90 Day Fiancé

fans have rejected
Angela Deem’due south post weight loss surgery
look, calling her out for looking sometime and wrinkly, but her Nigerian husband, Michael Ilesanmi, is now maxim she looks “immature” and “cute” considering of her makeover. On

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever Later on?
, Michael has been on the receiving finish of Angela’s constant taunts and aggressive behavior, with fans asking him to consider divorce over choosing to get abused. Angela claims that Michael hasn’t supported her during her operations and might be upwardly to something sketchy. Episode xi showed him unbothered by her threats, which besides got him praise from TLC viewers.

Angela claimed to have been committed to changing her habits and lifestyle to aid her with the weight loss just constitute a style to
90 Twenty-four hour period Fiancé‘southward Michael when she just

couldn’t give up smoking. Smoking a pack a day led to Angela developing an ulcer, which is why she always wore a mask, and somehow Michael was the reason behind her stress. Oddly, Michael wasn’t even built-in when Angela started smoking over 40 years agone, and she nevertheless wanted a divorce afterwards unsupportive Michael didn’t requite in to the idea of her cyberstalking him. Alongside that, Angela was accounted mean and calumniating for her constant exact attacks on Michael, and fans concluded that the weight loss surgery had fabricated her expect skeletal, aided by her not being able to give up smoking.

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According to a preview of
90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?
episode 12 posted by

, Michael is at present singing a different tune subsequently spendinghalf of
season 6 opposing Angela’due south surgery
. Michael, who’s withal in Nigeria, is shown on a video phone call with Angela, telling her that he’s “distressing” he couldn’t be in America past her side for the surgery. “Michael keeps interim like I had some selection doing my surgeries. That’south not how it is. This is most my health,” Angela tells the cameras, and explains to Michael that it was getting harder for her to breathe with her breasts, and her weight was increasing due to unknown reasons.
ninety Twenty-four hour period Fiancé
cast member Angela too asks Michael to “step up to the plate” or they will have to separate.

We’re not separating,” insists Michael. So Angela wants to know how he volition act with her if she has some other process, such equally the skin surgery or the facelift that she’s been thinking about. “It’s hard for me to understand all this way over the phone,” claims Michael, who mentions that “living together” with Angela would make things better. Simply Angela wants someone to tell her that she’southward “doing a skilful chore, keep information technology upwards baby,” every bit she has successfully lost 70 pounds up until the telephone call because of her surgery. The Hazelhurst native admits that when she visits a store to get groceries, she’s told, “Damn, you wait pretty,” and a jealous Michael replies, “They meliorate close their optics ‘cause you’re mine.” When

90 24-hour interval Fiancé‘s Angela jokes

that her hubby’south eyes are closed, Michael compliments her by saying that after her surgery, Angela is “much more amend,” earlier adding, “healthy and young and sexy and beautiful to me.

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90 Day Fiancé
hubby now blames himself for having caused Angela “all the pain she had gone through” and feels “bad nearly information technology.” According to Michael, he’s at present done putting his “foot down as an African man” and wants to make peace over again with his glory wife, Angela. Fans volition merely have to look and see if this is a turning indicate for the ameliorate in the

90 Twenty-four hours Fiancé

couple’s human relationship.

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