As time went on, across the span of half dozen years,
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
experienced some obvious and incredible visual growth. The animation of the series drastically improved in that time, creating an artistic masterpiece by the time the afterwards seasons, and especially the
concluding flavour, rolled around.

The artistic growth of the prove’s animation led to more and more amazing fan fine art pieces. With so many breathtaking galactic landscapes and an extensive roster of great characters to draw inspiration from, the range ofClone Warsfan art is insane. So, with the series ended and fans still peckish more of information technology, allow’southward take a await at ten of the very best fan art pieces inspired pastStar Wars: The Clone Wars.


Clone Troopers

At the end of the day, there is noClone Warswithout the clones.
made sure that no one forgets that fact, showing love to the crazy amount of clone types that exist in the
Star Wars

When watching, it’s hard to really get a grasp on all of the different clone types running around. Luckily, this incredible piece helps you realize merely how many there truly are, and in that location are probably many more that didn’t make the cut. Information technology also shows love to some ofClone
Wars’southwardvirtually iconic characters such as Captain Rex, Fives, Repeat, Commander Cody, and even the plain-featured clone “99.”


Bad Batch

As well-nigh fans know,Clone
Wars‘sseventh season was an absolute gem from starting time to stop. Non merely did the animation quality noticeably amend, but the stories got more and more than entertaining as the overarching tale got closer to its climactic finish. One of the season’s best episodes was actually its first, and
knows it.

The first episode of the final season finally brought the “Bad Batch,” a rogue team of misformed clone troopers, to life. Joe Hogan, an extremely well-known artist responsible for countless incredibleStar Warspieces, created a jaw-dropping affiche here that only makes you desire to become dorsum and rewatch the episode. It’southward a slap-up nod to one ofClone Wars’s almost fascinating clone concepts and Hogan’s love for anythingStar Warsexudes from just about whatsoever piece he creates.



Information technology’southward no secret that the master-apprentice relationship between
Anakin Skywalker
Ahsoka Tano
is i of the best of the entire show.

In this,
captures the true nature of their relationship in the sense that both would go to battle for the other, e’er having each other’s backs. It’s a perfect depiction of the togetherness that Ahsoka and Anakin had on the battlefield and a friendship that was so much more than than just a master and an apprentice.


Clone Wars

Sometimes, some of the best pieces of fan are the nigh general. They don’t necessarily capture a specific element of the muse for which they’re creating, but instead, portray a more general look at the story.Celebriellsilel shows just how amazing these pieces can exist.

Tributing the show’s key characters in this beautiful, poster-style piece, she’s also incorporated an incredible range of colors that make the piece so vivid. Plus, the eyes of Asajj Ventress laid over the dark red give the piece such a menacing feeling that’s hard to ignore.


Whispers Of The By

It’s hard to look at this piece, meant to be a wallpaper, and realize that information technology was published back in 2014. It virtually feels like it was made specifically for that final Ahsoka scene in theClone Warsfinale, as she overlooks the graves of the fallen clone troopers.

Thetechromancer’s style gives a more realistic look to Ahsoka hither and manages to even give her a similar look to how she appeared at the finish of the
season vii
finale. The piece showcases an incredible utilize of lighting, from Ahsoka herself to the crashed Star Destroyer. Overall, it evokes the same emotion as her concluding scene in the serial and managed to capture that feeling six years before it would even happen.


Maul And Ahsoka

It’s probably condom to say that Ahsoka Tano and a good
Darth Maul
appearance are two things that everyClone Warsfan loves. Flavor 7 provided enough of them both, building such a circuitous rivalry/human relationship between the two.

Ahsoka’southward relationship with Maul apace became a major focus of flavour seven and provided some of the final season’s best moments. Non many fan art pieces are able to capture the intensity and ferociousness of their battles also every bit
Hannah Payne’south. Just setting a beautifully detailed,

-esque, version of Ahsoka in front of the menacing mug of Maul, you can become a skilful sense of the true resentment that they have for one another that led to one of the series’s greatest fight sequences of all-time.


Double Troubles

Learning that Darth Maul had a brother was one of the great and many surprises ofStar Wars: The Clone Wars. Then, it simply makes sense that many out there take created cute works of fine art for Maul and Savage.

Arguably none are better than this 1 washed past
Ron-faure. Information technology brings the 2 Nightbrothers to life in a more realistic fashion, giving off the menacingly powerful sense that both characters exude in just about every scene they’re in.


Captain Rex

At that place are few words that practice this piece from
justice. Male monarch was always a fan favorite as the nigh notable and memorable clone, and this masterpiece is a beautiful testament to the spirit and grapheme that Captain Rex was.

It emits such a powerful sense of activeness in Male monarch while however paying attention to the details of his armor. Although information technology’s such a beautifully smooth and aesthetic piece, it still incorporates a grittiness and ruggedness that was then distinguishable in the fashion Rex approached every battle.


I Am Ane With The Strength And The Force Is With Me

For whatever fans of the testify, in that location was nothing quite every bit nervewracking and gutwrenching as the moment Captain Male monarch and the residual of the clones turned on Ahsoka and the Jedi. Information technology was always known that Society 66 would work itself into the show at some point, just that doesn’t mean anyone was really set up for it.

Ahsoka’s committedness to helping Rex and refusing to hurt any clones were incredible displays of her character. The moment in which Ahsoka liberates Rex is a thing of beauty, and creative person
Ksenia Zelentsova (also known every bit lornaka) captures that moment brilliantly. Her watercolor technique and the unbelievably beautiful, shattered glass pattern of the
are truly incredible.


Comic Covers

ArtistVadim Dvoeglazov is incredibly creative in the way he turns newStar Wars
stories and characters into retro comic book covers. He’s got an all-encompassing profile of these comic volume covers, and his creativity soared into season seven ofClone Wars.

He created half-dozen covers for six of the episodes in the final season. Each incorporates such astonishing and intricate detail for the private plots of each episode, with the characters incredibly drawn in this old-school drawing manner. The stressed expect of the edges gives them that side by side-level authentic feel and he was able to effortlessly capture the concluding flavor’s nearly important and memorable moments in such a fantastically creative way.

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