King Crimson Requiem Your Bizarre Adventure

It is only the results that remain in this world! All the actions you take in a world where fourth dimension is erased are meaningless!



Rex Crimson Requiem is a hypothetical
Stand up
based on
King Reddish, if
got ahold of the Requiem Arrow instead of
Giorno Giovanna. King Crimson Requiem has been renamed “Scarlet King Requiem” in-game in guild to avoid
copyright issues. This is currently the just stand up that is purely unofficial as other Requiem stands such as
Killer Queen: Bites the Dust
Star Platinum: The Earth
is however based on events within the series, which King Crimson Requiem is not.

In older versions of Your Bizarre Take chances, King Crimson Requiem was considered to be one of, if not the strongest Stand up in the game. Information technology had extremely high damage and had access to
Chop, which had the
Status Effect. Due to how powerful information technology was, the Stand was nerfed, with its Chop being removed with no replacement.

Despite not existence the strongest Stand in the game anymore, King Crimson Requiem all the same retains its reputation equally one of the strongest Stand in the game. It is extremely powerful, sometimes even considered to be on par with stands like
Star Platinum: The Globe, maybe even stronger. This is due to KCR having the 2d highest base Destructive Ability in YBA (second simply to
D4C: Love Railroad train) and a very diverse moveset including mayhap the best counter in the game.

However, Male monarch Ruby-red Requiem’s condition equally being stronger than its pre-evolution,
Male monarch Crimson, has been a signal of contention in the community. This is due to a notorious Kill combo King Crimson has which deals an extreme corporeality of damage and is incredibly difficult to avert, however this is a problems, equally Invincibility Frames non applying afterward Kill is the whole reason the combo works. Outside of the combo, King Crimson Requiem is still much amend than Rex Red due to sheer power and versatility. Non to mention easier to utilize, as for KC where you have to be more than precise with moves and timing.

Due to Rex Crimson Requiem’s status as an unofficial stand up, many of its moves are hypothetical, leading to inspiration from other sources. 1 notable example of this is Raging Demon, which is from the Street Fighter character Akuma, along with its design representing a more than mysterious and artificial humanoid stand. Epitaph dissimilar Male monarch Crimson is holographic, with it looking less expressive due to its design. Male monarch Crimson itself is at present crimson, with gear and a much more expressive face.

King Crimson Requiem’due south special attacks focus on attacking enemies stealthily, with it being able to trap enemies inside of Reality Marble, which lets information technology utilize Dimension Slash effectively, along with Raging Demon easily. It’due south avalanche and damage are extremely good, with it requiring non much thought or tactical ideas, which is different to
King Crimson. This stand is i of the best stands for dealing with exploiters in
Metal Ball Run
because of its high damage output, counter and reality marble to prevent them to move freely.

Total Skill Points: 63 Points



King Crimson Requiem throws a punch, dealing 10.ix damage (13.half-dozen with
charged) with max Subversive Power. This can be chained upward to 5 times, dealing 54.five damage if they all hit.


Stand Barrage:
A flurry of fast punches that deals a maximum of 1.8 damage (2.3 with Hamon charged) per punch. This is the second highest barrage in the game falling behind by
by only 0.1 impairment.


Barrage Finisher:
A potent punch that ragdolls the enemy, dealing a maximum of 21.vii damage (27.2 with Hamon charged).

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A counter move where if you get hit during information technology volition teleport y’all behind your opponent and stun them for a while. Epitaph can also exist upgraded to have an attack activate when you lot successfully counter the opponent, the attacks beingness:

  • Chop Passive:
    Male monarch Crimson Requiem teleports backside the opponent and perform a Chop on them dealing good harm and ragdolling them.
  • Raging Demon:
    King Crimson Requiem teleports to the opponent an lets out a flurry of punches all around them, dealing 2.7 damage (3.3 with Hamon charged) a hitting and hitting upwardly to 20 times (Getting this upgrade automatically replaces Chop Passive). Many people consider this to be a
    of sort, by nature of information technology being an inescapable animation of rapid punches and can besides deal a good amount of damage.


Dimension Slash:
Summons a scythe that does effectually thirty damage (forty.iii with Hamon charged) and cuts through reality itself, cutting a limb off of every player hit by it and ragdolling them. Missing legs will slow the player, disabling their run button until healed or they reset. A missing arm will increase the damage they take. This move has a very long range, and the hitbox is large. Yous tin use shift lock while this move is active to plow the scythe earlier it slashes. If the opponent is blocking, Dimension Slash block breaks.


