Hell Hades Raid Shadow Legends


Last Updated: April 9, 2022

Champion Overall Rating:


Key Areas

Loonshit Def: ii
Loonshit Atk: 2
Clan Dominate: 1
Hydra: 1
Doom Tower: 2


Spider: 1
Fire Knight: 2
Dragon: 2
Ice Golem: ii

Faction Wars

    Doom Tower

    Magma Dragon: i
    Frost Spider: 1
    Nether Spider: ane
    Scarab King: ane
    Eternal Dragon: i
    Celestial Griffin: 1
    Dreadhorn: 1
    Nighttime Fae: 1


    Sergeant is a
    Sacred Order
    Uncommon who is attack based. He isn’t very strong and his main skill requires someone else as information technology is an marry assault. He is the same as the complimentary champion

    that you get at the first of the game! Don’t bother building 2 of them up.


    Damage Rating

    Overall Grading*:

    Rally – 3 Turn Cooldown

    Attacks 1 enemy with 1 random ally. The ally joining the assault use their default skill.

    *Grading is calculated using Realistic Battle Scenarios –
    Read More than Hither

    PVE Masteries

    PVP Masteries

    Recommended PVE Stats

    Speed, Crit charge per unit, Crit Damage

    Recommended PVE Antiquity Sets

    Speed, Crit charge per unit, Crit Damage

    Recommended PVP Stats

    Speed, Crit rate, Crit Damage

    Recommended PVP Artifact Sets

    Speed, Crit rate, Crit Damage, Savage

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