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From bottom-correct, clockwise: the protagonist, Sei Takanashi; Jude; and Helm Albert Hawke.

Sei Takanashi is your average Japanese salarywoman: terribly overworked, constantly stressed out, and without the time, the opportunity, nor the energy for things outside of her career like friends, family, or romantic life. After withal another nighttime of working extreme overtime for at her job, she enters the tiny, empty apartment she lives in… but with a circle of low-cal all of a sudden appearing beneath her then a flash of light, she all of a sudden finds herself in a medieval European castle, surrounded past robed priests, knights, and cheering aristocrats.

Equally is chop-chop explained to her, she was part of a ritual to summon a “Saint”, a benevolent, powerful magician who would slay the monsters and purify the miasma threatening to overrun the kingdom of Salutania and the residue of the world. Nonetheless, there’south a trouble: instead of only
person from another world, there are
two, Sei and a much younger, much more conventionally attractive, and innocent girl, Aira Misono.

While the priests are rightfully confused, Prince Kyle Salutania has no such reservations and immediately marches forward and kneels before Aira, introducing himself and sweeping the kingdom’due south new “Saint” off her feet.

With no precedent, no style to get Sei back to her world, and feeling terribly guilty about this incident, the kingdom decides to allow Sei stay in the castle, visit its related facilities like the Royal Enquiry Establish, and spend her fourth dimension as she pleases. Without TV, video games, or the power to have a stroll in the forest without getting attacked by bloodthirsty monsters, and with the castle residents mysteriously avoiding her and not even bothering to visit, Sei finds herself terribly bored—until she accidentally stumbles on an herb garden total of familiar plants like lavander and oregano.

A friendly scientist from the found, Jude, introduces her to the concept of potion-making, and with a past hobby in herbalism, Sei quickly becomes a researcher making potions and studying herbs’ effects. Equally everyone apace learns, however, Sei’south magic is overwhelmingly powerful and her by-life noesis allows her to make groundbreaking innovations and discoveries that threaten to rock the nation and upset the balance of ability. Add budding romances with handsome men, encroaching monsters and miasma, and friendships with nobles and other residents of this world, and Sei’s life becomes very interesting indeed.

The Saint’south Magic is Overpowered
(聖女の魔力は万能です) is a webnovel written by Yuki Tachibana, originally published and still hosted on
Shōsetsuka ni Narō. It was later adjusted into a light novel, illustrated by Yasuyuki Syuri, a manga accommodation fatigued by Fujiazuki, and and so an anime adaptation by
Diomedéa, currently airing during Jump 2021. Information technology is licensed by Kadokawa Books, Kadokawa Shoten’south ComicWalker website. The official English language translations of both the LN and manga are handled past Seven Seas Entertainment.

A spin-off of the series, called
The Saint’s Magic is Overpowered – Another Saint
(聖女の魔力は万能です~もう一人の聖女~) is later released and focuses on Aira, and what she experienced and saw throughout the story.

This serial provides examples of:

  • Academy of Hazard: The Majestic Academy is meant to railroad train knights, magicians, and military officers for subjugating monsters and the kingdom’s enemies. A regular part of the curriculum is to caput out into the forests and cull the monster populations in that location, which are both used to make the expanse safer and give the students valuable experience to power themselves up.
  • Adaptational Early Appearance:

