Xayah and Rakan New Skins

Arcana is a fairly new skin line, having previously released a handful of skins beforehand. The recipients of the kickoff set up of skins in this line were Camille, Xerath, Tahm Kench, and Lucian. Joining them this time are Ahri, Hecarim, Ryze, Xayah, and Rakan. While the Arcana pare line are plainly inspired by the major arcana in a tarot deck, it’s
not intended
for the skins to have a “perfect i:ane correspondence to any card or classic.”

This second wave of the Arcana skin line are now alive with League of Legends patch 12.7.

Arcana Ahri – 1350 RP

“Don’t you trust me?”

Arcana Ahri’s splash fine art looks like a card sideways, with depictions of moons bordering the card. In the heart is Arcana Ahri, clad in the peel line’s primarily night outfit, highlighted by blood-red and gold. All of her ix ruby tails are also in full view, with some details gilt in gold. Ahri herself has white hair and a headpiece that covers her eyes, and wields a carmine orb with a carte du jour in the center. She well-nigh closely resembles the High Priestess carte du jour, particularly with the “horns” that Ahri’s fox ears make.

In-game, Arcana Ahri is easily visible with her blood-red tails and brilliant orange orb. Her normal attacks await like bolts of orangish energy with a red diamond in the heart. Casting Q, Arcana Ahri throws out her orb which turns oval due to move. While going back to her, the orb is slightly a brighter shade of orange. The moon symbolism is carried over to in-game, specially with her Due west. Three orbs with a moon crescent in them surroundings Ahri upon bandage, and fly towards enemies in the same bolt-like outcome as her normal attacks. Ahri’s East spawns a pinkish center as with all the other Ahri skins, but the heart that Arcana Ahri blows out has more “edges” and looks more like a gem shaped like a heart. Enemies hit will have small hearts floating effectually them and a circular marker, all in the Arcana colour scheme. Casting her R gives Ahri a circular pattern underneath her, one time once more filled with moon symbols. When dashing, she gains a slight glow, and her tails turn a niggling translucent.

Every bit part of her call back, Ahri poses with her tails fanned out and her orb raised high, designed to resemble an upright carte du jour.

Arcana Ahri is a very “visible” skin, and heart-catching at that. All of her abilities are assorted by colors on both Summoners’ Rift and Howling Completeness, making their range and projectiles quite difficult to miss (visibly. Hit enemies is up to your skill, of course.) With Ahri’s recent rework, Arcana is a good way to bring more than attention to the champion. This is her 15th skin.

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Arcana Xayah & Rakan – 1350 RP each

Our magic is a fury. It is a song yous cannot resist.”

Xayah & Rakan one time over again share a pare (looking at you, IG Rakan), so more than bot-laners can instalock both champions because they got the pair of skins. In any case, the glaring reference here is the Lovers menu, with all the hearts on the corners and in the lower border of the card. A more subtle reference perhaps is to the Pentacles suit, with the crop imagery in the background as well as the fruit in Rakan’s manus and the blossom in Xayah’s.

The splash art they share has the least corporeality of white among the second wave of Arcana skins. Their “feathers” seem to now be carmine textile, accented in gilded and black, with diamonds at the end.

Unfortunately, this pair skin does not offering a new joint recall animation for our honey birds. It will instead use the default articulation think animation. This is the offset Xayah & Rakan pair pare that volition not have a articulation recall animation.

Arcana Xayah

Arcana Xayah shoots out a golden bolt with a ruby-red trail when she does a normal attack. These bolts glow much more than intensely and come from a college angle if the assail is a critical strike. Every time her passive is active, these attacks will spawn cherry-red and gold feathers on the ground, with faint aureate pointers leading to Xayah. Her Q looks like normal attacks, the only glaring deviation betwixt them is the speed and wind-up animation. When buffed by W, Xayah (and Rakan, if in range,) gain a glowing cherry aureola. This makes every normal set on exist followed past a modest commodities that flies in a bend. When the feathers generated past her abilities and passive are recalled past East, it flies back to Xayah in the shape of a pointy pointer. Any enemies rooted will be surrounded by a circular wall of blood-red particles. Xayah’s R range is shown in a cone, with a heart in the eye, and the Sun and Moon on either side of the range, making for a cool and very visible effect.

