Every few years, the world of anime gets caught upwardly in trying to reproduce the success of a single series, resulting in the proliferation of a genre. In the 2000s, we wound up with the slice of life genre taking a main stage part. In the 2010s, it’s been the isekai genre thanks to the incredible popularity of
Sword Art Online

While the piece of life genre still allowed other genres to breathe, isekai has all but smothered the fantasy genre. Though there are more of them than ever, few of them are legitimate fantasy settings, but rather some “existent” person being transported into a game, or occasionally actual fantasy lands. But there are still a few pure loftier fantasy series remaining, like
Record of Grancrest War, available on Netflix. This listing has everything an anime fan needs to know before hopping into the serial to go their high fantasy fix!



For long-time anime fans, Ryo Mizuno is the creator of…well, quite a bit, only he’south best known for his piece of work writing Record of the Lodoss State of war, a fantasy novel serial that ran in the late ’80s and early ’90s. It received an OVA accommodation in 1990 that was renowned for its beauty and the quality of its blitheness.

Most of Mizuno’southward works, including Lodoss War, Rune Soldier Louie, and Fable of Crystania, are a part of a setting called Forcelia, which is based off a tabletop RPG he helped create known as Sword World. In other words, look this series to be very much like an RPG.


WHAT’South THE Prove Nearly?

The world of Grancrest is ravaged by anarchy, a unsafe blazon of magic which is causing natural disasters and demonic creatures to attack the world. The just fashion to salve the earth from this chaos is to unite the magic crests of royalty into a single holy seal.

Simply when the Lords of the most powerful factions, the Fantasia Union and Manufacturing plant Alliance, run into a union to create the Holy Seal fail, the continent fractures even more. It falls to a single charlatan to try to create the Seal once more.


WHO’Southward THE LEAD?

The master character is supposed to exist a young man named Theo. Though Theo has no ties to royalty, he possesses a magic crest he obtained through defeating a monster. Initially, his crest isn’t powerful plenty to go whatever further, until he meets a young woman named Siluca.

Siluca is a talented mage who recently graduated from school, and is in need of Lord to contract herself to. Seeing Theo’due south inherent kindness, she helps him raise his rank enough to contract herself to him, and the two of them work together to effort to bring peace to the continent and catastrophe the Chaos forever.


Information technology’S LIKE FIRE EMBLEM Equally AN ANIME

This serial is so much like an RPG, it’s essentially Fire Emblem if information technology were turned into an anime. The first episode features characters being referred to past their grade names, which is something that isn’t quite as prevalent after on but sticks around nonetheless.

Even in combat, the primary character battles a monster with dark energy for the purposes of claiming it as his own and leveling up. If anyone’southward ever wanted a fantasy RPG in anime form without turning towards the dark corners of the isekai world, this is the right evidence.



Anime Siluca concerned

The question that comes to pretty much everyone after seeing the first episode is “…Who’s the real main character”? This isn’t surprising, as early on Theo can seem like a puppet that’south being used by Siluca, a genius mage who works with him seemingly because information technology’s the only style for her to bear on some manner of modify in the world.

But in reality, the story allows both characters to share the spotlight. Though he seems more similar a hapless oaf at first, Theo is possessed of far more depth than he seems, and his likable nature works in perfect contrast to Siluca’s need to connive and plan for them both to survive.



Though it can announced pretty lite-hearted, this series pulls no punches when it comes to the combat. Lords gain power past taking the crests of other lords to bolster their own, which upgrades their rank over time. Very few lords are willing to give upwards their power peacefully, and then that means a ton of combat scenes.

Grancrest War is packed with kingdoms taking up arms to boxing against other kingdoms, and when that happens the deaths come fast and heavy. It isn’t anemic violence either, as characters lose limbs earlier meeting their grisly fates. A series for children this is non.



For a series that’due south ostensibly meant to be a fantasy activeness series,
Record of Grancrest War
is packed to the gills with romance. The main conflict in the world is happening between two opposing armies with leaders who are in love with one another. But the best function is that the two main characters aren’t just in dearest, but they actually confess their love for one another.

This is a massive change from anime series where the ii leads blush and falter around one another just never actually progress their relationship in a meaningful way.



Grancrest War intentionally brings in as many fantasy tropes as possible. It’s obvious plenty in the first with the mages and course system, but it only gets more over the acme over time. There are dark monsters made upward of the chaos magic that’south infecting the continent.

But at that place’south also an unabridged clan of werewolves that alive in a forest by themselves. One of the master villains is actually a archetype mode vampire, consummate with a castle and all. Another is a dark witch, using their powers for evil. For those looking for a fun yet straightforward fantasy run a risk, Grancrest provides exactly that.



Grancrest State of war runs about twenty-four episodes and covered ten volumes of lite novel cloth. Considering most stories would be lucky to cover five volumes in that time, it’s safe to say things were…a scrap hurried. In that location are parts to Grancrest State of war that feels like the series was placed on fast forward.

It’southward the one major drawback to the serial, every bit characters are introduced and come across a resolution to their characters inside an episode. Unabridged major battles are glossed over or happen over the course of an episode. This series could accept easily been twice the length it was and maintained an even higher level of quality.


IS It FINISHED Nevertheless?

Theo and his mage Siluca

Surprisingly, the serial
finished. Ryo Mizuno’s light novel version of the series finished up in March of 2018. This gave the animators just enough time to end the show off and give the universe a satisfactory ending, every bit the anime series finished off but three months later at the end of June.

This is a rare case, as about lite novels begin non long after the series gains a fanbase. However, upon finishing, it wouldn’t exist a bad thought to check out a version of the light novel or fifty-fifty the manga, both of which explore the anime’due south events in greater detail.

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