This is a response to a few posts I’ve seen over the by couple of months regarding a tier list to help new/returning players who desire to know the general state of classes in the game before they create a character and join the community. This post is non to create partition or set up annihilation in stone for existing players, but rather to give some basic insight into the game in terms of PvE experience across the expansion and how certain specs can perform. From there, you can scan specific class forums for more comprehensive information about what it is you lot want to play. Other existing players’ opinions are more than than welcome to share their opinions.

As for my groundwork merely to analyze this is not a trollpost, I played in wotlk (live) and wotlk (live ptr), then moved to arena-tournament, then to Warmane (played on deathwing then icecrown now frostmourne). I have played this game and been apart of this community on and off for the by x + years. Besides, I didn’t make this list alone but with 2 other players of similar experience equally well.
*Within a tier, in that location is no rank order.

Due south+ (Overtuned, get a lot for free, petty downsides, can acquit 25 mans, does not require a lot of time in game to play the class well, but they also have too many tools that they are favourites of experienced players as well)

Ret Paladin
(Judgements, Auras, Art of War, Sacred Shield, Bubble, Blessings, Aura Haste, Debuff Crit, Mana Regen, LoH, Damage and ability steroids vs undead, plate wearing, Cleanse magic/poison/illness, congenital-in sustain in DS, Execute)
Resto druid
(Rebirth, Healing power Aureola, Innervate, Gift, curse cleanse, cure toxicant, Hurricane, Cyclone, Can’t be polymorphed, Can’t be immobilized, Can heal during motion, Excellent healing on party/raid with Wildgrowth, Expert healing single target Swiftmend – lifebloom – nourish – seed, Revitalize, Roots, Faerie Fire [if no other druid])

S (Strong, relatively like shooting fish in a barrel to play and difficult to mess up, take 1 or 2 weaknesses, tin can perform consistently well, can deport 25 mans)

Holy Paladin

Protection Paladin

MM Hunter

Bump-off Rogue

Arcane Mage

Discipline Priest

Unholy DK DPS

A+ (Attracts loyal mains, a little bit difficult, better for experienced players, practise not go everything for free, need to know mechanics and course cognition, Can carry 10 mans and with exceptional players, 25 mans. Requires class knowledge and game knowledge/fourth dimension or how to gear/minmax, a learning curve)

Combat Rogue

Residuum Druid

Shadow Priest

Fury Warrior

Bear Druid

Demonology Warlock

Frost DK DPS

Blood/frost DK Tank

Resto Shaman

A (Still cracking, much more punishing for new or bad players, will struggle to bear 10 mans only in the correct easily can obviously perform very well. The difficulty either is in getting the gear to shine with these specs, or in mastering their rotations/weaknesses)

Burn Mage

Survival Hunter

Cat Druid

Elemental Shaman

Protection Warrior

Affliction Warlock

Frost DK Tank

B (Fairly directly forward specs, average performance, would not take more than than 1 in a 25 human raiding environment. Mostly whatsoever these specs offer, one of the to a higher place specs replaces with the same or better variant. Non necessarily a detriment to the raid but non a boon either. Adept for levelling)

Devastation Warlock

Enhancement Shaman
(Deserves C on some raid bosses.)
BM Hunter (pet BL)

Frostfire Mage

Blood DK DPS

Unholy DK Tank

C (Bench Specs, rather inconsequential just certainly tin be fun)

Frost Mage
(bang-up for levelling)
Artillery Warrior
(damage [combatrog] buff, trauma [mangle], shouts, sunders)
Holy Priest
(5th healer)

D (For PvE? Terrible)

Sub Rogue
(Not feasible)

I might make a video with more detail if this mail service attracts interest, detail like to what I mentioned in S+.