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American telly drama series

Marco Polo

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Genre Historical Drama

Created past John Fusco
Theme music composer Daniele Luppi
  • Peter Nashel
  • Eric 5. Hachikian
Land of origin United states
Original language English
of seasons
of episodes
20 + i special
(list of episodes)
Executive producers
  • Richard Sharkey
  • Brett Conrad
  • Collin Creighton
  • Bruce Marshall Romans
Production locations
  • Romain Lacourbas
  • Vanja Černjul
  • Xavier Grobet
  • Gavin Struthers
Running time
  • 46–65 minutes
  • 28 minutes (special)
Production companies
Benefactor Netflix
Budget $200 million
Original network Netflix
Picture format 2160p
(4K UHD)
Sound format Dolby Digital 5.ane
Original release December 12, 2014 (2014-12-12) –
July 1, 2016 (2016-07-01)

Marco Polo

is an American drama streaming telly serial inspired by
Marco Polo‘south early years in the court of
Kublai Khan, the
of the
Mongol Empire
and the founder of the
Yuan dynasty
(1271–1368). The show premiered on
on December 12, 2014.

The series was created by
John Fusco
and stars
Lorenzo Richelmy
in the title office, with
Benedict Wong
as Kublai Khan.

It was produced by
The Weinstein Company. On January 7, 2015,
Marco Polo
was renewed past Netflix for a 10-episode 2nd season, which premiered on July 1, 2016.

On December 12, 2016, Netflix announced that they had canceled
Marco Polo
after two seasons. Sources told

The Hollywood Reporter

that the two seasons resulted in a $200 million loss for Netflix, and the conclusion to cancel was jointly taken by Netflix and The Weinstein Company.

Cast and characters






  • Corrado Invernizzi
    Maffeo Polo
    (season i), Marco’s uncle
  • Tan Kheng Hua
    Xie Daoqing
    (flavour ane),
    empress dowager
    of the Vocal Dynasty
  • Lawrence Makoare
    as Za Bing (flavour one), Princess Kokachin’due south eunuch protector
  • Vanessa Vanderstraaten every bit Princess Sorga (flavour 1), 1 of Jingim’southward wives
  • Patrick Teoh
    equally General Red Brow (season ane)
  • Shu An Oon
    as Jing Fei (season ane), Mei Lin’south friend, also an imperial concubine
  • Chloe Luthi (flavour one) and Jaime Chew (season ii) as Ling Ling, the daughter of Mei Lin and the old Emperor of the Song Dynasty
  • Nicholas Bloodworth equally Tulga (season 1), Kokachin’s guardian
  • Max Kellady as Emperor Duzong, the son of the empress dowager and the former Emperor of the Song Dynasty
  • Soffi Jikan
    as Milo Boy (season 1)
  • Mano Maniam equally The Old Man / Hassan-i Sabbah (season 1)
  • Daniel Tuiara as Sukh (flavor two), Ahmad’s sworn
  • Tosh Zhang
    every bit Bai (season 2)
  • Byambadorj Altanhuyag equally General Qaban (season 2)
  • Esther Low as Kokachin (flavour ii; guest, flavour 1), the real Blueish Princess of the Mongol Bayaut tribe
  • Jason Chong
    as General Kasar (season 2)
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Notable invitee stars




The series was originally developed at
Starz, which had picked up the series in January 2012.

Afterward attempts to moving-picture show in
failed, the project was released back to The Weinstein Company.

then picked upwards the series for a 10-episode season, for approximately $ninety million, making it one of the most expensive TV shows in the earth, 2nd to

Game of Thrones


The project was officially announced at Netflix in January 2014.
Joachim Rønning
Espen Sandberg
serve equally executive producers and directed the pilot and second episodes, “The Wayfarer” and “The Wolf and the Deer”, respectively.