    • Lady Elizabeth Ashley, meliorate known as “Liz”, and Lady Nicole Ardler show up in Episode 2 of the anime, whereas in the original spider web novel it takes quite a while for Sei to observe female companionship, thanks to the male-dominated society of Salutania. Aira’s unintentionally causing waves in the Academy due to her befriending engaged young men is also mentioned much before, forth with Sei getting indirectly roped in because of Liz telling her nearly it.
  • Adaptational Intelligence: In the anime, Prince Kyle is considerably more in impact with reality than his novel analogue, realizing far earlier
    that Sei is the true Saint rather than Aria, and purposefully running a
    Zero-Approving Gambit
    in hopes of shielding Aria from any potential blowblack by taking all the criticism on himself.
  • Beige Prose: Zero is ever actually given much clarification. From the fashion potion-making works to the world itself. Even the conversations between characters are pretty dry.
  • Crapsaccharine World:
    Salutania, dear lord. It’s all nice and pleasant because Sei is in the heavily guarded, well-supplied, and very rich imperial capital for well-nigh of the story, only as rapidly becomes apparent the more than she steps out of that chimera, travels to dissimilar regions, and participates in monster subjugation, this earth is in
    trouble even
    the Saint. Miasma is spreading and monsters are springing upwardly faster and fiercer than mere mortal soldiers and professional person hunters can subjugate them, industries are being bedridden equally rubber areas get smaller and smaller and more and more than resources go into defence force than expansion, and even things like basic medical supplies are facing impending full plummet, specially prominent equally any given monster subjugation ends with
    heavily injured and bedridden soldiers. And and so you have all the court politics where every lord and leader of a territory wants to exist sent soldiers and assistance first, regardless of their importance in the thousand scheme of things, King Siegfried is struggling to proceed his kingdom from splitting apart due to faction differences, and his son and successor is a massive, impulsive idiot with something to evidence and far also little skill to actually do it properly. It’south a good matter that so many other leaders and prominent individuals are
    Reasonable Dominance Figures
    that are, at the least, willing to do their jobs without besides much playing politics and advancing their interests over the social club’s, because the Saint is
    going to be able to gear up all these issues past her lonesome.
  • Compressed Adaptation: Grows more pronounced every bit the anime continues. The first light novel volume is covered in iv episodes. The 2nd takes 3 and a one-half episodes (although in that location is an episode of anime-exclusive content in the middle of this). Volume 3?
    An episode and a half.
  • Dramatic Irony:

    • During her offset few weeks in the new world, Sei complains that she’south been basically left lonely in her room except for the ane maid, no i in the castle comes to visit nor talk to her. This is because she arrived haggard, unhealthily pale, and sickly looking from all that overwork, the residents believed her ill, and their standard procedure is to give her space and fourth dimension to recuperate and rest past her lonesome.
    • Aira is
      effectively just an average girl without whatsoever special holy powers or stats beyond a strong bent for Magic. Sei is the existent saint with the ridiculous stats to match.
    • In-Universe, no one is able to utilize
      on Sei, and then her status every bit
      the true Saint
      is unknown to basically everyone in Salutania. Much more prominent in the Anime, which makes it so that Sei can no longer use
      and is kept in the night about her powers.
  • Enemy Scan: The
    spell acts like this with more powerful users. Even analyzing the traits of items (magical ones particularly) is a difficult task and considering how important and sensitive knowing a person’southward exact strengths and weaknesses are, only the almost trusted individuals are even taught it. For less powerful users, it’s actually useless – the spell can only clarify people of equal or lesser level than the caster.
  • How Do I Shot Spider web?: Considering all records of previous Saints are redacted to muffle information about their abilities when they weren’t destroyed outright (to prevent enemies from identifying and eliminating Saints before they fully come into their full power), every Saint has to effigy out how to invoke their Saint-simply abilities from scratch.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: All of the episode titles so far utilize two kanji in Japanese.
  • Interclass Friendship: Lady Elizabeth (or afterward, “Liz”) and Sei share an incredibly close friendship despite the old beingness a very high-ranked noble daughter and the latter beingness a commoner and newly-minted researcher, her friendships with the managing director of the institute and the commander of Tertiary Order of Knights notwithstanding. From the start, Liz has shown nada but respect and 18-carat interest in Sei’due south work in potion enquiry, and eventually, the two grow and so close every bit to refer to each other by their first names without honorifics along with confiding gossip and serious issues with each other.
  • Iyashikei: For notwithstanding grim the situation is around the kingdom, what with the spreading miasma and monster attacks that can both poison and ravage the humans, respectively, much of Sei’south time in this new world is spent enjoying herself, making medicines, nutrient, and cosmetics for other people’s benefits; hanging out with her new friends, coworkers, and her superiors; and having flirtatious interactions with handsome, unmarried, interested immature men.
  • Lighter and Softer: Probably due to budget restrictions and Idiot box regulations, the anime accommodation tones down a lot of the gore and the ugly details. For example, in Episode 1 of the anime, Sei stumbles onto the Third Knight Order who’ve been desperately mangled and injured by a Salamander, a burn down-animate, high-ranking monster. The original text describes deep scratch wounds, serious burns, and so much blood that Sei believes a immature girl like Aira might lose her mind seeing so much gore and suffering. It’due south especially egregious with Captain Hawke, who has half of his upper torso charred black and Sei wondering how in the world he’s still alive. In the anime, they’re all but covered in scratches, blood, and bandages, but nothing as well grievous or disturbing; Hawke still looks badly bloodied and battered but without a scorch-marker to exist seen.
  • Magic Potion: The institute’s chief source of income and field of study of research are magical potions, especially ones for healing. The soldiers who fend off the bloodthirsty monsters are the nearly frequent customers, but they’re besides used past workers, travelers, and those who are sickly or infirm for treating accidents or chronic weather. Sei herself too near exclusively uses these to harness her magic; she tin’t bandage spells directly at the get-go simply she
    tin can
    make a potion that’s just equally constructive and can be administered past anyone as needed, to kick.
  • Medieval European Fantasy: Salutania is this, full-stop, from the architecture, the more than realistic hair colors and concrete traits, and much of its traditions and customs, such as knighthood, the titles of their monarchs and the line of succession, and how women are treated.
  • Memento MacGuffin: Albert gives Sei a pilus accessory that she wanted during their outing, with a gem inbued with his magic powers. When Sei is asked to assist the Tertiary Knight Order on a mission in the Western Wood, the accessory’s magic activates when Sei is ambushed by a monster, summoning a giant water ice wall with Albert’south ice magic.
  • Off the Nautical chart: Most prominently shown in the Light/Spider web Novels where Sei has admission to the
    spell, but her stats are ridiculously high compared to the rest of the globe.
    Her base of operations level is 55 – x levels higher than Salutania’due south highest levelled man, Thou Magus Yuri Drewes. Her Holy Magic level is even higher, just displayed as the infinity symbol. Non to mention the actual Saint’due south Magic which seems to exist entirely outside the scope of the regular magic system.
  • One Degree of Separation: Unsurprisingly for a feudal society heavily relying on hereditary succession and giving said successors numerous advantages for the meritocratic aspects of Salutania, many of the people Sei collaborate with are continued in some way. For case, Prince Kyle Salutania is
    Elizabeth Ashley’s
    fiance. And the Deputy Magus of the Court Mages is Erhart Hawke, Captain Albert Hawke’s older brother.
  • Simply One Name: Several characters merely have one name, due to being commoners. Only nobles have the privilege of family names.
  • Reality Is Unrealistic: Some fans have complained about why it takes an otherworlder, Sei, to introduce the unproblematic but dramatically constructive concept of using herbs for cooking rather than medicine. In real life, herbs were most always cultivated for medicinal purposes, spices were expensive commodities (fifty-fifty to this day, saffron is more expensive per weight than
    gold) and flavoring your food with either was exclusive to the rich and powerful. It takes the institute both having an all-encompassing herb garden on-site and connections to merchants to give Sei enough stock to play around with – and even then, Johann might have had to terminate her if she hadn’t proven to know what she was doing. Anyone else who tried would just exist accused of wasting valuable supplies (especially if the first effort didn’t come up out right).
  • Refusal of the Telephone call: In all versions other than the anime, Sei knows
    she is a saint
    from very early. She refuses to reveal this fact to anyone else, out of a combination of believing that Aira can save Salutania without her assist, and an unwillingness to take on dangerous and/or unpleasant duties for a Kingdom she feels to accept wronged her.
  • RPG-Mechanics Poesy: Downplayed in the anime but the power and skill of a person, a spell, and items are measured in “levels”.

