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Where does your main rank?

Smash Ultimate has had one of the most rapidly evolving metagames since the series’ inception. With the exaggerated roster size, frequent patches, and DLC additions, players are ofttimes discovering new strategies to brand their characters rise above. Since it’s been officially confirmed that DLC characters and patches arere no more, nosotros consider now to be the perfect time to create our official tier listing, analyzing the characters for what they are and what they will continue to be throughout the game’southward lifespan.

South tier

As commonplace, S-tier fighters will be the merely ones with specific descriptions, as these are the most tournament-relevant and meta-defining characters. These fighters have a  plethora of strengths in all important aspects of gameplay. Their weakness are either very minimal and difficult to exploit, or so overshadowed by their strengths that they just exercise not matter too much.

1. Pyra/Mythra (S-Tier)

Ane of the newest additions to the game has instantly climbed the ranks to get the best. Some might think it’s just people existence biased towards the shiny new thing, but simply watching one match will brand you come across how ridiculous their strengths are. Switching between the 2 sword-fighters on command lets you basically accept the best character for both low and loftier-damage situations, 1 beingness unreasonably fast, the other unfairly strong.

Pyra/Mythra Pros:

  • Change characters depending on situation.
  • Sword means skillful range and disjoints.
  • (As Mythra) Then fast, she’s unpunishable.
  • (As Mythra) Great Combos and damage output
  • (Every bit Pyra) Like shooting fish in a barrel kill options and kill confirms
  • (As Pyra) Extremely strong.
  • (As Pyra) Very annoying projectile.

Pyra/Mythra Cons:

  • Slightly exploitable recovery.

2. Joker (S-Tier)

Following the tendency that you lot can pay $5.99 to be good at the game, Joker is the 2nd best character in this tier list. This fan-favorite Persona 5 rep has a ninja-like archetype, with acrobatic moves, multi-hit combos, and very quick lag-less moves. He draws a lot of comparisons to classic Zelda rep Sheik. The difference is, unlike Sheik, Joker has his persona, which whenever activated, makes his moves hit twice as hard while nevertheless existence merely as fast. And since his meter builds up passively, as well as when being hit, your opponent will not escape Arsene’southward wrath.

Joker Pros:

  • 1 of the all-time improvement mechanics in the game.
  • Very hard to punish
  • Very hard to hit, with shifting hurtbox
  • Great landing tools
  • Reliable impale setups
  • (With Arsene) High impairment output, very strong.

Joker Cons:

  • Not many approaching options.

3. Pikachu (Southward-Tier)

Widely considered one of the best characters since Ultimate came out, the classic Pokemon mascot is at the top of their game still. Like their typing suggests, they’re a lightning-quick character who excels at rushing down their opponent with their spammable projectile, safe aeriform attacks and great mobility. They can do some of the best combo-strings in the entire game, and have solid kill-power too.

Pikachu Pros:

  • Amazing recovery
  • Great landing tools
  • Great combos and loftier damage output
  • Some of the best out-of-shield options in the game
  • Keen edgeguarding
  • Solid projectile

Pikachu Cons:

  • Very lite, easier to kill.
  • Few disjoints
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4. Wolf (S-Tier)

Star Fox’s eternal rival, Wolf has proven he shouldn’t accept always been taken out of Smash in the first place. Ane of the most beloved characters, because of his manner and pattern, he comes in at a surprisingly high place in the tier list. He’s a brawler character that isn’t super fast, and doesn’t accept a unique game-changing aspect, however, he does pretty much everything amazingly. His moves are strong and lag-less meaning he tin get high-impairment combos, then spam aerials and smashes to kill. And if you endeavour to campsite him out, he has his ain projectile and reflector.

