Boar, located:
  • Tenontosaurus, located:
  • Pachycephalosaurus, located:
  • Carnotaurus, located: Arid/Plains
  • Stegosaurus, located: Plains/Arid
  • Chicken, located: All Land Biomes

C O M B A T – C O N T R O L Southward

Even the most skillful start somewhere, and you’ll be competing against these players, and so you better get acquainted with your controls. Detect a technique that suits y’all in gainsay. Some attacks will drain a loftier amount of stamina with high damage output, so use them wisely.

  • LMB

    Front Claw / Bite
  • ALT + LMB

    Forepart Claw / Bite
    Based on the camera, Surface area of Consequence (AOE) attack
  • Concur RMB

    Launch / Pounce
    Release RMB to cancel the pounce