Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Map Rotation

What is Trials of Osiris?
In brusk, information technology’s Destiny’s elite top-tier PvP content and though Bungie has made steps to arrive more inviting to new players in recent years, it’southward still hard equally nails under certain circumstances.

If yous’ve played the game’s 3v3 Elimination PvP mode, you’ll have a good idea of what to wait. The key departure with Bungie’south pinnacle PvP activity is that the stakes are so much higher.

Read on for the latest Trials of Osiris Rewards and Map Rotation.

Trials of Osiris map this week (April 8)

April viii Update: The map this week is 'The Burnout'

Trials of Osiris goes live most Fridays following the daily reset at v PM GMT/10 AM PT/one PM ET. We’ll update this section with the full details on which map is available for the weekend starting Friday, April 8 once it becomes available.

Trials of Osiris rewards this week (April 8)

April 8 Update: This week the flawless reward is the
        Shayura's Wrath
        Submachine Gun.

Previously players would earn rewards when they reached three, v, and 7 wins, with some other reward offered to those who could go flawless. However, moving forward Bungie has inverse it so that players will earn Trials Engrams when they level up their reputation with Saint-14.

You tin can view your potential rewards below for each rank you earn, just exercise note that the flawless reward will change every week and offer an arrange weapon.

  • Each Rank:x1 Trials Engram
  • Rank four:x2 Upgrade Module
  • Rank 7:x3 Enhancement Prism
  • Rank 10, no resets: Eye of Sol (sniper rifle)

    • Rank 10, one reset: Shayura’s Wrath (submachine gun)
  • Rank xiii:x2 Upgrade Module
  • Rank sixteen, no resets: Igneous Hammer (paw cannon)

    • Rank 16, one reset: Reed’due south Regret (linear fusion rifle)
  • Flawless:
    The Suit advantage changes weekly.
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Players should also note that when you unlock a specific weapon reward, you can also re-roll for better weapon perks, but it volition cost you a Trials engram to do and then.

Trials of Osiris Season xvi Changes

With the Launch of the Destiny 2:Witch Queen expansion and Season 16, Bungie is adding a new Legendary Scout Rifle alongside some new origin traits for all six weapons in the Trials loot puddle.

All six weapons in the upcoming Trials puddle will have the Alacrity and One Serenity Moment origin traits. Alacrity increases the reload, stability, aim assist, and range when running solo or every bit the final Guardian continuing (which, if yous’re like me and non the best PvP player, is a dainty bit of help. No shame). One Quiet Moment grants players increased reload speed when non in active gainsay.

You tin can also get a better look at some of the new weapons, with details on each further down:

Scout Burglarize (260 RPM Rapid-Fire Frame): Aisha’s Embrace

  • Keep an eye out for the ofttimes-requested Triple Tap + Fourth Fourth dimension’southward the Charm combo, as well as some spicy options like Tunnel Vision + Multikill Clip.

Auto Rifle (Returning, 600 RPM Adaptive Frame)

  • This returning classic has had some less popular perks trimmed from its per pools, replaced past new favorites like Heating Up and Focused Fury.

Trials of Osiris Callout Maps

Trials of Osiris tin be a brutal PvP experience so if yous’re looking to get meliorate, we might recommend using some callout maps to aid familiarise yourself with sure maps. If that sounds of use to your fireteam, might nosotros suggest taking a look at the callout maps created by graphic designer and Twitch streamer

. You tin catch a closer await on the gallery below:

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Destiny two fan and graphic designerRelikt has created a serial of splendid callout maps. We’ll add the current one here when Trials is back.

That’s everything y’all demand to know almost Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2 for now. Whilst you’re here, why non take a look at our

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