Fourth dimension Skip:
Teleports the user to where their mouse cursor is pointing.


Erase Time:
KCR erases time, allowing the user to move freely within it, avoiding whatsoever source of damage. Information technology resets anyone defenseless in it back to their original state a few seconds earlier, giving you the opportunity to close the altitude between you and your opponent.


Reality Marble:
KCR traps a target within close proximity into erased time. This erased time dimension blinds the target and volition almost completely darken their screen with red temper, while trapping them in a box for the elapsing. It will also dull them down until they are attacked. The duration can range from somewhat short to rather long depending on upgrades.

Note: Blinding does not affect the pathfinding of NPCs/bosses. It is also good to know for team fights the slowing result of Reality Marble stacks with other slowing moves, like
White Album’s
Gently Weeps, completely stopping an enemy’s movement.

Tips, Combos, and Glitches

  • Use Reality Marble to your advantage, all players in King Crimson Requiem’s dimension are blinded and their movement slows while beingness stuck in a box. A good strategy is to use Dimension Slash while the enemy is unable to run into, or go a combo while their sight is limited. Y’all tin also heal while they’re awaiting your attack.
  • Using Dimension Slash correct after Raging Demon is a viable tech since D’southward has a lot of active frames making it and so that you can hit them when they get up either making them lose a limb letting you go a Reality Marble later getting a combo or if they are blocking you can use your spec stun (Eye Gouge,
    Zoom Punch,
    Pierce Strike,,
    Vamporization Freeze,
    etc.) and so barrage them.
  • You can unsummon your Stand to stop Raging Demon which stuns them simply doesn’t ragdoll them. This allows you to hit them with another move because they have a fleck more than stun afterward the Raging Demon finishes. You lot should hit them with zoom punch or centre gouge then spam Q to bring out your stand up, so barrage them. Their stand would be unsummoned because the start of Raging Demon makes them unsummon their stand. Nonetheless, since this is a issues and non a feature, abusing this may and will get you permanently banned from the principal game.
  • The last punch of Raging Demon can be stopped, by a counter or another Epitaph. Notwithstanding, this doesn’t happen often at all since the opponent has their stand unsummoned.
  • King Crimson Requiem goes very well with Boxing and Hamon, making information technology a high damage tank. It also has better philharmonic potential if you lot use Pluck.
  • When fighting a King Reddish Requiem ditto, during Raging Demon before you lot get hit with the final punch, y’all could theoretically activate your Epitaph and use Raging Demon while they’re still using their Raging Demon on you. However this doesn’t piece of work, as stated earlier your stand gets unsummoned in Raging Demon.
  • Dimension Slash tin be dodged. However, yous can try to shift lock, printing H, and motility your camera towards the direction in which the target’s running to hit them.
  • Reality Marble can be cancelled by
    Gold Experience Requiem‘due south Render to Aught.
  • Fourth dimension Erase can exist dodged past using a Stand Jump only if you don’t let time resume until after they do the initial bound, you should be fine.
  • An advanced trick is to rapidly Time Erase for a second, as the opponent e’er teleports back to where they were when the Fourth dimension Erase happened. You tin can use this to surprise people, set up a quick finisher move, or use Jawbreaker if you are using
  • When fighting a ranged Stand, do not use Epitaph unless you lot are close to them, equally Raging Demon needs a certain range to activate.
  • When fighting
    Hierophant Dark-green, look for them to apply their Emerald Barrier, and then run into it with Epitaph. This lets you lot either teleport to them or engage Raging Demon.
  • A great way to starting time a 1v1 with this stand is to teleport directly to the opponent using Time Skip and immediately use Reality Marble, so your opponent would be mazed from the get-go of the fight. This allows for bully combos, even when the user of this combo doesn’t accept a spec.
  • You can time erase correct before time stop happens to get I-frames through out the time stop. If you are up against a time stop stand, salve your time erase until yous see them and their stand do the time end animation of hunching over and spreading their arms out. And so just hold Z (or whatever your keybind for Fourth dimension Erase is) throughout the fourth dimension terminate and they cannot see or harm you lot.
  • You can hit a free dimension slash by barraging for a quick second, then dimension slash. They will either barrage back only get hit by dimension slash because information technology is non cancelable, or they will block and get cake cleaved. If they do get block broken you should m1 3 or 4 times which does around xxx to 45 damage and so employ a block breaking move similar jawbreaker or cerise overdrive. You can use your heavy punch but that has a run a risk to go parried.
  • A nice way to utilize time erase effectively is to barrage for a 2d and then dimension slash. Basically do the same as the tip in a higher place. You lot can also use a block breaking motility if you think they are going to block, or just m1 a few times and use a block break motion.
  • Dimension Slash cannot be canceled past getting stunned or by getting ragdolled which is really powerful. Y’all tin employ this to your reward by spamming yous dimension slash keybind if your are being combo’ed by an untrue philharmonic.
  • Raging Demon does not activate and epitaph volition work like a not-upgraded epitaph if you are effected past the end lag of a motility. Keep this in mind when you have epitaph activated for raging demon will not e’er activate if you are attacking with epitaph on.
  • Raging Demon will normally actuate on a The Earth user when they are doing roadroller, only information technology volition not cancel the roadroller and volition only start to damage the world user after roadroller ends.
  • A good use of the epitaph is to employ a barrage on someone and when they uses theirs yous abolish your barrage and so SPAM the epitaph push, because when their barrage ends, they will use an attack.
  • As of the 2021 Christmas update (v0.9), two major bugs potentially bankrupt the stand. Dimension Slash was invisible and cannot exist seen, and Epitaph had no cooldowns, meaning y’all could spam it every bit long as y’all liked until it got patched afterwards.
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Battle Combos