The serial was filmed in
Italian republic, and at
Pinewood Studios

besides as at outdoor locations in Malaysia, particularly tropical wilderness, likewise as
Hungary. Kazakhstan doubled as the
steppes of Mongolia, Malaysia was the base as well as serving as a location, Hungary provided a setting for
Renaissance Rome, and Slovakia provided some mountain settings for Season two.


Stuntman Ju Kun was working on the show alongside fight choreographer Brett Chan, just went missing with the disappearance of
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370
during pre-production.

To prepare for her office as
Joan Chen
read the book

The Secret History of the Mongol Queens

Jack Weatherford, equally she wanted her functioning to reverberate the civilisation of the time menstruum.

During his all-encompassing inquiry, show creator John Fusco traveled the
Silk Road
by horseback and besides crossed the
Ming Sha Dunes
of Western Cathay on camel. In Venice he sought out and studied the last will and testament of Marco Polo.

While some Mongolian viewers and experts view information technology equally “riddled with historical errors”, many take praised the series.

Orgil Makhaan, who played
Genghis Khan
in a BBC documentary, said it was more accurate than whatsoever previous foreign portrayal of
Mongolian culture. “Equally a Mongol and an artist,
Marco Polo
makes me feel like our dreams are coming true,” he told
AFP. “I watched all x episodes in just i twenty-four hour period.”



The series featured music by Mongolian bands
Altan Urag
and Batzorig Vaanchig of

Asia’s Got Talent
, who cameoed as a singer.
Daniele Luppi
composed the main theme, whilst Peter Nashel and Eric V. Hachikian are the composers of the original score.



Season 1 (2014)


Christmas special (2015)


Season 2 (2016)




The beginning season of
Marco Polo
was met with negative reviews from critics. On
Rotten Tomatoes, the beginning flavour has a rating of 33%, based on 45 reviews, with an average rating of 4.79/10. The site’due south disquisitional consensus reads, “An all-around thwarting,
Marco Polo
is less entertaining than a round of
the game that shares its proper noun.”

Metacritic, the show’s starting time season has a score of 48 out of 100 based on reviews from 22 critics, indicating “mixed or average reviews”.

In his review for

Entertainment Weekly
, Jeff Jensen gave the beginning season a “B−” rating, calling the premise “stale”, but added “Somewhere in the middle of episode 2, though,
Marco Polo
becomes surprisingly watchable. The filmmaking becomes bolder.”

Writing for

, Tom Gliatto praised the series, calling information technology “… a fun, body-flinging, old-fashioned epic”.

USA Today

reviewer Robert Bianco gave the series 1

stars out of 4, saying, “Conspicuously what Netflix hopes y’all’ll meet a [sic] big-bucks, prestige entertainment forth the lines of that HBO fantasy epic, simply in truth,
is far closer to one of those cheesy international syndicated adventures.”

The second flavour was met with more than positive reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, it holds a rating of 100%, based on half dozen reviews, with a rating average of vii.ii/10.

In 2015, the
President of Mongolia,
Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, presented John Fusco and the
Marco Polo
creative squad with an accolade, honoring their positive portrayal and global presentation of Mongolian bailiwick thing.

Fusco himself has described the series as historical fiction based on the accounts of the Italian traveler Marco Polo.

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Differences in the series from recorded history


