League of Legends Tutorial Patching

Players of League of Legends came beyond a surprising bug where the game went into a patching loop not so long agone. Upon opening the game, users got an ‘update’ message which further redirected towards patching the game. Later on patching the game, when the game restarted, the ‘update’ message came again. This situation continued indefinitely.

At that place was a problem patching League of Legends Loop

League of Legend engineers officially acknowledged the bibelot and released an official update to fix the issue. Fifty-fifty though the update was released, at that place were several downtimes with the players not able to access the game. This scenario connected even some while afterwards the update was released.

What causes the ‘League of Legends’ patching loop?

According to user reports and our investigation of the thing, there were several causes which brought about this situation. The reasons are but non limited to:

  • The game going into an
    mistake state. The patch installed doesn’t get registered properly into the game’due south directory which causes the game to patch again and again.
  • The game is having issues connecting to the
    DNS server. Fifty-fifty games require DNS services in order to institute a connection.
  • The launcher is either
    incomplete or corrupt. This can happen in a number of cases to quite unlike games.

Earlier we start with the solutions, make certain that you accept an agile internet connexion and have ambassador privileges on your computer.

Solution 1: Updating League of Legends

Since the software developers already took notice of this anomaly, they released subsequent updates to set up the upshot at hand. So if you are holding back or non installing the latest updates, nosotros propose that you lot do and then immediately.

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Updating League of Legends
Updating League of Legends

Just open up the game and when you are prompted to install the update, practice so. The game volition automatically download the patch and after installing, restart the game. Make sure that you launch the LoL launcher with administrator privileges.

Solution 2: Irresolute to Google’due south DNS

League of Legends, similar all other games, also makes use of DNS servers in society to establish and maintain a connectedness with its servers and other third-party services. If your DNS server is not working or is unreachable, it may cause the patching loop. We can brand use of Google’south DNS and meet if this fixes our problem.

  1. Printing Windows + R, blazon “control panel” in the dialogue box and press Enter.
  2. One time in the command panel, click on the sub-heading “Network and Net”.
Network and Internet settings - Control panel on Windows 10
Network and Cyberspace settings – Control panel
  1. Select
    “Network and Sharing Center” from the next window you are navigated to.
Network and sharing center - Internet settings on Windows 10
Network and sharing heart – Internet settings
  1. Here you lot will find the network to which you are continued to. Click on the network present in class of “Connections” every bit shown in the screenshot below.
Selecting your connection
Selecting your connectedness – Network settings
  1. Now click on “Properties” present at the nigh bottom of the small window which pops up.
Properties of the connection
Properties of the connexion
  1. Double-click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” so we can change the DNS server.
Accessing IPv4 settings of the connection
Accessing IPv4 settings
  1. Click on “Use the post-obit DNS server addresses:” so the dialogue boxes below get editable. At present set the values as following:

Preferred DNS server: eight.8.eight.eight

Alternating DNS server:

Setting Google's DNS
Setting Google’s DNS
  1. Press
    to save changes and exit. At present restart your computer and see if this solved your problem.
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Solution three: Disabling in-game overlays

In-game overlays are features by different software which allows users to access certain parts of their functionality without having to alt-tab out of the game. This makes it easier for gamers to access different functionalities. Software which accompanies games such as NVIDIA GeForce experience or Discord provide in-game overlays.

Information technology seems that these overlays are 1 of the causes in disrupting the patching process. Hence you should try disabling them and then try patching LoL over again. Here we take shown how to disable the overlay of Discord. You can follow similar steps for other software besides who has in-game overlay enabled.

  1. Launch
    and open its
    User Settings. Now select the selection
    from the left navigation tab and
    the pick
    Enable in-game overlay.
Disabling in-game overlay - Discord on Windows 10
Disabling in-game overlay – Discord
  1. Restart your computer completely so changes are implemented and try patching League of Legends over again.

Some other tips which yous can try in order to solve the patching error are:

  • Running the League of Legends
    every bit an administrator.
  • When the client states ‘We accept restored….’ on the initial error bulletin, instead of pressing okay, press
    Alt + F4. Now launch the game once again.
  • End all tasks
    (type taskmgr after pressing Windows + R) of League of Legends and launch the launcher over again using ambassador privileges.

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