When recalling, Arcana Xayah holds out something that looks like a bloom on her paw, while she herself is faintly shaped similar the right side of a center.

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Arcana Rakan

Every time Rakan gains his shield from his passive, he gains a white, faint outline of a Sun. His normal attacks are nada special, since he’south literally just smacking his enemies with his feathers or with his fist. These attacks cause particles to fly off of the enemy, though. His Q shoots out a pointy pointer, and a heart forms around Rakan when Q hits denoting the healing function of the ability. His W is more than visually interesting: inside the range of this ability is a depiction of a tree with an apple within. When shielding allies with his E, they proceeds a more than prominent outline of the Lord’s day compared to his passive. Shields generated past his E also has color. Rakan gains a red trail when his R is agile, and any enemy not even so overjoyed by this ability will have a blood-red arrow on elevation of their heads.

When recalling, Arcana Rakan holds out something resembling a petal, and his posture makes him have the silhouette of the left half of a heart.

Arcana Hecarim – 1350 RP

Suffering is magic.”

Upward adjacent is Arcana Hecarim. His card has depictions of the Dominicus and a knight, possible a reference to the Chariot. He himself seem to be glowing, holding his weapon that is also slightly reminiscent of the Sun. Hecarim’s body is blackness, with his white, golden, and crimson armor to carry out the Arcana colour palette. His armor seem to have a lion’s head carved into it.

In-game, Arcana Hecarim is more often than not black or white depending on which side you lot’re seeing, with golden highlights and ruby glow furnishings. When normal attacking, he swings his glaive resulting in a like red glowing outcome to appear on the enemy. He swings his glaive in a circumvolve multiple times when casting Q, and this draws a crescent trail behind his weapon. The range of the power is quite visible equally the edge is marked a bright xanthous. Hecarim’s Due west darkens the area around him up until the edge of the range of the ability.  The edges have faint curves in them, resembling the “rays” of the lord’s day. Small crimson diamonds fly from the enemies for Hecarim to absorb, denoting the healing he receives through this ability. Hecarim’south glow resembles a fiery comet as he speeds up due to casting his E. The “clones” that casting his R are night carmine, with a faint red glow underneath them.

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When recalling, Hecarim raises his glaive proudly every bit if leading his cavalry to attack. Every bit with the others, he is inlaid within a portrait carte.

Hecarim has no shortage of nifty skins (whatsoever Arcade Hecarim enjoyers?), and Arcana is merely an improver to them. It’s non a must-get, merely would make its way into Hecarim players’ rotation of skins they use when playing as him.

Arcana Ryze – 1350 RP

Knowledge is a real weapon.”

Ryze, as ane of League of Legends’ oldest champions, has a signature await. Despite being reworked several times, his scroll and his tome has remained constant, and Arcana Ryze is no exception. His scroll has a weird end to it, which we later on find out is a “lantern” of sorts. Ryze appears every bit a hooded, masked figure seemingly reading a book, with his red hands that act as if he is pulling the runes from the pages. Ryze’s outfit lack the white accents the other Arcana skins had, aside from his fully white mask. He looks to exist inspired past the Magician in his splash art.

His normal attacks are identical to Ahri’s: a bolt of xanthous magic with a red diamond inside. Casting Q prompts Ryze to briefly open a cherry-red and golden portala laDoctor Strange and fires out a bright projectile from within. A night blood-red flame surrounds the enemies when they are the recipient of Ryze’southward Westward. Golden circles with blood-red accents denote enemies marked by his E. When hitting these marked enemies with a Q, the projectile multiples from the outset target and shoots out at other marked enemies. When marked enemies are hit past the W, they are instead encircled in the cherry magic, with a glowing diamond atop their head. Arcana Ryze’s ultimate has got to exist 1 of the all-time out of all of his skins. It results in a deep red portal spawning underneath him, with a faint blood-red swirl to the destination.

During his recall, his lantern comes out from within the scroll, and being inlaid in the carte du jour with the lantern makes him resemble the Hermit carte.

For Ryze players looking for a flashy pare, Arcana Ryze is a meridian choice. Every power is visible, and fifty-fifty his ultimate lacks any shade of blueish that most Ryze skins have.

The second wave of Arcana skins is now available on live servers after the League of Legends Patch 12.7 update.

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