Wolf Pros:

  • Very lag-less smashes
  • Various strong kill moves
  • Amazing philharmonic game
  • Projectile and Reflector
  • Easy to pick-up and master
  • Up-B is difficult to competition when recovering

Wolf Cons:

  • Irksome running speed
  • Like shooting fish in a barrel to combo him

v. Roy (S-Tier)

From existence a much worse Marth in Melee, to the best Fire Keepsake character in Ultimate, my man has had quite the glow-up. His echo Chrom had much of the attention at the first of the game, but due to Roy’s better recovery, he steadily climbed the ranks equally the better fighter. He’southward a swordfighter, which gives him disjointed moves, and he’s as fast as he is potent. This makes his pressure output simply insane! A skillful Roy can dance around you with and so many attacks, it feels impossible to bargain with. And if you mess up, you lot’ll either catch fifty% or lose your stock.

Roy Pros:

  • Loftier aeriform and ground speed
  • Very strong attacks overall, can kill early
  • Swordfighter ways disjointed attacks
  • Solid impale ready-ups
  • Skilful combo game

Roy Cons:

  • Piece of cake to combo him
  • Tipper weak-spot on sword

6. Palutena (S-Tier)

This goddess got a large buff from Smash 4 to Ultimate, and since then, she’southward been steady in the top of the metagame. She was initially a contender for best character in the game, but after some DLC additions, characters exploits, and mostly some pregnant nerfs coming her way, she’south declined ever so slightly. Withal, she remains an astonishing all-around graphic symbol with fast move, solid projectiles, decent combos, and safe defensive moves. Her trusty shield lets her utilise bash-attacks that are uncontestable.

Palutena Pros:

  • Invincible shield moves
  • Skilful projectiles
  • Has teleport, good for landing
  • Fast ground speed
  • Counter and Reflect

Palutena Cons:

  • Few options upward-close

7. Sonic (S-Tier)

Sonic needs no introduction. He’due south the fastest thing alive in his own games, and Smash is no exception. Many tend to undervalue just how stiff he is in the metagame, because of some players’ linear playstyle, but this character is just ridiculous. His footing speed is the best in the game. His side-special lets him movement across the map without consequence. It’s stupid how difficult he is too catch, which is why near people detest playing against him. On summit of all that, he actually has decent normal attacks that lead into good combos and early kills.

Sonic Pros:

  • Speed and movement is out of this world
  • Side-special lets him play very defensive
  • Great edgeguarding
  • Adept recovery
  • Dandy combos
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Sonic Cons:

  • Can struggle versus projectile characters.

eight. ROB (S-Tier)

ROB has had a lot of powerful tools since the showtime of the game, and his traditional playstyle tin be then oppressive that many are prone to rate him as one of the top 5 or even top 3 characters in the game. Though he’southward non quite in that location in my eyes, he’s not also far off. ROB has huge, strong, long-lasting hitboxes and different most heavy characters that share this, ROB also has several quick, lag-less moves, and groovy landing tools. And we’re non washed yet! He also has one of the best projectiles in the game. This lets him put an insane amount of pressure on you, and kill you when you skid up.

ROB Pros:

  • Amazing combos
  • Many great landing tools
  • One of the best projectiles in the game.
  • Loftier force per unit area output with quick, big moves
  • Far-reaching recovery

ROB Cons:

  • Large hurtbox, easy to hit
  • Easy to combo

9. Pac-Man (South-Tier)

Information technology’s kind of cool to say that 1 of the first truly iconic video game characters is i of the best in Smash Ultimate. However, many actual pro Nail players would rather he wasn’t. Pac-Homo has a solid keep-away game, with his trusty hydrant that pushes you away, his good aeriform movement and large pool of projectiles. Thus, he can exist quite frustrating to play against, merely that only makes him better. His normal attacks are pretty proficient as well, letting him cord together some combos, and kill with actually powerful smash attacks.

