The anticipated final DLC to

The Bounden Of Isaac
has released, and has speedily reminded fans why this dark, chaotic roguelike is and then memorable. This robust expansion incorporates and refines
the content of the popular fan mod
known as
while besides injecting a reworked co-op mode, more baddies, challenges, and loads of agreeable new items.

The slew of wild items, trinkets, and buffs have long been ane of

The Bounden Of Isaac
‘s biggest draws, and this DLC certainly doesn’t allow up on that forepart. With over
items now in total (130 new ones
included with
Repentance), it can exist tough to pinpoint which are almost stiff and useful. There are many winners to choose from, only those beneath are some of the best.

Updated March 25th, 2022 by Stephen LaGioia:

This twisted, addictive roguelike continues to entice gamers with its deceptively deep gameplay and an onslaught of random elements that keeps the experience fresh. Recent discounts and new discoveries, tactics, and exploits continue to keep The Binding of Isaac on gamers’ radar—along with
a steady stream of DLC content and mods.

As such, we’ve decided to revisit and further mankind out this listing of the best items in the Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


Freezer Baby

This neat little guy tin be deceptively powerful. The Freezer Infant is a familiar that frequently shoots sharp icicles about, which can potentially
petrify baddies they come into contact with.
Moreover, enemies that are slain volition be turned into frozen blocks, which can further be exploited to inflict more carnage.

Frozen enemies can non only be hitting into other foes, but are also useful in blocking shots from others. When run across, frozen foes burst into a ring of
10 ice tears, which in turn slow and freeze.
Basically, this move compounds upon itself and produces a sort of destructive ripple result, making it cracking for oversupply control.


Dark Arts

Binding of Isaac Repentance Dark Arts sillouette Isaac fighting large heart

While the effects of this i seem subtle, they can really make an bear on in the many heated battles Isaac will be entangled with over time. Dark Arts grants a
+one.0 speed heave, and tin walk right through baddies and bullets for a 2d—or until he shoots again.

This is augmented by the perk of freezing enemies when walking through them or their bullets (until the outcome ends), with
double damage from that which Isaac takes plus iii.5 more.
Every bit one might imagine, this activated particular Isaac evade and outlast enemies along with calculation another, more passive means of firepower. Information technology’s a great complement for more offensive abilities as well.


Binge Eater

Binding of Isaac Repentance Binge Eater demon Isaac with several items buffs

Isaac can become a truly efficient survivalist with this epicurean passive perk. Binge Eater provides him with
one Crimson Center Container and fully restores health.

But on meridian of this, players can utilize all items every bit generic HP/nutrient items if they choose, while gaining small boosts in certain stats when consuming them. This includes a
3.6 damage heave (fading later on 30 seconds) and permanent boosts to two stats.
This comes at a marginal price of a -0.03 speed reduction, but information technology’s well worth the investment. Essentially, this is an HP upgrade on steroids.


Spirit Sword

Binding of Isaac Repentance swinging large Spirit Sword at foes

Melee fighters rejoice! This item turns Isaac into a close-range fighting machine, replacing his tears with a stiff sword. This swinging sword not only covers ample ground, merely also inflicts
3x Isaac’s usual harm, plus an added three.5.
At the same time, the sword deals
knockback to multiple targets
(too as Isaac), if information technology finds its mark. It tin also be swung in a spin attack, deflect enemy projectiles,
launch a projectile of its own.

Added to this is the swift speed at which this sword can be swung, and its bully power to nab pickups. The knockback tin can exist a bit jarring at first, but in one case players get the hang of information technology, it’due south quite a deadly, efficient weapon.
For the offensively-minded (and Zelda fans), this is actually one of the best new items
has to offer.



Binding of Isaac Repentance firing Trisagion blue projectile at demon foe

This passive item turns Isaac into a long-range destroyer, every bit it swaps out tears with
piercing white blasts of deadly low-cal.
While they but inflict a
33% chunk of the usual damage,
this is more than made up for by their ability to
strike the aforementioned target multiple times.

And this can occur fairly easily, as these blasts launch as large projectiles, which don’t knock enemies dorsum. This tin can exist exploited past bankroll up while firing, equally the tears will glide along more slowly, maximizing hits. The Trisagion tin really cutting through mobs like butter, quickly chipping abroad at most in its wake.

Pair information technology with
eight Inch Nails, Blister, or Pisces
for a solid crowd-control weapon of evasion, equally the barrage of knockbacks will massively repel baddies.



Binding of Isaac Berserk red angry Isaac throwing bone at foes

Both powerful and satisfying, Berserk! allows Isaac to unleash his inner rage, turning him into an enraged fighter with greatly increased speed, tears, and damage. Specifically, he’s granted a
0.4 bump in speed and an added 3 damage.

This rampage lasts for around five seconds, and his tears are replaced past a potent, merely limited-range melee weapon: a jaw os. Not only is this weapon potent when swung, simply it too reflects enemy shots, and killing an enemy with information technology will tack on a 2d to the Berserk elapsing. On top of all this added juice, Isaac is
unable to die while Berserking, and will gain brief invincibility shortly after an enemy is slain.