  • X+H+C (cake break)+Five+ M1 x3
  • X+H+Z+C+Dash + (When they start to get upwardly) V+M1 x3. This philharmonic deals a LOT of harm.
  • X+H+Z+G (only for a few hits then every bit to not get barraged) +C
  • V+C+Ten+H(block intermission)+ M1 x3
  • T+M1 x2+C(block break)+Five (but works with base of operations epitaph)
  • M1 x2+Five+M1 x2+C+Ten+H+Z+C
  • H+Y(to the ragdolled thespian)+V+E+C

Hamon Combos

  • Z+V (block break)+C+M1 x2
  • T+Q+C+Q+E+Five
  • X+H (block intermission)+C+M1 x4
  • T+H (block break)+C+M1 x4
  • This combo does not require any hamon
    its just uses hamon to buff its damage: T+H(you lot can spam H while in raging demon so it actives faster if that is is easier for y’all)
  • Fashion to implement the combo to a higher place: E(let them barrage dorsum then assuming they exercise heavy attack)+T+H
  • Z+C+M1 x1+V+M1 x4+Due east (hold for half a sec)+T+X+H (like shooting fish in a barrel combo but OP)

Spin Combos

  • Z+X+V+B+H

Vampirism Combos

  • C+M1x3+R(block break)+5+10+H+G
  • C + three M1s + H (If block cleaved, use life drain)
  • T + Five (Similar to KC’southward Epitaph to Impale, except with life drain)
  • C + 3 M1s + H (If block broken, use Life Drain instead) + X + Chiliad (Grand should be easy to hit since they don’t know where you are)

Pluck Combos

  • B+M1x3+R+Z (Hold)+H+E
  • X+H+pierce strike+T(if they try to fight back)+iii-5 m1’southward+triple pierce strike+cresent slash


  • KCR and
    are the simply Non-Canon Stands featured in Your Bizarre Adventure.
  • Uber Oni in Rogue Lineage has a move that goes by the same name.
  • This Stand was the tertiary ever Requiem added to the game, with its original moves being the same for its lifetime.
  • Blackness Magic 2: The Phantom Causatum also has Raging Demon in their game.
  • The motility
    Raging Demon
    is based on Akuma’south special movement from Street fighter, raging demon.
  • Rex Blood-red Requiem used to accept a
    motion but was removed and given to
    The World (Alternate Universe).
  • The audio you hear during Reality Marble (If yous’re the one existence Reality Marble’d) originates from
    here. (Slight spoiler)
  • King Crimson Requiem’due south
    Dimension Slash
    sound came from
  • The move
    Reality Marble
    is based on Fate serial. In Fate, first one to use this was Archer when fighting Berserker, trapped him and himself in a Reality Marble and took ane of the Berserkers lives.
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