Pac-Man Pros:

  • Astonishing recovery, various options
  • Great proceed-away game
  • Amazing projectiles, and lots of them
  • Expert combos
  • Adept Kill set-ups

Pac-Human Cons:

  • Few quick moves to escape pressure when cornered
  • Countered by reflector

10. Pokemon Trainer (S-Tier)

Fighters that can modify their form seem to be pretty good in this game. Like to Pyra/Mythra, Pokemon Trainer can change Pokemon at volition, which lets him adjust to the situation at will. Each pokemon has weaknesses, such every bit Charizard having slow moves, or Squirtle existence lite, merely with intelligent switching one tin change at the correct times in lodge to obscure these weaknesses, and highlight their strengths. In this case, the three Pokemon are so different, you end up with an overall fighter that has so many tools, it’s impossible to deny how adept they are.

Pokemon Trainer Pros:

  • Can switch characters
  • (As Squirtle) Very quick lag-less moves
  • (As Squirtle) High combos
  • (Equally Charizard) Expert recovery
  • (As Charizard) Various strong kill moves
  • (As Ivysaur) Good range
  • (As Ivysaur) Good projectile

Pokemon Trainer Cons:

  • Ivysaur and Charizard have kinda slow moves (irksome offset-up and lag), and in high damage situations you take to either bargain with 1 of these problems, or risk using Squirtle, who is one of the lightest characters in the game.

A Tier

These characters are nonetheless very powerful, and very relevant in the Meta. They are characters with which you can confidently enter a tournament and try to win due to their abundance of strengths, and overall solid friction match-up spread. They fall behind S-tier due to a slightly higher presence of exploitable weaknesses, that makes them autumn just a fleck brusk of being the the all-time.

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xi. Mr. Game & Scout

12. Mario

xiii. Peach

14. Daisy

xv. Wario

16. Steve

17. Chrom

eighteen. Diddy Kong

xix. Aught Suit Samus

20. Olimar

21. Shulk

22. Min Min

23. Cloud

24. Terry

25. Snake

26. Sephiroth

27. Ken

28. Greninja

29. Kazuya

30. Byleth

B Tier

Nosotros consider this B tier as the terminal stretch of the really solid tournament characters. These are characters with really competent kits, and a few stand-out great attributes, however their weaknesses are much more prevalent, and against a bad match-up (normally one of the S tiers), these can exist exploited, and the player will take a much harder time using their skilful tools.

31. Nighttime Samus

32. Samus

33. Yoshi

34. Bowser

35. Luigi

36. Young Link

37. Sheik

38. Link

39. Toon Link

twoscore. Pichu

41. Ike

42. Falco

43. Inkling

44. Sora

45. Ness

46. Captain Falcon

47. Mii Brawler

48. Meta Knight

C Tier

Here is where the majority of the characters prevarication. C tier is kind of a limbo space with a pretty big diverseness of character quality. Smash Ultimate is a very balanced game, and you can find many players doing amazing things that make these characters look top tier. They all have at least a few stupendous tools/attributes, however, here, the weaknesses are much more than pronounced and the lower down this tier you lot become, the unlikelier it is for you to accomplish far in a tournament without finding someone that will exploit them.

49. Ryu

fifty. Bayonetta

51. Richter

52. Simon

53. Jigglypuff

54. Robin

55. Marth

56. Corrin

57. Hero

58. Lucas

59. Mii Gunner

60. Dark Pit

61. Pit

62. Wii Fit Trainer

63. Rosalina & Luma

64. Zelda

65. Banjo & Kazooie

66. Villager

67. Mega Man

68. Duck Chase

69. Kirby

70. Donkey Kong

71. King K Rool

72. Lucario

73. King Dedede

74. Mii Swordfighter

75. Ice Climbers

76. Mewtwo

77. Incineroar

78. Ridley

79. Piranha Plant

80. Bowser Jr.

81. Isabelle

D Tier

And finally, here we are, at the lesser of the butt. Like we said before, Ultimate is very balanced. Even these lesser tiers have their sauce. But the weaknesses are directly horrendous. Though they vary between them, the common link is their directly awful recovery. If you can tap these characters off stage, they lose, so it almost doesn’t fifty-fifty matter what else they tin do.

82. Dr. Mario

83. Little Mac

84. Ganondorf

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