JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
has made quite a proper noun for itself, not just in the anime community simply too in the always-changing crazy and hilarious world of
memes. The anime lives upwards to the “bizarre” part of its name. Because of that unapologetic insanity present throughout the series, there were plenty of scenes and quotes that became perfect meme-textile. Though it seems the enigmatic Dio became a prime number meme target.

Dio’s over-the-height flare and mental attitude fabricated him meme-able from the very commencement, and the proof is in the classic “Merely it was me, Dio!” line he shouts in the first episode later on stealing Erina’s first kiss from Jonathan (the first JoJo). This scene became instantly iconic, and as such, a ton of great memes spawned from information technology.


A New Challenger Approaches!

1 of the biggest crossovers in all of gaming,
Super Smash Bros.has really brought in characters from across the video game spectrum that nobody expected
.Metal Gear Solid,Final Fantasy,and evenMinecraftare simply a few of the wild representatives Nintendo has allowed into theSmash
roster. Still, surely this is exclusive to just video game characters, right?

In this meme, Dio hijacks whoever the next spot volition go to, declaring himself the side by sideBlast Bros.character. While it’d be awesome to encounter Dio added to the game, it’s likely his Stand, The Globe, would probably be game-breaking.


358/ 2 Days, Dio Mix

Roxas and Xion from Kingdom Hearts, It was me Dio! Meme JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

TheKingdom Heartsserial is sort of notorious for
a very complicated plot
and some bizarre story beats, just notJoJo’slevel of bizarre. At least until this meme made the rounds. Towards the end of the spin-off game358/ii,Xion takes off her hood in front of Roxas to reveal her face up has become Sora’s, leading into an emotional boss fight. Here, things accept a dissimilar approach.

Instead of Sora, Xion’s has Dio’s face and surprising Roxas and the viewer. That final confrontation between friends would’ve been a lot stranger if this was what actually happened.


But It Was Always Dio

It always has been meme, Dio JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

JoJoreally has taken the earth by storm in the final few years, and Dio is definitely a large contributing gene in that equation. Though here, it’due south a fleck more literal. Using the astronaut “E’er Has Been” meme template, the world is revealed to be all Dio, his sinister grin proverb it all without the need for captions.

It’south quite the shock and i that the second astronaut is keen on keeping hidden, probably for the best. A Dio earth might be a bit too weird for the average person to accept, especially to the non-JoJofans.


Who’s That Pokémon?

Pokemon Dodrio, It was me Dio! meme, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Dio may have happily thrown away his humanity, just this is just something else entirely. In this meme, Dio takes on the three-headed bird Pokémon, Dodrio. This Pokémon may not be a Legendary, but it would exist if hilarity were a stat.

The best part of this is seeing Dio’due south smug face recreated three times, like some bird-like Cerberus, to fit this Pokémon’s torso, while it loudly opens its nib to scream, “Merely it was me, Dodrio!”. If this version of Dodrio had a Pokédex entry, information technology’d probably be fascinating.


Attack On Dio

Attack On Titan Dio Meme

There are memes, and so there are memes within memes, something that thisAssault on Titan/JoJomeme manages to pull off with hilarious results. Starting as the typical
“lamentable that was a strange thing to ask” meme from Commander Erwin, the tables are turned on poor Eren when he turns to see that Dio has stolen the tertiary console.

This meme manages to playoff expectations for what most expect from this meme template and then subvert them by pulling that bunko at the cease. Non to mention, this meme too starts with the archetype question of “Is this a
“, by the stop of this, it definitely is.


“It’s-A Me, Dio!”

Mario, It Was Me Dio!, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Meme

Everybody knows and loves
Nintendo’s iconic plumber, Mario
. From his cherry-red hat to his bushy mustache, it’southward hard to find anyone who doesn’t know of this beloved platform-jumping mascot. Information technology looks like even Dio does as well, and decided to surprise anyone expecting to see Mario.

With Mario’s red chapeau and mustache combo, Dio reveals his true identity, ripping off his mustache in the process. That alone makes this meme pretty funny, but the extreme close-up as the captions read “Dio” makes it more than intense and funny at the same time.


Wicked Lord Dio

Chuunibyou Rikka, It was me Dio! meme, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Rikka Takanashi from the
rom-com Anime

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions
believes her heart to accept been possessed by “Wicked Lord Shingan” and, as such, almost ever wears an eyepatch. In truth, this is all only role of her delusional “Chunibyo” syndrome. In that location’s not actually an evil presence within her eye…except for this meme right here.

Rikka removes her eyepatch, but Dio is there instead of the “Tyrant’s Eye” (aka, a aureate contact lens) in a shocking twist. It is a much more unexpected place to hide than a coffin under the body of water.


Nobody Expects…

Monty Python's Flying Circus, JoJo Meme Dio

At this bespeak, “But information technology was me, Dio!” has get such a popular meme that it actually gets harder and harder for the template to play a trick on unsuspecting viewers. With the unexpected element of Dio’due south surprise becoming more expected, those who post memes stop up having to get more than creative, leading to hilarious results like this.

In this meme, Dio plays on that expectation and turns it on its head, reveals to be “The Spanish Inquisition” fromMonty Python’south Flying Circus.Information technology is hard to expect what nobody always expects.


Oh Aye!

Dio Kool-Aid Man Crash Meme

At that place might be a mascot for soft drinks more recognizable than the Kool-Help Human. This giant pitcher of cherry-flavored drink has been busting through walls for decades to evangelize refreshing drinks to all…only not this time! In this meme, Dio’s face is superimposed onto the Kool-Assistance Man’southward pitcher and smashes through the wall, to the shock and horror of the people around him.

The existent kicker hither is that instead of Kool-Assist, Dio is conveying i of the stone masks that plough people into vampires. With that in heed, cherry Kool-Aid might non be what Dio’due south pitcher is total of right now.


“Oh? You’re Approaching This Well-Balanced Breakfast?”

Me DiO's Cereal JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Meme

Dio has been many things, simply what nearly the mascot for his own cereal? If that sounds ridiculous, that’southward merely because it is, only information technology makes for a dandy meme concept. “DiO’s” is as hilarious equally information technology sounds, and while this fictional cereal box could’ve just been an “It was me, Dio!” joke and left information technology at that, just this meme has layers.

This sinister office of a complete breakfast is bursting at the seams with colorful loops,JoJoreferences, and even a fun niggling jab atDevil May Weep’southDante being in the cereal. It’s truly a meme that gets funnier and funnier the more information technology’s looked at.

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