  • Kublai Khan did not execute any Southern Song Dynasty emperor. In fact, the boy
    Emperor Gong, afterward being left behind to be captured with the dowager Empress Xie in their fallen uppercase metropolis, was deposed by Kublai but given the title “Duke of Ying” and resided both in
    (Xanadu) and Tibet. There he studied Buddhism and fifty-fifty became the caput of a monastery before committing suicide upon the orders of Kublai’s grandson, Yuan
    Emperor Yingzong
    in the twelvemonth 1323 at the age of 52.
  • Emperor Gong was not the last Southern Song ruler; later his capture, his slightly older brother became
    Emperor Duanzong. After his expiry in Hong Kong at the age of seven subsequently an illness, his fifty-fifty younger blood brother
    Zhao Bing
    was enthroned. Upon the Song’s final naval defeat at the
    Battle of Yamen, 1 of the Song officials jumped with the male child from the cliffs into the sea to avert capture, thus catastrophe the Song Dynasty, three full years after Emperor Gong’s capture.
  • Pope Gregory X
    reigned only from 1271-1276. He is the pope that Kublai requested hundreds of missionaries and holy oil to exist brought back to Mongolia past the Polos, only to take the 2 friars who came on the journey plough back for home, and leaving them only the holy oil from the Church building of the Holy Sepulchre to give to Kublai. Information technology is besides truthful that Gregory was in Acre when he was elected pope before e’er taking priestly orders. What isn’t true is that he ever returned to Acre nor met with Prince Nayan. He met with one of the lesser Khans from Persia in Lyon, French republic to plan a armed forces alliance against the Saracens, their common enemy, merely the pope died before this could come to fruition.
  • Prince Nayan
    was not Kublai’s uncle. He was actually 2 generations younger than Kublai, being the not bad great grandson of 1 of Genghis’s brothers. The difference in age between Kublai and him was 42 years. Nayan was also not crucified upon his defeat in 1287 (when Kublai was 72 years old), but was rolled in a carpet and smothered or thrown up and down until dead in order to avoid shedding imperial blood, as was tradition.
  • Season Two infers that Kublai is interested only in calculation more territory to the due west, however he viewed the Islamic lands equally his enemy and saw a potential alliance with the Crusaders. With his multiple invasions of Vietnam, Korea, Nippon, Burma and Java, it’s clear that Kublai was more concerned with consolidating his power throughout Southeast Asia. A major component of these policies was the adoption of Chinese fleet design in an attempt to make the Mongol Empire into a naval power, but this side is ignored in the series. In the end his various amphibious assaults were all ultimately repulsed.
  • Niccolò (forth with his blood brother Maffeo) did not abandon his son and leave him with Kublai all alone. In fact, upon arriving with young Marco, the Polos spent the side by side 17 years in Cathay. According to Marco’southward travel account, the Polos asked several times for permission to return to Europe but the Great Khan appreciated the visitors then much that he would non agree to their departure. Considering of this at that place is also no evidence that Niccolò met with whatsoever pope other than Gregory X, and wouldn’t take been able to bring a crusader army all the style into Mongol territory to ally with Nayan against Kublai.
  • While
    did meddle in affairs of land, he was supported by Empress Chabi, and it was her death in 1281 that led to his political faction’s downfall, which had been in direct disharmonize with Crown Prince Jingim. He was assassinated in 1282, and while his killers were put to decease by Kublai, after the Khan heard all the complaints about Ahmad’due south corruption from his enemies, Kublai ordered Ahmad’south torso to be taken from his tomb and desecrated by existence eaten past dogs, and and then using chariot wheels to nail the basic to pieces.
  • While at that place is evidence that Genghis Khan used burning swallows (and cats) in his siege confronting the Xi Xia, there is no evidence that horses were used in such a way by Kublai. The sheer devotion Mongols had for their horses would make such a sacrifice abhorrent. Marco Polo writes that Mongol horsemen could, in times of demand, open a vein in the neck of their horse to drink some of the blood to sustain the rider for days. They as well preferred mares as their mounts considering they could also beverage, dry out, or ferment the milk into
    a liquor called airag in Mongolia.
  • Princess
    of the
    tribe was never the wife of Prince Jingim. Jingim’s wife was named Kokochin, only she was of the
    tribe. Princess Kokochin was really sent to Persia to become Khatun of the Ilkhanate Empire by Kublai in 1291 as the concluding act of service by the entire Polo family, assuasive them to continue on and return to Venice. Later a two year journey, Kokochin arrived and married the surviving son of the previous khan,
    Ghazan. Interestingly, the proper name Kokochin implies sky blue or dark, so calling her the Blue Princess is basically a translation into English and therefore a back-up of her proper name.
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