Should You Play Ranked During Preseason

Some players see Preseason in League of Legends as a sort of vacation because the ranked season is over and there is no bespeak in playing during this time. Sounds almost right… right? Wrong! There are many benefits to playing ranked during preseason.

This article volition become over several reasons equally to why it is benign to play ranked fifty-fifty during preseason. Playing with less pressure level and placing higher next season are just some of the topics that this article volition encompass.


Riot implements massive changes into League every preseason, and so it makes sense to play and familiarise yourself with the changes during this fourth dimension. This preseason saw several changes and additions to Dragons, items, runes, besides equally a new bounty organization. With so many new changes to become used to, you volition be at a disadvantage if you choose to put off learning these additions until the new season begins. Nevertheless, if y’all put in the hours during preseason to learn and experiment with the update, you will start the new season with a decent understanding of the current state of the game. This tin can also give you a head first because other players might non have taken the fourth dimension to play and practice during the preseason.

The new gas zones and Hexgates brought in along with the new Drakes are certain to shake up the mode the game is played. The quondam roster of Drake terrains for the most part did non really cause players to play differently. However, the new terrains took things to a whole new level and now at that place are and so many possibilities for new strategies and plays to happen in the jungle. Gas zones make walking into the jungle incredibly risky as normal wards volition not reveal enemies hiding within them. Hexgates volition also throw off a lot of people every bit warding jungle entrances will no longer be enough to keep you safe from ganks. Learning how to play effectually the new terrain and coming up with unlike strategies will assistance yous to go into the new flavour with more than confidence because you lot take a decent understanding of the different ways the terrain can be used.

Mage, tank and assassin items are seeing several changes and additions to the roster. Finding out which items piece of work well with your favourite champions in different matchups is extremely important, which is why taking the time to experiment with dissimilar builds during preseason is key if yous want to go a adept head start when the new season starts in January. The concluding affair y’all desire to happen is to get defenseless off-guard and dislocated when you come against an opponent rocking 1 of the new Mythics. For instance, Crown of the Shattered Queen is an item that could potentially mess with a lot of assassin players. The detail’due south passive, Safeguard, reduces incoming champion damage by 75%. Safeguard also persists for 1.v seconds after taking champion damage. This will mean that assassins take to pop the particular’s passive and wait for a moment before unleashing their full combo if they want to maximise their damage. It will be much better to learn how to bargain with these new items at present rather than wait until the flavour starts and suffer a bad kickoff to your climb.

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Have you ever taken a really long break from something and come back realising you lot take no idea how to practice anything? Keeping your skills sharp is important for ensuring a skillful outset to the flavour. Information technology does non mean that you have to play 10 games a twenty-four hours every single day, it could be as simple as a game a day or a couple of games spread out over the week. The most important affair is to play often enough to keep your mechanics and game sensation sharp.

You might exist thinking, “Why play ranked specifically and not just normals or ARAM? The combos are still the same regardless of the queue!”. In normal matches, the quality of gameplay is much lower than that of ranked matches. This could cause players to lower the amount of care and attention that they put into their gameplay due to the lower amount of effort required to win in normal matches. This could come in the grade of sloppier and slower combos, or it could as well cause players to look at the map less and have lower map sensation. You cannot expect to get into the new season performing at your best if y’all do not put in the same corporeality of attempt during the preseason. The quality of players in ranked is too much higher than normal matches, which volition also force you to perform at your best if y’all want to win.


Learning the game and improving is important, but some players stop reviewing replays and start to relax during the preseason. The learning procedure never stops, and you lot should always strive to become better even when the ranked season has ended. Strengthening your fundamentals becomes fifty-fifty more important when new changes are implemented which shake upwardly the meta. Continuing to review your ain games and proactively learning will not only speed up your charge per unit of improvement, simply it will also help yous gain a improve understanding of how the preseason changes touch the game. If you lot but mindlessly play the game and do not review your games, you will end up gaining very petty from each game. Merely keeping loftier intensity every game and taking the fourth dimension to review your replays will force you lot to be more than engaged with the learning process. This will aid you to continue improving and arrange quicker to the preseason changes.

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Playing ranked during preseason is crucial because the level of play is much higher than that of normal games; players usually endeavor much harder and they are better when compared to normal matches. The higher intensity and level of play makes information technology an ideal scenario for improvement considering you will be forced to play at your all-time. For example, if you are playing at your best, whatever mistakes you find during review sessions will help you to improve considering you might not accept known about information technology beforehand. Merely if you review games where you were playing with low intensity, the mistakes yous discover will nearly likely exist because of autopiloting and abandon. Y’all will non larn much from reviewing these games considering the mistakes yous fabricated happen due to a lack of care rather than a gap in your knowledge.

Information technology AFFECTS YOUR MMR

Even though the ranked season has ended, it does not hateful that playing ranked is meaningless until the new season starts. Some players call up that playing ranked is pointless during preseason because it volition just reset when the new season rolls around. But have you always wondered why finishing placement matches usually crusade yous to cease upwardly around the rank you lot finished at last flavor? This is because there is a subconscious MMR system in place that is the nigh accurate representation of your skill level. Every season, information technology goes through a soft reset rather than a hard reset. To give an analogy, imagine MMR is represented past numbers from 0-100; having a higher number ways your skill level and rank is higher. If you lot finish this season with an MMR number of l, your MMR will get hit past that soft reset and you will start side by side season around 40-45 MMR. This is why when you begin your placement matches, you lot start a few divisions backside the rank you finished last flavour.

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So, what does all this have to do with playing ranked during preseason? The answer is playing during preseason affects your MMR. Winning ranked games during preseason will nonetheless increase your MMR. Going dorsum to the analogy, if you finished the season with an MMR number of 50, you can still play ranked and your MMR volition get upwardly. If you finish preseason with 53 MMR points, you will start next flavor around 48 MMR points rather than the xl-45 MMR points if you decided to finish playing ranked during preseason. Again, this is only an case, but the concept is the same equally how the actual system is. Your rank may not be that different later on placement matches, but your LP gains and losses will be affected past your MMR.


Many players experience stress and anxiety when playing ranked during the season, especially when they accept not hit their goals and the end of the flavor is approaching. But once the season has officially concluded and ranked rewards have been distributed, you lot may notice that the game becomes less stressful to play. You no longer have to worry virtually reaching a certain rank in a specific timeframe. You might also find that the corporeality of toxicity is lower during the preseason; players generally will no longer be too obsessed with winning games. This will lead to them to get less emotionally invested and they will be less probable to flame other players in the game.

Overall, the reduced amount of stress combined with the other incentives mentioned makes preseason an ideal time to grind out ranked games. This can help yous to build your conviction up to play ranked more if you suffer from ranked anxiety. Take preseason as an opportunity to learn as much equally you can before the new season starts. Whether or not you hit your goals during the regular flavor, preseason gives you the run a risk to build upwards and improve on any areas where you may be lacking in.


To conclude, there are many benefits to playing ranked during preseason. Playing ranked during preseason allows you to familiarise yourself with the new additions and changes while continuing to improve as a actor. The main objective is to give yourself the best take chances of getting a expert beginning when the new season begins.