Dragon Ball FighterZ
has been out for some time now, and so it has racked upward quite a salubrious roster of fighters to cull from, thanks to periodically released DLC fighters adding to the expanding selection.

The DLC packs have added loads of characters throughout the
Dragon Brawl
franchise you can play every bit, and while every graphic symbol in the game is a viable choice, some are but ameliorate than others, so let’s take a look. Hither are the best DLC characters in
, from all corners of the Dragon Brawl universe.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ was recently added to Xbox Game Laissez passer, and its addition to the popular gaming subscription service has introduced millions of new gamers to the accomplished and critically well-received Dragon Ball licensed fighting game. In September of 2021 the game reached its fourth anniversary and thanks to both the quality of the game and the popularity of the Dragon Ball franchise, information technology’south managed to stay equally relevant as ever.



Broly excels at existence a zoner thanks to his grappling excellence and his power to use his ki nail, which many consider being the best projectile in the game.
His overwhelming ability
allows him to apply heavy pressure on opponents, and getting close is an ideal strategy considering his ane clear weakness is his speed.

If you lot can properly employ his mix-ups and avert beingness punished for whiffs, he can turn average players into tough outs only due to how strong he is overall.


Vegito (SSGSS)

dragon ball fighterz vegito

Ane of the all-time DLC fighters available since his release is Vegito, the Potara fusion of Goku and Vegeta, in his Super Saiyan Blue course. You’re likely to detect Vegito most the pinnacle of any “all-time characters” list for
FighterZ because of but how adept of a graphic symbol he is.

He’due south a pretty straightforward character to play so he’southward easy to use if you’re a beginner. He’south got a meter that builds rapidly and a grab that can trip people upwards, just he’s also got some hands exploitable weaknesses equally a trade-off.


Gogeta (SSGSS)

dragon ball fighterz ssgss gogeta

It’south Gogeta, need nosotros say more? Aside from the joy of seeing Vegeta blush during the fusion dance, Gogeta is an immensely fun graphic symbol to play as, as well as being one of the almost recent additions to the roster. Plus, like Vegito, Gogeta comes in his Super Saiyan Bluish grade.

Gogeta is a very quick character, the opposite of Cooler as mentioned earlier, and his combo potential is through the roof. He too has bang-up mix-ups to throw opponents off residue and he has v separate super moves. What more could you want?



dragon ball fighterz videl

Y’all might not accept expected it, but Videl is hands downwardly one of the all-time characters in the entire game. She may non deal the most impairment, just she more than makes up for it with what she can do.

She’s a peachy character for mix-ups and has a good assist. Plus, her counter is unique and her sliding knockdowns are crazy potent, assuasive you lot to keep up the pressure. Unless she gets nerfed, you tin expect her to be near the top of these kinds of lists for a while.



dragon ball fighterz dlc characters base vegeta

Non only is base Vegeta a fan-favorite due to the anime and years of built-upwards nostalgia, but he’southward too one of the ameliorate fighters in the entirety of Dragon Ball FighterZ. It may seem odd that the base class of one of the franchise’due south most popular characters is DLC, but fighting games are weird in that fashion.

Base Vegeta’south abilities are pretty solid, and due to him being rather accessible,
whether you’re a veteran or newcomer, you’ll still be able to experience on great of a grapheme he is in-game firsthand.



dragon ball fighterz bardock

For a long fourth dimension, Bardock would have easily been at the very height of this “best of” list, only he has been recently dethroned (we’ll get to that grapheme in a bit). Yet, Bardock remains non just one of the best DLC characters, only one of the strongest characters in the entire game.

Bardock is easy to apply, then he’s a slap-up choice for beginners, and his move set is quite simple. Couple that with the fact that his damage is through the roof, his normals are astonishing to the point of being broken, and he gains meter quickly, Bardock is a character that should be on everyone’south roster.


Gogeta (SS4)

dragon ball fighterz dlc characters ss4 gogeta

Gogeta in
his Super Saiyan
4 class is but as dangerous as his appearance would suggest. His abilities are above average beyond the board and as a rushdown fighter, he excels at close and medium range fights.

His super moves tin can likewise change the entire dynamic of a fight, so he mustn’t achieve Level Seven if you’re fighting him and take any hope of coming out on top. That level trigger allows him to use 100x Big Bang Kamehameha, which is an instant impale movement.


Goku (GT)

dragon ball fighterz goku gt

Finally, the best DLC graphic symbol in FighterZ
is the Dragon Ball GT version of Goku. A lot of players were bellyaching that yet another version of Goku was released as DLC, but this Goku really feels completely different from the rest, and he’s a blast to play.

It’s cool how skillful a character he is. First off, he’s the shortest character in the game, meaning he’s also the hardest to country a hit on. So, he’s got some of the highest harm of any character in the game, the all-time assists and staggers, and has the longest block string. Until he gets nerfed, Goku (GT) will be resting comfortably at the pinnacle of this list.

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