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Oh Polly Presents Their Newest Swimwear Line, Neena Swim

The United Kingdom’s based fashion brand, Oh Polly debuted their newest swimwear line, Neena Swim, at Miami Swimwear Fashion Week. Neena Swim has been officially introduced every bit Oh Polly’s sister company. Many models hit the runway at the  Paraiso Tent in Miami on July 9, 2021 to showcase the new release of Neena Swim. With the release of the collection, Neena Swim is set to be a striking and instant success. This is due to Oh Polly’southward high presence in the U.K. and its growing expansion internationally.

Model walks along the Miami runway (Photo by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Neena Swim)

The Neena Swim swimwear collection was presented through iii dissimilar collections. The collections included several multifaceted pieces such as i slice or ii piece swimsuits, encompass ups and even exciting swim accessories to style with. This showed off how much variety Neena Swim has to offering to its customers. The model here (pictured above) is wearing a two piece white colored bikini. Behind her body, there is a minor peek at the white mini embrace up that can be wrapped around her waist.

The model walks down the runway presenting a slice of the Neena Swim collection. (Photo by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Neena Swim)

Here some other model is walking down the runway. However, this piece is much more different than the first piece shown. The model is wearing a mini orangish wearing apparel. However, this dress tin can be styled as a swimsuit embrace up. It is very attainable after i goes for a swim and doesn’t necessarily want a towel as a embrace up.

Model shows off figure in this stylish swimsuit. (Photo by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Neena Swim)

Oh Polly played effectually with different styles of swimwear. In this piece, the swimsuit shown is similar a two-in-one look. The model has a black v-neck style meridian that is connected with the blackness colored bottoms. The swimsuit has 2 exposed sides that are found at the waist. This creates an amazing outcome to the swimsuit which helps show off the model’s figure.

Model shows off a heaven blue colored two piece gear up. (Photo by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Neena Swim)

Neena Swim

showcased many unlike colors for their swimsuits from orange, beige, blue and other colors to catch the eye. Also, their swimsuits had many styles: halter similar manner tops, strapless tops and high cut bikini bottoms. Each of these pieces were carefully put together and highly detailed. This play on swimwear grabbed the audience’south attention at all times every bit the models walked down the runway. Some lucky audience members even got the hazard to win the swimwear collection at the end of the prove in its entirety.

An alignment of Neena Swim souvenir bags seen backstage at the Miami Swimwear Style Show. (Photo by Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images for Oh Polly Presenting Neena Swim)

In order to win, in that location needed to be a aureate ticket placed underneath your seat. If a ticket was plant, that audition member would be an automatic winner. These golden tickets were placed randomly. Other than that, Paraiso Tent in Miami was packed with notable public figures. Among the guests at that place was Katharina Mazepa, Erika Costell, Jacky Romero, Nicole Williams English, Olivia Ponton and many other important public figures.

Among the notable guests, Erika Costell is pictured backstage of the Oh Polly Presents Neena Swim event with gift pocketbook in hand. (Photo by Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images for Oh Polly Presenting Neena Swim)

Some of the models posing backstage at the Oh Polly effect. (Photograph by Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images for Oh Polly Presenting Neena Swim)

Currently, not much details have been disclosed on when these looks will be available for the public to purchase. Notwithstanding, 1 can access the official

Oh Polly website

to cheque out for their latest releases. Oh Polly besides has their

official Instagram page

(@ohpolly) so you can keep upwardly with their day by twenty-four hour period updates on future announcement of the Neena Swim collection. There is also a livestream video of the entire Oh Polly / Neena Swim collection live on YouTube.

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