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‘Monster Hunter’

Milla Jovovich fabricated half-dozen, count ’em, Vi
Resident Evil
movies. Conspicuously, she knows a matter or two about kicking zombie donkey. But what tin can she possibly know nigh kick MONSTER ass? Equally it turns out, plenty!
Monster Hunter
is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, director of the
Resident Evil
franchise (and also hubbs to Jovovich), and it’s
what you lot’d expect information technology to be: muscles get flexed, dialogue is rendered inessential, monsters go boom. Whatsoever the budget was for this movie, it’s all there on-screen. YMMV, of course, but if you’re the type of moviewatcher pre-tending to these kind of flicks, you’re gonna get your money’s worth … and then some.

Photo: Everett Collection

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