    • “Basic Levels” are a person’southward overall force without accounting for specialized skills similar
      Holy Magic
      Potion Making. A random citizen is between 1-5; graduates from the Royal Academy for hunting monsters and studying magic are fifteen; professional hunters and soldiers vary greatly in the 20’s; and heads of state, sectionalization directors, and knight commanders are in the 30’s. Sei is

    • Assess
      is a magic spell that tells you the exact stats and details of an object or at much more powerful levels, people. Equally the latter could exist used without the target’due south consent, only highly-trusted individuals are taught this to preclude leakage of secrets like what a king’southward weaknesses are. If the user is of a lower level, however, the spell fails altogether, with or without consent. A huge role of
      Dramatic Irony
      is how Sei is incommunicable to examine by anyone but herself, leaving people in the dark about her capabilities.
    • Magic Gems can be enchanted to provide useful buffs to armor and equipment.
      Holy Magic
      specializes in defensive traits, with
      at base to
      Nullification, starting at rank 5. The worse the affair yous’re resisting confronting, similar Salamander’s fire-breath, the more magic plus raw skill is required. The quality of the materials must also be carefully considered, as too weak, the medium shatters from the stress, too strong, the caster will neglect to infuse it with their magic.
  • Shrouded in Myth: The Saints of Salutania have very, very trivial known almost them, except that they tin can help slay monsters and purify the miasma that creates them and poisons everything else. Who they were, what their lives were, what other capabilities they had were kept secret, as the by Kings and their courts decided that detailed information on the Saint’s incredible powers would quickly make them easy targets for assassinations or kidnappings by those who wished to use their power or deny it to Salutania.
  • Sliding Scale of Gender Inequality: Almost Perfectly Equal.

    • The society is male-dominated, as y’all might wait, with almost all of Sei’s swain researchers and magicians being men, the entire Third Order of Knights and every other professional soldiers are all young men, and many of the officials from other departments like the Majestic Mages and are also men.
    • Nevertheless, despite appearing to lack the powers of a saint, Sei is allowed to become a researcher at the plant, faces no bigotry unique to her gender, and becomes a highly-respected figure for her piece of work and her talents
      her dazzler. Noblewomen similar Liz are also shown to exist independent, have a healthy respect for other women in male person-dominated fields like potion research, and her interest in beauty is for the sake of feeling and looking good rather than to appeal to the men around her. Men in general, from nobility to common soldiers, besides consistently treat Sei and other women with the utmost respect.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome:
    So many it has its own page.
  • Utility Magic: The main purpose of spells isn’t anything flashy or unsafe, like throwing fireballs at monsters’ faces or at enemy soldiers; it’s mainly used to create potions for healing wounds, treating injuries equally a upshot of usual labor, or treating skin conditions like eyebags or acne. For other examples:

    • Sei badgers Jude into using his Water generation spell to become her a tub of absurd water to soak her feet in. On a more professional annotation, Jude also uses this to conveniently get clean water to make quality potions.
    • Capt. Hawke uses his rare, valuable Water ice powers to make ice cubes to arctic Sei’s beverage.
  • White Mage: Of what little
    known about the Saints, healing magic and purifying the monster-producing miasma are their about prominent traits. Sei also displays other techniques, like
    amplifying the recovery effects of potions; infusing normal food with enchanted traits; and being able to nearly effortlessly enchant gems with extremely powerful defensive buffs similar
  • You Tin can’t Go Home Again: The Saint Summoning Ritual is strictly 1-mode. Even saving Salutania won’t allow Aira or Sei to return to Japan.
    Realizing how devastating this is to Aira is part of why Prince Kyle is so
    with the idea that Aira
    exist the true Saint. If she’due south not, that means he ruined her life for no reason.
  • Zero-Approval Gambit:
    Anime Only: Subsequently accepting the mistake he made during the Saint Summoning Ritual, Prince Kyle decides to run one of these. He continues ignoring Sei and acting completely convinced of Aira’due south Sainthood. Were Sei to prove herself the Saint, Kyle’s promise is that his unreasonable behavior would shield Aira from any blame (and punishment) for Sei’s treatment, at the cost of shouldering that blame himself.
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Alternative Title(south):
The Saints Magic Is Overpowered