Sacred Orb

Binding of Isaac Sacred Orb happy angel at large treasure chest

While player skill is of course useful,
luck is often a secondary cistron when it comes to Roguelikes
such as
Isaac. I’s run tin can be greatly prolonged or cutting brusk but because of a string of luck involving enemy spawns or items. Luckily, this coveted orb tin can mitigate much of this.

This passive item all merely ensures Isaac will exist a degree better-equipped for battle, giving players far more of a fighting gamble. The Sacred Orb prevents low-quality items from actualization, while significantly bumping up the quality of items obtained from item pools. Any item that falls in the zero-to-one pool volition be rerolled, while those with a quality of ii have a 33% chance of being rerolled.


Astral Projection

Binding of Isaac Astral Projection ghost Isaac shooting tears at foes

This passive item allows for a satisfying out-of-torso feel, which allows Isaac to exact instant revenge on his attackers. When Isaac is struck in an uncleared room, time volition freeze for a couple seconds as he swiftly turns into a ghost.

This amps upward both his strength and mobility, as Isaac will be able to fly around while firing spectral tears, and absorb the next hit he takes absent damage. His speed is also bumped up, making him both an offensive and evasive force. He’ll only reenter his trunk afterwards a room has been cleared or he gets hit a second time. There are few meliorate options in
when it comes to effective room-immigration items.


Immaculate Centre

Binding of Isaac Immaculate Heart item obtaining

In a frantic, activity-laden romp like
Isaac, existence able to weather offensive barrages
and survive is crucial. And while some may view this passive item every bit being fairly slow in terms of flashiness or offensive prowess, information technology can really brand a difference throughout the long grind.

This item subtly only effectively boosts Isaac in a number of ways; with the key attributes being a
i.2x damage multiplier
and the useful
addition of a Red Heart Container. Not only this, but Isaac’due south health is fully restored, and he’ll be equipped with spectral tears that orbit around him.


Keeper’s Sack

Binding of Isaac Repentance Keeper's Sack with multiple buffs and items at empty treasure chest

Frequent shop visitors will find this one especially dandy, as the Keeper’s Sack grants Isaac with
stat upgrades whatever time he buys items or pickups from shops.
This effectively doubles the usefulness of shops, as they now buff Isaac along with providing him with handy new items.

The potential upgrades include a
0.5 bump to damage, 0.03 boost to speed, or a 0.25 boost to range.
Every purchase will trigger this heave, plus
one for every five cents
spent on the item or pickup. As a squeamish little bonus, the Keeper’s Sack also yields iii coins and a key on pickup.



Binding of Isaac Uranus Isaac shooting icy beam at frozen foes

This ice-common cold passive item allows Isaac to
freeze foes dead in their tracks past firing dank tears,
which turns them into water ice statues upon their demise. Frozen victims can then exist shattered, which in turn bogs down nearby enemies with a slowing consequence.

The result is a chemical compound outcome of offense and oversupply control, as the initial freezes atomic number 82 to a cascade of further damage and enemy debuffs. Equally a fun little bonus, these frozen enemy figures can too be pushed and used as makeshift weapons that have out all in their wake equally they slide across the screen.


Psy Wing

Binding of Isaac Psy Fly purple fly orbitting heads

While the buzzing familiar may non look like much, this fly companion tin can really brand an impact, with its orbital patterns that chase and deflect enemy shots in its wake.

This battle-hardened fly even
converts blocked shots into homing tears that deal two damage
to nearby foes. And if this weren’t enough, the Psy Fly converts some of its fellow fly enemies into friendlies if it touches them while blocking shots.



Binding of Isaac Revelation angel shooting laser beam at foes

This holy item can swiftly plow Isaac into an angel of death, as it provides
2 soul hearts and also grants the nifty ability to fly around.
To round things out, Revelation also gives Isaac a super-charged holy laser beam, which tin can be charged and unleashed on a row of enemies in seconds.

Every bit a consequence, Isaac’south crime, defence, and mobility are all bumped up to a significant caste. This heavenly passive can actually drag the play of those blessed enough to come upon it.


Mega Mush

Binding of Isaac Mega Mush gigantic Isaac in dark room with logs

Taking its cue
Super Mario‘south iconic powerups
, the Mega Mush turns the typically small, meek Isaac into a large creature of destruction, ballooning his damage and range for 30 seconds and making him invincible.

Isaac can plow through both enemies and obstacles with ease when using the Mega Mush, wreaking havoc to all unlucky plenty to be in his wake. Granted, there is a
2.5x tear delay multiplier,

but it’due south a small price to pay for the whopping
4x impairment multiplier
and added range.


Decease Certificate

Binding of Isaac Death Certificate dark room full of items

This added item has fast become a fan-favorite and for good reason. Information technology’south then useful
it tin can arguably be considered game-breaking. This rewarding goodie transports Isaac to a vast, abandoned version of his home — only unlike the ominous bosses that expect there, this room is chock-full of items. In fact, this area of riches houses
one re-create of every single item in the game.

This certificate is only adept for a single item, as in one case Isaac takes one, he’s brought dorsum to the area the Expiry Certificate was obtained. Still, being able to nab any particular of one’s choosing can be extremely useful and a true game-changer.

Bounden Of Isaac: Best New Trinkets In Repentance

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